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The Temple Institute explains Amalek... 4/11/24

 Who is Amalek today.... 


By Mark Fish

The Torah verses convey profound messages that we can insightfully extract for our daily lives. Rabbi Shay Tahan, the Rosh Kollel of Shaarei Ezra in Brooklyn, NY, graciously opens the gates to understand them.

You must be living under a rock if you didn't come across one of the thousands of videos and articles published recently about the Red Heifer (Para Adumah). It seems like everyone is nervous about it. What scares people so much about the Red Heifer?

We are now in the month of Nissan, which was set as the month of the final redemption, as Chazal said: "In Nissan we were redeemed (from Mitzrayim) and in Nissan we will be redeemed when Mashiach comes." Proceeding to the month of Nissan, we read the four special Haftarot. Starting with Shekalim, continuing with Zachor, which is to remember what Amalek has done to us and reaffirm our obligation of wiping out the seed of Amalek. Then we read the parasha of the Red Cow (Parah Adumah), and finally end with the sanctifying of the new month of Nissan. Is there a connection that passes through all of them?

We are all familiar with the first Rashi in Parashat Chukat that says the red cow is named a chukah (a decree) since the nations harass us over it, saying, "What's the reason for such a mitzvah?" Therefore, the Torah says it's a chukah, meaning a mitzvah with a reason that isn't known to us. For many years, I asked a couple of questions. The first is that Rashi continues later and gives a reason for the mitzvah, that it's to atone for sin, what we call teshuva. Secondly, I asked that I never heard the nations ever harassing us over the red cow. 

I always explained that the nation's harassment is over the concept of teshuva, as Christianity doesn't believe in doing teshuva, and thus they tease us by saying that since the cow represents teshuva, it's really false and has no meaning.

Although that is a beautiful explanation, recent events have given rise to a new explanation as suddenly many harass us over the red cow. Since the war started in Israel, there have been literally thousands of videos about the red cow, called in English the red heifer. It seems like the whole world is busy with the red heifer except the Jews. Even Hamas spokesmen Abu Obeida, who appears once in a while with his face covered with keffiyeh, warned about the Jews planning to bring the red heifer. 

When Hamas spokesman spoke at the mark of the 100th day of the war, he explained to everyone's surprise that the reason Hamas opened the war was because the Jewish people are preparing to bring the Red Heifer. It is truly strange that someone as important as a spokesman would speak about "spiritual myths" instead of talking about concrete reasons such as what they claim to be a war over the occupied land.

In order to understand this correctly, we need to look at the reading of the Shabbat before reading about the Parah Adumah (Red Heifer), when we read about Amalek. In Bilaam's prophecy, he said: "Amalek is the first among nations [to declare war against the Jews], and in the end, [at the final war], he shall be destroyed," teaching that Israel's first war was with Amalek and also the last war before the arrival of the Mashiach. That means that we are facing today a war with the same Amalek. But who is Amalek today?

We are accustomed to thinking that only the Germans are the Aryan race, since the Nazis claimed to be the pure Aryan race. However, in reality, the original Aryan race is the Persian-Indo, showing an ethnic link between Germans and Iranians. Many are familiar with what many rabbis have said, that Germany is Amalek, apparently linked to Haman the Amalekite. Since Haman was Persian, we can see that the Persians, who are an Aryan race, are the same Amalek of Haman that continued to spread to Germany and Iran.

If so, we can understand that when the Torah speaks of remembering Amalek, it's pointing to the last war indicated by Bilaam that will take place with Persia. This is actually how the Gemara points out that the last war will be between the Christian power and Persia.

It's fascinating to see that the Gemara points out the nature of today's Persians, who are compared to a bear. They eat and drink copious amounts like a bear, they are fleshy like a bear, they grow their hair long like a bear, and they never rest, like a bear. The meaning of "eat and drink" is that they weren't directly involved in wars but rather let their many proxies fight for them while they sit comfortably in their towns, eating and drinking. This is also the meaning of growing hair; obviously, it doesn't mean they literally grow hair as it's Hashem who grows the hair on a person. Rather, it means that they grow their proxies on all sides and over the Middle East, much like hair grows all over. This is the reason they claim to have fought many wars and not rest, as they mean they armed and controlled all those proxies.

The Gemara continues to say that after Mashiach comes, Hashem will ask them, "With what did you occupy yourselves?" They will respond before Him: "Master of the Universe, we have built many bridges, we have conquered many cities, and we have fought many wars," Indeed, as they do today, they build, arm, and prepare many nations to fight their many battles.

