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Seth Ham Japheth #810 8/10/19 Black Sabbath

"Shem Ham Japheth" = 810 (English Sumerian) = 8/10 Black Sabbath..Tishabav eve...Feast of the sacrifice

SHJ = 8/10/19

Nadler "Impeachment in effect" 7/26/19

Pelosi: I'm not slow-walking impeachment inquiry. Nadler: It's 'in effect' anyway

“No, I’m not trying to run out the clock,” the speaker said at her final weekly press conference before departing Washington for the House’s six-week summer recess.

July 26, 2019, 11:33 AM EDT / Updated July 26, 2019, 5:17 PM EDT
By Rebecca Shabad, Alex Moe and Leigh Ann Caldwell

WASHINGTON — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said Friday that a decision on whether the House pursues the impeachment of President Donald Trump will be made in a “timely fashion” and denied the idea that she is trying to “run out the clock” on the issue.

Her comments came shortly before House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., said at a separate press conference that his panel has already "in effect" been conducting an impeachment inquiry of the president — and said in a court filing that “articles of impeachment are under consideration as part of the Committee’s investigation, although no final determination has been made."

Democrats are seeking to enforce subpoenas in court for certain documents in their investigation, as well as testimony from witnesses, all of which the administration has not complied with. This includes requests for six years of the president's tax returns.

“Everybody has the liberty and the luxury to espouse their own position and to criticize me for trying to go down the path in the most determined, positive way,” she said. “Again, their advocacy for impeachment only gives me leverage.”

Friday, July 26, 2019


Orbits the Earth every 90 minutes....
90*16=1440 There are 1440 minutes in a day..

ISS orbits the Earth approximately 16 times a day...
There are 16 participating countries: United States, United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Brazil, Japan, Norway, and Russia.

Orbital period 92.68 minutes
Orbits per day 15.54

ISS complete 144,000 orbits sometime on 4/4/2024
16 orbits a day 16 countries participating..

From and including: Friday, November 20, 1998
To, but not including Thursday, April 4, 2024
Result: 9267 days

On Eclipse day 4/8/2024 it's

ISS is 9+19+19 = 47 (English Ordinal)
On 9/19/19 number days and orbits will be
7609*15.54= 118243.86

On 8/11/19 number of days and orbits will be

ISS is 9+19+19 EO
ISS was launched on 11/20/1998 from then to 9/19/19 is 1087 weeks...
From and including: Friday, November 20, 1998
To and including: Thursday, September 19, 2019
1087 weeks
"Eighty Eight miles per hour" = 1087 (Satanic)
"Islamic Republic of Iran" = 1087 (Reverse Satanic)

ISS is 9+1+1=11 (reduction)
On 9/11/19 number of days and orbits will be
7600*15.54= 118104

Wed, 11 September 2019 = 11th of Elul, 5779

Sometime during the day it will be 118110
Countries participating ...
"United States, United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Brazil, Japan, Norway, Russia" = 11811 (Trigonal)

If you count the end date its
Round it out then on 9/11
ISS = 9+1+1 it will be
118119 mirror of 911811
911 and then 811 the two big events...
Also Star of David in two ciphers..
"Star of David" = 118 (Jewish Ordinal)
"Star of David" = 119 (English Ordinal)

"ISS" = 9+90+90=999 or 189 (Jewish)
"Damascus Syria" = 999 (Jewish)
"warhead" = 999 (Jewish)

On 7/29/19 Jacob Rothschild will be 999 months old..

"ISS" = 9+90+90=999 or 189 (Jewish)
"Damascus Syria" = 999 (Jewish)
"warhead" = 999 (Jewish)

Wed, 11 September 2019 = 11th of Elul, 5779
י״א בֶּאֱלוּל תשע״ט
Parashat Ki Teitzei (in Diaspora)

"International Space Station" = 1044 (Jewish)
"Military operation" = 1044 (Jewish)
"national aeronautics and space" = 1044 (Jewish)

"International space station" = 294 (English Ordinal)
"Six hundred and sixty six" = 294 (English Ordinal)
"Federal Emergency Management Agency" = 294 (English Ordinal)
"six hundred three score six" = 294 (English Ordinal)
"National Security Advisor" = 294 (English Ordinal)
"Ancient Scottish Freemasons" = 294 (English Ordinal)
"Illuminati New World Order" = 294 (English Ordinal)
"Israeli Declaration of Independence" = 294 (English Ordinal)
"rebuilding Solomons temple" = 294 (English Ordinal)
"Washington DC United States" = 294 (English Ordinal)
"The Best Kept Secret Of All Time" = 294 (English Ordinal)
"destruction of the Middle East" = 294 (English Ordinal)

Science fiction movie...What if an evil globalist cabal built the space station and transferred nuclear bombs to it..Now it sits in orbit as a threat to anyone on earth that challenges their power.

