Saturday, July 20, 2019

#666 Putin


  1. Hi Joan, I was just reviewing some of your 811th prime blogs. With 6229 being the 811th prime, I decided to see what date was 6229 days before August 11, 2019. Well that date is July 22 2002, another pi day 22/7 to go with all the pi ritual August 11th seems to be connected to. The only event I was able to come up with on this date is pretty big, Israel dropped a 1 ton bomb on the house of Salah Shehade killing him and fourteen others. Also this date July 22, 2002 just happens to be 9 months 11 days after 9/11....The 118th prime is 647, 647 days before August 11/19 is the date November 2, 2017 the date Trump nominated Jerome Powell as Chair of the Federal Reserve. From August 11/19 to November 2/19 = 2 months 23 days (incl. end date). Just food for thought but it looks to me like something will "bomb" August 11/19.

    1. Wow that's interesting. I'll look into it thanks Wendy!