The next Shabbat reading after Amalek is Parah because the Para Aduma (Red Heifer) is the only sacrifice brought outside the Beit Hamikdash (The Ramban mentions that the nations are bothered by the fact that the Para Aduma is brought outside the Temple), and this drives the world crazy. But why? Because they know that the majority of Jews don’t go into the Temple Mount, what they call al-Aqsa, because they aren't pure. Purity will only come once we have a Red Heifer and undergo the process needed to purify ourselves from impurity. Then we can all enter the Temple Mount. The Muslims are very scared of that event because they know that redemption will then take place once Jews enter the Temple Mount, and they will be forever doomed. Since they feel this event is very close, they are extremely nervous and scared. 

This fear is sincerely based on the Rambam, who fascinatingly records that there are 10 Red Heifers throughout time. The first was made by Moshe, the second by Ezra, seven others were made until the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash, and the last 10 will be done by Mashiach.

This is the reason for the thousands of videos and articles warning about the Red Heifer phenomenon. Moreover, this is the reason they started a war to prevent us from moving forward with the Red Heifer. This is evident in the name of the war - Tufan al-Aqsa, the al-Aqsa flood. The war is all about the Temple Mount.

We all know that this last war is a religious war between the evil forces of Iran, who we explained are Amalek, and Israel. This religious war remarkably is over the Temple Mount as they try to do everything to delay the coming of the Mashiach. But this doesn't help them, as symbolized by the reading of the Haftarah of Hachodesh HaZeh, which comes right after Parashat Parah. This symbolizes the new month, the month of redemption that comes with the victory of the Jewish nation over their enemies, after the purification done by the red cow and the destruction of Amalek.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel

Rabbi Richman is 124 years old now.... 

"Rabbi Richman" = 58 (Jewish Reduction)
"red heifer" = 58 (Jewish Reduction)

623 ..... Revelation 911 888

Strongs 623

 Apolluón: "a destroyer," Apollyon, the angel of the abyss

Revelation 9:11 N-NMS
GRK: ὄνομα ἔχει Ἀπολλύων
NAS: he has the name Apollyon.
KJV: hath [his] name Apollyon.
INT: name he has [is] Apollyon
Strong's Greek 623
1 Occurrence

Definition: "a destroyer", Apollyon, the angel of the abyss
Usage: Apollyon, The Destroying One, a Greek translation of the Hebrew: Abaddon.

The angel of the abyss
"o angelos tis avyssou" = 888 (Satanic)

Sunday, April 7, 2024

NYC nuke and tidal wave on the 100 dollar bill #Eclipse 4/8/2024


Saturday, April 6, 2024

Hitler and Chernobyl 4/20/2024 333,000 333

 April 20th 2024 is the 111th day of the year with 255 remaining.

Chernobyl will be 333,000 hours old on Hitler's 135th birthday... 

From and including: Saturday, April 26, 1986
To and including: Saturday, April 20, 2024
Result: 13,875 days
333,000 hours

Biden text number 30330 = 333 

"Chosen of Ra" = 333 (Latin) 

Friday, April 5, 2024

From the day the Guidestones blew up to Illuminati 248 birthday.... 666 days


7*6+20*22+5*1+20*24 = 967 

5*1+20*24 = 485
485+584 = 1069

Jesus Christ death anniversary 4/22/2024 year 1991


Putin and Chernobyl 33 201


The Chernobyl disaster began on 26 April 1986 with the explosion of the No. 4 reactor of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, near the city of Pripyat in the north of the Ukrainian SSR, close to the border with the Byelorussian SSR, in the Soviet Union. Wikipedia

Location: Chornobyl, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Ukraine, Pripyat, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic

Date: April 26, 1986



Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (born 7 October 1952) is a Russian politician and former intelligence officer who is the president of Russia. Putin has held continuous positions as president or prime minister since 1999: as prime minister from 1999 to 2000 and from 2008 to 2012, and as president from 2000 to 2008 and since 2012. He is the longest-serving Russian or Soviet leader since Joseph Stalin.

Putin's birthday

10+7+19+52 = 88
10+7+1+9+5+2 = 34
1+0+7+1+9+5+2= 25

Putin born 10/7/1952 
"7 October 1952" = 57 (Reduction)
"7 October 1952" = 102 (Ordinal)
"7 October 1952" = 314 (Latin)
"7th October 1952" = 422 (Latin)

Russian radiation leak Daily Mail 4/5/2024 .... 47


A state of emergency has been declared in a Russian city due to nuclear contamination.

The Russian authorities have not explained what is causing the alarming radiation in the Khabarovsk specialised plant 'Radon', southeast Russia.

A mystery radiation source was today 'removed and placed in a protective container' and 'transported to a radioactive waste storage facility'

Yet a state of emergency is to remain for at least three more days in the Industrialny district of the city, as law enforcement agencies examine the origin of the leak.

It appears to have taken a week for the authorities to act.

Access to the area in question has been restricted as specialists are working to locate the source of the radiation.