2424 404

  • .
  • The number 2424 .... From the last day of the Mayan calendar to 8/11 is 2424 days... 
  • From and including: Friday, December 21, 2012
  • To, but not including Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • Result: 2424 days
  • Now take the two eclipses that a making a big X across the United States... 
  • 8/21/2017 to the day after the 2nd eclipse 4/9/2024 
  • it's 2424 days.... 
  • From and including: Monday, August 21, 2017
  • To and including: Tuesday, April 9, 2024
  • Result: 2424 days
  • The 2424 number in gematria is connected to the 404 number...404 english ordinal 2424 sumerian 
  • 6 times 404 is 2424 

  • Now look at what comes up under 2424

  • "Forty Fifth President Of The United States Donald John Trump" = 2424 (Satanic)  
  • "June fourteenth nineteen forty six" = 2424 (English Sumerian) (Trump's birthday)
  • "make america great again" = 2424 (Reverse English Sumerian)
  • "the great american eclipse" = 2424 (Reverse English Sumerian)
  • "The Project for the New American Century" = 2424 (English Sumerian)
  • "Ancient Accepted York Rite of Freemasonry" = 2424 (English Sumerian)
  • "Russian President Vladimir Putin" = 2424 (Reverse English Sumerian)
  • "Make the temple great again" = 2424 (Reverse English Sumerian)

  • The same in 404 

  • "Ancient Accepted York Rite of Freemasonry" = 404 (English Ordinal)
  • "The Project for the New American Century" = 404 (English Ordinal)
  • "June fourteenth nineteen forty six" = 404 (English Ordinal)
  • "the great american eclipse" = 404 (Reverse Ordinal)
  • "make america great again" = 404 (Reverse Ordinal)
  • "Russian President Vladimir Putin" = 404 (Reverse Ordinal)
  • "Make the temple great again" = 404 (Reverse Ordinal)

  • If you count from the day after the second eclipse to next president seated it's 911 
  • From and including: Tuesday, April 9, 2024
  • To, but not including Monday, January 20, 2025
  • Or 9 months, 11 days excluding the end date.

  • April 9th 2024 is the day after the eclipse window ends and 9 months and 11 days until the next president is seated on 1/20/2025. It also the 50th anniversary of Rich Nixon's departure. The helicopter and the peace sign photo.

  • The 2424 number also predicted the democrats would take back the house... 
  • "The blue wave of twenty eighteen" = 2424 (Reverse English Sumerian)

  • Trump was destined to be the President during the twin eclipse window. He going the be re-elected but might be impeached after 4/9 when it hits 9 months, 11 days to 1/20/2025. 

  • Also the largest owner of land in the Old City Jerusalem is the Greek Orthodox Church.. I decoded the head yesterday.. 
  • Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem he's the 141st primate of the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem
  • The 141st Primate....

  • And just for fun....
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes" = 2424 (Reverse English Sumerian)
  • "Something Wicked This Way Comes" = 404 (Reverse Ordinal)
  • "By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes" = 614 (English Ordinal) 
  • Trump's birthday 6/14

  • Two total solar eclipses 2424 days... 
  • "total solar eclipse" = 1212 (English Sumerian)
  • 1212+1212=2424

  • 4/9/2024 the day after the second eclipse is the 1st of Nisan New years day on the religious calendar
  • That is the new moon Rosh Chodesh Nisan.. 
  • Eclipse windows ends on 4/9/2024
  • Tue, 9 April 2024 = 1st of Nisan, 5784
  • "Rosh Chodesh Nisan" = 576 (Jewish)
  • (square root 24 = 24*24...= 2424 days between eclipses)

  • twin eclipses
  • "dídymes ekleípseis" = 827 (Jewish) (twin eclipses)
  • (The 144th prime number)
  • Solar eclipse (Latin)
  • "Et obscuratus solis" = 58 (Full Reduction)
  • Trump's the 58th person the run for president..
  • "third temple" = 58 (Full Reduction)
  • Total solar eclipse (Latin)
  • "summa defectionem solis" = 1440 (English Sumerian)
  • (Islamic year is 1440)

  • "President Donald Trump will be exactly 911 months old on 5/14/2022" 

  • Israels' 74th year or 888 months old birthday... 
  • From and including: Friday, June 14, 1946
  • To, but not including Saturday, May 14, 2022
  • 911 months 
  • Israel will be 888 months old
  • "Donald J Trump" = 888 (English Sumerian)

  • Trump = 888 Israel = 911 mirrored...