A man wearing a nuclear protective mask is seen in darkness with a radiation reader that quickly rises as he walks over a 'waste dump'.

His reader sounded an alarm at 0.45 microsieverts and the highest reading visible on screen is 5.99.

Yet on the video the man says there was a reading of 20, enough potentially to increase cancer risk, damage DNA, cause foetal damage, and threaten the health of children.

Astonishingly, the potentially lethal radiation leak in Khabarovsk was known for around one week before action was taken on it, or the public alerted, say reports.

A 'boy' who made an initial reading on 28 March had reported it to the Russian special services, yet it was only today that a state of emergency was called.

Andrey Kolchin, head civil defence in the city, said: 'A source of increased radiation levels was discovered….the area was cordoned.

'It was decided to introduce a state of emergency in Khabarovsk to carry out work faster.'

The authorities insisted there was no threat to life.

'The radiation source was removed and placed in a protective container, transported to a radioactive waste storage facility,' said a source at Radon nuclear agency.

'There is no environmental pollution and no threat to society.'

Khabarovsk - close to the border with China - has a population of 630,000.

The incident is reminiscent of the infamous Chernobyl disaster of April 26, 1986.

On the fateful night, the Number Four RBMK reactor at the nuclear power plant at Chernobyl, Ukraine, lost control during a test at low-power.

This led to a massive explosion and fire that destroyed the reactor building and released large amounts of radiation into the atmosphere.

The initial explosion resulted in the death of two workers. 

Twenty-eight of the firemen and emergency clean-up workers died in the first three months after the explosion from Acute Radiation Sickness and one of cardiac arrest. 

The entire town of Pripyat, which had a population of around 49,360 and was located only three kilometres from the plant, was completely evacuated 36 hours after the accident. 

During the following weeks and months an additional 67,000 people were evacuated from their homes in contaminated areas and relocated on government order.

In total some 200,0000 people are believed to have been relocated as a result of the accident. 

ARS, known commonly as radiation sickness, is an illness that can happen when a person is exposed to high levels of radiation, typically over a short time period.

The initial symptoms of ARS include nausea, vomiting, headache, and diarrhea.

But the way in which radiation affects our bodies is not fully understood.

Symptoms can start within minutes to days after the exposure, can last for minutes up to several days, and may come and go.

After the initial symptoms, a person usually looks and feels healthy for a period of time, but will likely suffer further symptoms at varying degrees of severity, depending on the dose.

These symptoms include loss of appetite, fatigue, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and possibly even seizures and coma.

This seriously ill stage may last from a few hours up to several months.

Absorbing high doses of radiation can also dramatically increase the likelihood of developing cancers and other chronic illnesses years down the line.

Besides the two workers who were killed instantly in the initial explosion at Chernobyl in 1986, a total of 134 plant staff and emergency workers experienced ARS in the days following the accident, of which 28 died.

Source: CDC

From Chernobyl to Khabarovsk leak 507 sidereal months 135 48 1214 333

 Leak reported on 4/5/2024 

4*5+20*24 = 507 

From Chernobyl to Khabarovsk leak 507 sidereal months

From and including: Saturday, April 26, 1986
To, but not including Friday, April 5, 2024
Result: 13,859 days

13859 / 27.322 = 507.246

Date adds up to 507 and it's 507 sidereal months since the Chernobyl accident. 
"Female Antichrist" = 507 (Latin)

"Khabarovsk Nuclear" = 777 (Satanic)
"Khabarovsk Nuclear bomb" = 214 (Ordinal)
"Khabarovsk Nuclear bomb" = 1212 (Fibonacci)

"Khabarovsk nuclear accident" = 2604 (Reverse Sumerian)

From and including: Saturday, April 26, 1986
To, but not including Friday, April 5, 2024
332,616 hours

332 is the new areacode for Manhattan and 616 is 666... 

507+705 = 1212 
"Khabarovsk Nuclear bomb" = 1212 (Fibonacci)

"Khabarovsk Nuclear bomb" = 1385 (Latin)
"The End of the World" = 1385 (Latin)

4*26+19*86 = 1738

1738+507 = 2245 

"World War Three 4 5 2024" = 187 (Ordinal)
"World War Three 4 5 2024" = 1037 (Sumerian)
"World War Three 4 5 2024" = 198 (Reverse Ordinal)
"World War Three 4 5 2024" = 88 (Reduction)

"Mark Of Beast Hidden Code" = 507 (Latin)

Counting the end date it's 13860 days, 1980 weeks

From and including: Saturday, April 26, 1986
To and including: Friday, April 5, 2024
Result: 13,860 days
Or 37 years, 11 months, 11 days including the end date.
Or 455 months, 11 days including the end date.
332,640 hours

When do the hours turn 333,00 ? 

WOW on Hitler's birthday? 

From and including: Saturday, April 26, 1986
To and including: Saturday, April 20, 2024
Result: 13,875 days
333,000 hours

Biden text number 30330 = 333 

"Radiation Leak" = 57 (Reduction)
4*5+20*24 = 507. = 57

From and including: Saturday, April 26, 1986
To, but not including Friday, April 5, 2024
Result: 13,859 days

13859 / 27.322 = 507.246

"Female Antichrist" = 507 (Latin)
Man of sin
"hominem peccatum" = 246 (Reverse Ordinal) (Latin)
"ánthropos tis amartías" = 246 (English Ordinal) (Greek)

"Catholic Church" = 246 (Reverse Ordinal)
"two thousand nineteen" = 246 (English Ordinal)
"one hundred twenty six" = 246 (Reverse Ordinal)
Pope released his peace doves on 1/26 
"Eight Hundred Eighty Eight" = 246 (English Ordinal)
"Square and Compass" = 246 (Reverse Ordinal)
"New York Stock Exchange" = 294 (Reverse Ordinal)
"World Jewish Congress" = 246 (English Ordinal)
"Bilderberg Group" = 246 (Reverse Ordinal)
"demonic possession" = 246 (Reverse Ordinal)

"election interference never surrender donald j trump com" = 246 (Reduction)

Strongs 246 Hebrew 
azeq: chains

Jeremiah 40:1 KJV (Strong's 246)
"The word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord after that Nebuzaradan the captain of the guard had let him go from Ramah when he had taken him being bound in chains among all that were carried away captive of Jerusalem and Judah which were carried away captive unto Babylon" = 831 (Chaldean)
831 SUM 1112 (space force landed on 11/12)
From duodecimal 1189 
"Donald J Trump" = 1189 (Latin)

Jeremiah 40:4
HEB: הַיּ֗וֹם מִֽן־ הָאזִקִּים֮ אֲשֶׁ֣ר עַל־
"הי ום מן האזקים אש ר על" = 915 (Hebrew Standard)
Rosh Hashana 9/15 
"הי ום מן האזקים אש ר על" = 186 (Hebrew Ordinal)
From duodecimal 246
"הי ום מן האזקים אש ר על" = 60 (Hebrew Reduction)
"Donald Trump" = 60 (Reverse Reduction)

From Kamala's birthday to Hitler's 131st birthday 

From and including: Tuesday, October 20, 1964
To, but not including Monday, April 20, 2020
 666 months excluding the end date.

Hitler was 131 years old.. 
Georgia Guidestone address
Zeroes don't count in numerology.......
"1031 Guidestone Rd NW" = 183 (English Ordinal)
"President Harris" = 183 (English Ordinal)

Rev 13:1 
"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy." = 1617 (English Ordinal)
1617 is in Octal 911 
"Χάρις" = 911 (Greek Isopsephy)

"President Kamala Harris" = 222 (English Ordinal)
"The Beast of Revelation" = 222 (English Ordinal)
"Lucifer Morningstar" = 222 (English Ordinal)
"six hundred sixteen" = 222 (English Ordinal)
While 666 is called the "number of the beast" in most manuscripts of Revelation 13:18, a fragment of the earliest papyrus 115 gives the number as 616
"President Kamala Harris" = 222 (English Ordinal)
"six hundred sixteen" = 222 (English Ordinal) 

The base of Cleo's needle says 2/22
2/22 is the 53rd day of the year

Biden's number is 333 and hers is 222 = 555 
Washington monument is 555 ft tall... 

From and including: Saturday, April 20, 1889
To, but not including Saturday, April 20, 2024
Result: 49,308 days
Or 135 years excluding the end date.
Or 1620 months excluding the end date.
7044 weeks
13,509.04% of a common year (365 days)

Radiation leak at Khabarovsk Russia
"Khabarovsk RU" = 48 (Reduction)
Co-ordinates 48 and 135 

"Female Antichrist" = 507 (Latin)

Chernobyl will be 333,000 hours old on Hitler's 135th birthday... 

Town with radiation leak is meridian 135 
"Khabarovsk 48 29 0 N 135 5 0 E" = 1214 (Latin)

135+531 = 666 

Kamala turned 666 months old on Hitler's 131st birthday in 2020... 

Chernobyl will be 333,000 hours old on Hitler's 135th birthday...

It's been 48 months since Kamala turned 666 months old on Hitler's birthday. 

Khabarovsk 48 29 0 N 135 5 0 E 
Khabarovsk co=ordinates 48 and 135
Hitler will be 135 years old the day Chernobly turnes 333,000 hours old. 

From and including: Monday, April 20, 2020
To, but not including Saturday, April 20, 2024
Result: 1461 days
Or 4 years excluding the end date.
Or 48 months excluding the end date.