New Super Traitor in the EU Ursula von der Leyen nee Albrecht #XXXTT #EU

16 days

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Bitcoin prediction

Nobel laureate F. A. Hayek was one of the world’s leading free-market economists and social philosophers. In this video from 1984, Hayek is interviewed at the University of Freiburg in Germany by James U. Blanchard III, chairman of the National Committee for Monetary Reform and a member of the Cato Institute’s Board of Directors.


How to Use the Wallet

Ledger Nano X: How to start using your device

What is a bitcoin wallet

Ledger Nano X Review and Comparison

From 2019 Ledger Nano X Review - Here's What I DIDN'T Like About It...


selling bitcoin for cash is not illegal but selling it as a business is.

incidents of People are increasingly being arrested in the U.S. for selling Bitcoin via online sites such as

"Selling bitcoin as a business"

Although the wording of the exact charge varies to some degree, the operative word in both is ‘business’. That is, the main marker of criminality seems to be whether or not an individual is selling Bitcoin as a business. The litmus test for whether or not it constitutes a business seems to be a combination of the frequency and volume of the transactions as well as to whom the individual is selling.

In a telephone interview with Motherboard, Marco Santori, a Palo Alto-based lawyer who specializes in Bitcoin, explained:

‘As a business’ is the qualifier that triggers the money transmission laws. […] If you come to me and ask to buy $100 worth of bitcoin and I sell that to you, in no state is that sole activity considered to be money transmission. It must occur in a sufficient frequency and volume and you have to accept all comers. It’s a fact-based test.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Corpse uncleanness #122 #148 #888

Corpse uncleanness (Hebrew: tum'at met) is a state of ritual uncleanness described in Jewish halachic law. It is the highest grade of uncleanness known to man of any of the several grades of uncleanness, or defilement, and is contracted by having either touched, carried or shifted a dead human body, whether directly or indirectly, or after having entered a roofed house or chamber where the corpse of an Israelite is lying (conveyed by overshadowing).

The impurity that is caused by the dead is considered the ultimate impurity, one which cannot be purified through the waters of an ablution alone (mikvah). Human corpse uncleanness requires an interlude of seven days, accompanied by purification through sprinkling of the ashes of the Parah Adumah, the red heifer.

"Tum'at HaMet" = 122 (English Ordinal)
"Tum'at HaMet" = 148 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Tum'at HaMet" = 32 (Full Reduction)
"Tum'at HaMet" = 58 (Reverse Full Reduction)
"Tum'at HaMet" = 888 (Reverse English Sumerian)

Saturday, July 20, 2019

#666 Putin

#666 Sandy Hook

#1705 Temple coin

#2424 Jesus

Twin eclipses.... 

I added 1 day on the eclipse window because the 2424 number matched with so many things...

"Forty Fifth President Of The United States Donald John Trump" = 2424 (Satanic)
"June fourteenth nineteen forty six" = 2424 (English Sumerian) (Trump's birthday)
"Ancient Accepted York Rite of Freemasonry" = 2424 (English Sumerian)
"make america great again" = 2424 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"Russian President Vladimir Putin" = 2424 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"The Project for the New American Century" = 2424 (English Sumerian)
"make the temple great again" = 2424 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"The Great American Eclipse" = 2424 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"Something Wicked This Way Comes" = 2424 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"The Bank for International Settlements" = 2424 (English Sumerian)
"Pope The Most Powerful Man in History" = 2424 (Reverse English Sumerian)

Iran feast of the sacrifice 8.12


Israel bombed Syria on 7/23/19 our time...

Israel Yet Again Illegally Bombs Syrian Military Locations In Syria - Because Iran

President of Iran born on Scottish Rite Day

The masons created the first ever Scottish Rite Day on 11/12/2016.
Sat, 12 November 2016 = 11th of Cheshvan, 5777
י״א בְּחֶשְׁוָן תשע״ז
"י״א בְּחֶשְׁוָן תשע״ז" = 47 (Hebrew Reduction)

Cheshvan is the 8th month on the ecclesiastical calendar.. So the date is 11/8/5777
118 = 811
It's also the 3rd week of the Torah portion readings.
"Parashat Lech-Lecha" = 141 (English Ordinal)
811 is the 141st prime number

From Scottish Rite day to 8/11 is 33 months...
From and including: Saturday, November 12, 2016
To and including: Sunday, August 11, 2019
33 months

Iran founding anniversary 4/1/1979 to 7/20/2019