Chernobyl will be 333,000 hours old on Hitler's 135th birthday... 

"Chosen of Ra" = 333 (Latin) 

And Hitler and Kamala connect to Cleopatras Needle

Kamala turns 666 months old on Hitler's birthday
Chernobyl turns 333,000 hours old on Hitlers birthday

On Hitlers 135th birthday it will be 1461 days since Kamala turned 666 months old. 
Cleo's Needle was cast in 1461 BC 

Kamala was born in the year of the dragon. This year 2024 is the year of the dragon the started on 2/10. 

From and including: Saturday, February 10, 2024
To and including: Saturday, April 20, 2024
Result: 71 days

Obelisk is 71 feet tall 
"Kamala Devi Harris" = 71 (Reduction)
And 18 feet wide 
X/XX (kamala birthday (X+X+X = 18)

"H 71 W 18" = 112 (Reverse ordinal)
"Kamala Harris" = 112 (Ordinal)

Area code for Cleopatras needle is 212
"Kamala Harris" = 212 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Kamala D Harris" = 116 (Ordinal)
"Obelisk" = 116 (Reverse ordinal)

"Height 71 Width 18" = 210 (Ordinal)
Year of the Dragon starts on 2/10
"Ra" = 210 (Reverse Sumerian)

"Chosen of Ra" = 333 (Latin) (Biden text number 30330)

Cleo's needle cast in 1461 BC 
"MCDLXI" = 65 (Ordinal) (1461)
"Pandemic" = 65 (Ordinal)
"4 8 483333 1 3 5 083333" = 65 (Ordinal)
Khabarovsk co-ordinates

"Cleopatras Obelisk" = 183 (Ordinal)
"President Harris" = 183 (Ordinal)

Russia declares emergency due to radiation leaks

"Khabarovsk 48 29 0 N 135 5 0 E" = 1214 (Latin)

"concordia integritas industria" = 1214 (Latin)

"All Seeing Eye Of The Illuminati" = 1214 (Latin)

"Jachin Boaz" = 1214 (Latin)

Traitor Biden's executive order 14067 Digital Assets 3/9/2022

 Executive Order 14067—Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets

March 09, 2022
By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Policy. Advances in digital and distributed ledger technology for financial services have led to dramatic growth in markets for digital assets, with profound implications for the protection of consumers, investors, and businesses, including data privacy and security; financial stability and systemic risk; crime; national security; the ability to exercise human rights; financial inclusion and equity; and energy demand and climate change. In November 2021, non-state issued digital assets reached a combined market capitalization of $3 trillion, up from approximately $14 billion in early November 2016. Monetary authorities globally are also exploring, and in some cases introducing, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

While many activities involving digital assets are within the scope of existing domestic laws and regulations, an area where the United States has been a global leader, growing development and adoption of digital assets and related innovations, as well as inconsistent controls to defend against certain key risks, necessitate an evolution and alignment of the United States Government approach to digital assets. The United States has an interest in responsible financial innovation, expanding access to safe and affordable financial services, and reducing the cost of domestic and cross-border funds transfers and payments, including through the continued modernization of public payment systems. We must take strong steps to reduce the risks that digital assets could pose to consumers, investors, and business protections; financial stability and financial system integrity; combating and preventing crime and illicit finance; national security; the ability to exercise human rights; financial inclusion and equity; and climate change and pollution.

Sec. 2. Objectives. The principal policy objectives of the United States with respect to digital assets are as follows:

(a) We must protect consumers, investors, and businesses in the United States. The unique and varied features of digital assets can pose significant financial risks to consumers, investors, and businesses if appropriate protections are not in place. In the absence of sufficient oversight and standards, firms providing digital asset services may provide inadequate protections for sensitive financial data, custodial and other arrangements relating to customer assets and funds, or disclosures of risks associated with investment. Cybersecurity and market failures at major digital asset exchanges and trading platforms have resulted in billions of dollars in losses. The United States should ensure that safeguards are in place and promote the responsible development of digital assets to protect consumers, investors, and businesses; maintain privacy; and shield against arbitrary or unlawful surveillance, which can contribute to human rights abuses.

(b) We must protect United States and global financial stability and mitigate systemic risk. Some digital asset trading platforms and service providers have grown rapidly in size and complexity and may not be subject to or in compliance with appropriate regulations or supervision. Digital asset issuers, exchanges and trading platforms, and intermediaries whose activities may increase risks to financial stability, should, as appropriate, be subject to and in compliance with regulatory and supervisory standards that govern traditional market infrastructures and financial firms, in line with the general principle of "same business, same risks, same rules." The new and unique uses and functions that digital assets can facilitate may create additional economic and financial risks requiring an evolution to a regulatory approach that adequately addresses those risks.

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Key Bridge collapse ... Biden EO

 On 2/26 Biden wrote an Executive Order beefing up security in our ports. This included cyber security. 

Exective Order 14116 ....   2/26/2024 

Amending Regulations Relating to the Safeguarding of Vessels, Harbors, Ports, and Waterfront Facilities of the United States

Biden's budget sent to the House on March 11th with 50 million for harbor dredging the Baltimore Port. And the ship hit the bridge on Nancy Pelosi's birthday. Her father was the Mayor of Baltimore. Happy birthday Nancy! They're going to try and blame this on Putin you watch! 

Baltimore, MD (WBFF) — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Baltimore District is receiving about $124 million to dredge the Baltimore Harbor, continue aquatic ecosystem restoration that benefits the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed, and operate and maintain floor risk management projects throughout the mid-Atlantic region, according to the President's budget for fiscal year 2025.

The President’s budget for fiscal year 2025, released March 11, includes more than $7.2 billion in discretionary funding for the Civil Works program of the USACE.

Obama movie released on Dec 8th 2023 

Michelle and Barack Obama's new Netflix movie is Leave the World Behind, which arrived on December 8, 2023. The film is based on Rumaan Alam's 2020 novel with the same title. The thriller brings a post-apocalyptic world to life.

Moscow mall attack on 3/22 

On The Georgia Guidestones 44th birthday 

Michelle and Barack Obama's new Netflix movie is Leave the World Behind, which arrived on December 8, 2023. The film is based on Rumaan Alam's 2020 novel with the same title. The thriller brings a post-apocalyptic world to life.

Obama was number 44 And Trump is 528 

From and including: Saturday, March 22, 1980
To, but not including Friday, March 22, 2024
Result: 16,071 days
Or 44 years excluding the end date.
"Kill" = 44 (Ordinal)
Or 528 months excluding the end date.
"Trump" = 528 (Sumerian)

The Ship was named 
"White Lion" = 128 (Reverse Ordinal)
It hit the bridge at 1:28 
The 88th minute of the day 
"Trump" = 88 (Ordinal)

Days divided by 33 
16071/33 = 487
"Marching Orders" = 487 (Latin)
"Code Purple" = 487 (Latin)
"Code Purple" = 115 (Ordinal)
"White Lion" = 115 (Ordinal)

Obama monvie released 12/8/23 
"December 8 2023" = 52 (Reduction)
"White Lion" = 52 (Reduction)
"revolution" = 52 (Reduction)
"Code Purple" = 52 (Reduction)

"Code Purple" = 47 (Reverse Reduction)
"White Lion" = 47 (Reverse Reduction)

The Ship's name was White Lion 
"White Lion" = 1141 (Latin)
Biden port security EO was 14116 

12*8+20*23 = 556
2*26+20*24 = 532
12*8+20*23+2*26+20*24 = 1088
3*11+20*24 = 513
12*8+20*23+2*26+20*24+3*11+20*24 = 1601
"Synagogue Of Satan" = 1088 (Latin)
"Government Hacked" = 1088 (Latin)
3*26+20*24 = 558 
"Trump Card" = 558 (Latin)
12*8+20*23+2*26+20*24+3*11+20*24+3*26+20*24= 2159

12*8+20*23+3*26+20+24= 678
"Trumpet" = 678 (Sumerian)
"Resistance" = 678 (Sumerian)

From the movie release to Obama's visit to London 2424 hours 
From and including: Friday, December 8, 2023
To, but not including Monday, March 18, 2024
2424 hours

From and including: Monday, March 18, 2024
To, but not including Sunday, August 4, 2024
Result: 139 days

April 22nd is the 14th of Nisan and the 1991st anniversary of Christ Crucifixion

Mon, 22 April 2024 = 14th of Nisan, 5784
י״ד בְּנִיסָן תשפ״ד
✡️ Ta’anit Bechorot ✡️
🫓🍷 Erev Pesach 🫓🍷
Parashat Pesach

Ta’anit Bechorot 2024 / תַּעֲנִית בְּכוֹרוֹת 5784
Fast of the First Born ✡️
Ta’anit Bechorot for Hebrew Year 5784 occurs at dawn on Monday, 22 April 2024.

Fast of the Firstborn (Hebrew: תענית בכורות, Ta’anit B’khorot or תענית בכורים, Ta’anit B’khorim); is a unique fast day in Judaism which usually falls on the day before Passover. Usually, the fast is broken at a siyum celebration (typically made at the conclusion of the morning services), which, according to prevailing custom, creates an atmosphere of rejoicing that overrides the requirement to continue the fast. Unlike most Jewish fast days, only firstborns are required to fast on the Fast of the Firstborn.

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

3313 .... Jacob Rothschild / Revelation 18:11 / 13:17-18 / Merchants of the Earth


Monday, April 1, 2024

17 2X 666 Eclipse, Tyson and the Messenger .... Seven7One1


Head of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom was seated on 7/1/17. 

Head of WHO Tedros Adhanom birthdate 3/3/65 (3+3+65= 71)
He declared coronavirus a pandemic on 3/11 the 71st day of the year.
He became WHO director on 7/1 and he declared a pandemic on the 71st day of the year.
China alerted WHO of a pandemic 12/31/2019 WHO declared the pandemic 3/11/2020 = 71 days later
71 days is 19.47% of a year (Sacred Geomatry)
"Hidden Hand" = 71 (English Ordinal)

"Tedros Adhanom" = 56 (Full Reduction)
"TA Ghebreyesus" = 56 (Full Reduction)
"coronavirus" = 56 (Full Reduction)

"Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus" = 122 (Full Reduction)
"World Health Organization" = 122 (Full Reduction)

Tedros's directorship of WHO turned 33 lunar months old on his birthday 3/3 
7/1/2017 to 3/3/2020 = 976 days (976/29.531 = 33.050) 
And when he declared a pandemic 
7/1/2017 to 3/11/2020 - 984 days (984/29.531 = 33.32 )
He will be in office 33 regular months on April Fool's Day 4/1/2020
7/1/2017 to 4/1/2020 - 33 months 

Ft Detrick re-opening announced on April Fools Day exactly 33 months after Head of WHO Tedros was seated in office. Tedros seated on 7/1/17 to 4/1/2020 is 33 months exactly...
"U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases" = 221 (Full Reduction)
"World Health Organization" = 122 (Full Reduction)
"Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus" = 122 (Full Reduction)

Saturday, March 30, 2024

1291 xx revelation


The last stronghold of the Templars fell on 5/18/1291
Switzerland was founded on 8/1/1291 
"VIII I MCCXCI" = 113 (Ordinal) 

Switzerland will be 732 years old on the eclipse 4/8
732+237 = 969 

207 nyse

 On 3/8/1817 The NYSE board was formed on the "Sabbath of the red heifer" this year it was on Friday at sunset 3/10/2023. I predicted a sellout would happen on that day. So I started to look for another date that connected to that and I found 4/5/2023 because it's the day Christ was crucified on the Hebrew calendar. 

The NYSE is now 207 years old 
"the number of the beast" = 207 (Ordinal)
"the New World Order" = 207 (Ordinal)
"Terrorist Attack" = 207 (Reverse Ordinal)

Friday, March 29, 2024

Israel bombs Syria and Lebanon 3/29/2024

 A strike inside Syria early Friday killed dozens of Syrian soldiers and some members of the Iranian-backed militant group Hezbollah, a Hezbollah spokesperson told The Washington Post; Syrian state news agency blamed Israel for the attack. In Israel. 

Israeli airstrikes kill at least 38 in Aleppo, Syria
Multiple sources say 5 Hezbollah fighters killed in Syria, Israel confirms separate killing in Lebanon

Damage is shown near a residential building in the Kafr Sousa district of Damascus on Feb. 21 from an Israeli airstrike. There have been periodic Israeli attacks on Hezbollah targets and in Syria since the Oct. 7 attacks in southern Israel, but Friday's incident was the deadliest. (Firas Makdesi/The Associated Press)

Violence erupts near Lebanon border

Three security sources told Reuters that 33 Syrians and five Hezbollah fighters had been killed in the strikes. One of the Hezbollah fighters was a local field commander whose brother had been killed in an Israeli strike on southern Lebanon in November, one of the sources said.

It marks the biggest escalation since the two heavily armed foes fought a month-long war in 2006. A United Nations resolution put an end to the Hezbollah-Israel war in Lebanon, but diplomatic efforts have so far failed to bring an end to current cross-border shelling.

In a separate incident, the Israeli military said on Friday it had killed Ali Abed Akhsan Naim, deputy commander of Hezbollah's rocket and missiles unit, in an airsrike in the area of Bazouriye in Lebanon. It said he was one of the Iranian-backed militia's leaders in heavy warhead rocket fire and was responsible for conducting and planning attacks against Israeli civilians.

Israel and Hezbollah have been trading fire across Lebanon's southern border in parallel with the Gaza war. More than 270 Hezbollah fighters and 50 civilians — including medics, civilians and journalists, have been killed in Israeli strikes on southern Lebanon. About a dozen Israeli troops and half as many civilians have been killed in northern Israel.

World Tower One, World Tower Two .... 139, 115, 254


Thursday, March 28, 2024

Tom Numbers and Sheila Holmes talk numbers and Trump ....


The masons who took down the Georgia Guidestones cube knew Trump was going to win the 2016 election and how old he was going to be on inauguration day. Watch this.... 

The Georgia Guidestones cube was taken down on 9/25/2014 
9+25+14 = 48 "Donald Trump" = 48 (Reduction)

From day the cube came down till Hillary conceded was 777 days
9/25/14 to 11/9/2016 = 777 days
Age when Trump inaugurated was 70 years, 7 months, 7 days = 777 

There was a date on the cube it was 8/14/16 
8/14/16 to 11/9/16 = 88 days 
"Trump" = 88 (Ordinal)
OR 2 months, 27 days 
"eclipse crucifixion code" = 227 (Ordinal)
Hillary conceded on 11/9
"eclipse crucifixion code" = 119 ( Reduction)

On the date on the cube 8/14/16 Trump was 911 sideral months old. From 6/14/46 to 8/14/16 = 24900 days
24,900/27.322= 911.353

The date the cube was taken down 9/25/14 (Jewish New Years Day) 
Thu, 25 September 2014 = 1st of Tishrei, 5775
Rosh Hashana 2014 / רֹאשׁ הַשָּׁנָה 5775
"Rosh Hashana" = 185 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Donald John Trump" = 185 (English Ordinal)

On September 25th 2014 a cube was removed from the top of the guide stones. Once it was taken out we were able to see what was inscribed on it and speculation followed. On 4 sides were numbers, 8, 14, 16, and 20. The letters “MM” which is believed to mean “Master Mason” and “JAM” which stands for “Judgment Against Mankind”..

If you mix the numbers on the cube to make 8/14/2016 on the date Trump was 911 sideral months old 
From and including: Friday, June 14, 1946
To, but not including Saturday, August 16, 2014
Result: 24,900 days
24900/27.322 = 911.35

The MM on the cube meant Mason Mason 
"Master Mason" = 138 (English Ordinal)
"Donald Trump" = 138 (English Ordinal)

The Guidestones were put up on 3/22 
The Guidestones address... 
"1031 Guide Stones Road, Elberton, Georgia 30635" = 137 (Chaldean) 33rd prime
"Genesis chapter three verse twenty two" = 137 (Chaldean)
Gen 3:22
"And the Lord God said Behold the man is become as one of us to know good and evil" = 322 (Reverse Reduction)

Donald Trump made his bloodbath speech on 3/21/2024 in Ohio

From the date on the cube 8/14/2016 to Bloodbath comment
Was 7 years, 7 months, 7 days 

If you count from 1 day b4 the 1st eclipse to 1 day after the 2nd eclipse it's 2424 days. "The Great American Eclipse" = 2424 (Reverse Sumerian) "Make America Great Again" = 2424 (Reverse Sumerian) "The Great American Eclipse" = 1302 (Sumerian) "President DJ Trump" = 1320 (Reverse Sumerian) "Donald John Trump" = 1320 (Reverse Sumerian) US birthday 7*4+17*79 = 1320 US made a corporation 2*21+18*71 = 1320 The X connects at Carbondale City " Carbondale City" = 132 (Ordinal) "Carbondale X marks the spot" = 132 (Reverse Reduction) "United States of America" = 132 (Reverse Reduction) "Carbondale Illinois X" = 198 (Ordinal) "President Trump" = 198 (Ordinal) Trump's birthday and the eclipse date. 6*14+19*46+4*8+20*24 = 1470 "The Trump Organization" = 1470 (Latin) And look at this.... Carbondale co-ordinates "37 43 33 6 N 89 13 12 W" = 270 (Ordinal) "The Trump Organization" = 270 (Ordinal) Carbondate co-ordinates "37 726 89 22" = 874 (Latin) The SUM of 874 is 1440 (minutes in a day) "DCCCLXXIV" = 139 (Reverse Ordinal) (874) The 4/8 eclipsse is Saros cycle series 139 "Two Total Solar Eclipses X" = 303 (Ordinal) "Two American Eclipses" = 303 (Reverse Ordinal) "Crucifixion of Jesus Christ" = 303 (Ordinal) "Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" = 303 ( Ordinal) "The Book Of Revelations" = 303 (Reverse Ordinal) "let him that hath understanding" = 303 (Ordinal) Remember Nancy Pelosi impeached Trump Twice like two eclipses "Nancy Patricia Pelosi" = 303 (Reverse Ordinal) "Impeach President Donald Trump" = 303 ( Ordinal) "Two Total Solar Eclipses X" = 303 (Ordinal) "Two American Eclipses" = 303 (Reverse Ordinal) Totally mind blowing! Guess how old Bill Gates will be on the eclipse day? From and including: Friday, October 28, 1955 To, but not including Monday, April 8, 2024 Result: 25,000 days "Devil" = 25 (Reduction) "Devil" = 52 (Ordinal) "Gates" = 52 (Ordinal) And check this out the Saros cycle is 18 years 11 days (1811) From Event 201 to the eclipse is 181 weeks, 1 day (1811)