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Coins of the Swiss franc #1214

The coins of the Swiss franc are the official coins used in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 

The country's name is on all the coins as Confoederatio Helvetica, the Latin name of the Swiss Confederation, or Helvetia specified.

"Confoederatio Helvetica" = 1214 (English Extended)
"Jachin Boaz" = 1214 (Jewish)

"Helvetica" = 33 (Chaldean)
"Knight" = 33 (Full Reduction)

"Helvetica" = 111 (Francis Bacon)
"Templar" = 111 (Francis Bacon)

#SwissMercenaries #Swiss #417 #33 74 #137 #187 #223 #227 #1416 #1214

"President" = 110 (English Ordinal)
"Mercenaries" = 110 (English Ordinal)
"JFK assassination" = 110 (Reverse Full Reduction)
"Mercenaries" = 187 (Reverse Ordinal)
"JFK assassination" = 187 (English Ordinal)
"Mercenaries" = 1122 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"JFK assassination" = 1122 (English Sumerian)

"Switzers" = 139 (English Ordinal)Freemasonry=139
"Switzers" = 40 (Full Reduction)=Zionist =40
"Switzers" = 419 (Satanic)4/19 "Patriots Day"
"Switzers" = 227 (Reverse Primes)22/7=PI

"Switzer" = 39 (Full Reduction)master mason =39
"Switzer" = 42 (Reverse Full Reduction)=Freemason
"Switzer" = 120 (English Ordinal)Illuminati=120
"Switzer" = 69 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Switzer" = 137 (Reverse Franc Baconis)33rd prime number
"Switzer" = 365 (Satanic)365 days in a year
"Switzer" = 314 (Reverse Satanic)PI
"Switzer" = 118 (Jewish Ordinal)Star of David=118
"Switzer" = 33 (Septenary)

"Switzer" = 417 (Primes)
"Reisläufer" = 417 (Reverse Primes)
"mercenary" = 417 (Satanic)

Swiss mercenaries (Reisläufer) were notable for their service in foreign armies, especially the armies of the Kings of France,

"Switzer" = 417 (Primes)
"Reisläufer" = 417 (Reverse Primes)
"mercenary" = 417 (Satanic)

throughout the Early Modern period of European history, from the Later Middle Ages into the Age of the European Enlightenment. Their service as mercenaries was at its peak during the Renaissance, when their proven battlefield capabilities made them sought-after mercenary troops. There followed a period of decline, as technological and organizational advances counteracted the Swiss' advantages. Switzerland's military isolationism largely put an end to organized mercenary activity; the principal remnant of the practice is the Pontifical Swiss Guard at the Vatican.

In William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act IV, Scene 5, Swiss mercenaries are called "Switzers" (Switzer is actually what the Swiss were called in English until the 19th century, hence Switzerland).

"Swiss mercenary contingents" = 115 (Full Reduction)

"Swiss soldiers" = 190 (English Ordinal)
"murder for money" = 190 (English Ordinal)
"French foreign legion" = 190 (English Ordinal)

"Soldier of Fortune" = 214 (KFW Kabbalah)
"Soldier of Fortune" = 69 (Septenary)

"Kings Killers" = 56 (Full Reduction)

The native term Reisläufer literally means "one who goes to war" and is derived from Middle High German Reise, meaning "military campaign".

"one who goes to war" = 77 (Full Reduction)

Basel Switzerland
47° 34′ 0″ N, 7° 36′ 0″ E

Swiss mercs were called pikemen

"Zürich" = 33 (Jewish Reduction)
"Pikemen" = 33 (Jewish Reduction)

"Zürich Pikemen" = 74 (Full Reduction)
"Independence Day" = 74 (Full Reduction)
"Zürich Pikemen" = 137 (English Ordinal)
"Zürich Pikemen" = 187 (Reverse Ordinal)
"George Washington" = 187 (English Ordinal)
"Zürich Pikemen" = 1122 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"George Washington" = 1122 (English Sumerian)

"Zurich Switzerland" = 223 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Zurich Switzerland" = 227 (Jewish Ordinal)

"Zurich Switzerland" = 1416 (English Sumerian)
Revelation 14:16
"So he who was seated on the cloud swung his sickle over the earth, and the earth was harvested"

"Zürich Switzerland" = 777 (Reverse Satanic)
"Zürich Switzerland" = 217 (Reverse Ordinal) (Bruno's death date)

Switzerland founded


"Swiss fifth column" = 216 (English Ordinal)
"Swiss fifth column" = 211 (Jewish Ordinal)

The English name Switzerland is a compound containing Switzer, an obsolete term for the Swiss, which was in use during the 16th to 19th centuries.
The name Switzer is from the Alemannic Schwiizer, in origin an inhabitant of Schwyz and its associated territory, one of the Waldstätten cantons which formed the nucleus of the Old Swiss Confederacy. The Swiss began to adopt the name for themselves after the Swabian War of 1499, used alongside the term for "Confederates", Eidgenossen (literally: comrades by oath), used since the 14th century. The data code for Switzerland, CH, is derived from Latin Confoederatio Helvetica (English: Helvetic Confederation).

"The name Switzer is from the Alemannic Schwiizer"
"Confoederatio Helvetica" = 1214 (English Extended)

in origin an inhabitant of Schwyz
"Schwyz" = 32 (Full Reduction)
"Schwyz" = 314 (Satanic)

The Swiss began to adopt the name for themselves after the Swabian War of 1499, used alongside the term for "Confederates", Eidgenossen (literally: comrades by oath), used since the 14th century. The data code for Switzerland, CH, is derived from Latin Confoederatio Helvetica (English: Helvetic Confederation).

Eidgenossen" = 47 (Septenary)
comrades by oath" = 47 (Septenary)

"Confoederatio Helvetica" = 1214 (English Extended)
"Helvetic Confederation" = 100 (Jewish Reduction)
"Swiss Freemasons" = 100 (Jewish Reduction)


Credit Suisse pleads guilty in tax evasion case
May 19, 2014: 7:38 PM ET

5+19+20+14=58 =Freemasonry=58
Templars last stand 5/19/1291
5+1+9+2+0+1+4=22 (Swiss founding date)8+1+1+2+9+1=22
Plea aggreement doc

Templars last stronghold fell on 5/19/1291

President of the United States, The Book of Revelation,
Los Angeles California United States

Sat, 19 May 1291 = 12th of Sivan, 5051
י״ב בְּסִיוָן נ״א

Siege of Acre (1291) 4/4 to 5/19
"12th of Sivan, 5051" = 143 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Siege of Acre" = 93 (English Ordinal)
"Siege of Acre" = 291 (English Extended)
"Fall of Acre" = 33 (Septenary)

Wed, 4 April 1291 = 26th of Nisan, 5051
כ״ו בְּנִיסָן נ״א

Siege of Rhodes (1522)

The Siege of Rhodes of 1522 was the second and ultimately successful attempt by the Ottoman Empire to expel the Knights of Rhodes from their island stronghold and thereby secure Ottoman control of the Eastern Mediterranean. The first siege in 1480 had been unsuccessful.

The Knights of St. John, or Knights Hospitallers, had captured Rhodes in the early 14th century after the loss of Acre, the last Crusader stronghold in Palestine in 1291. From Rhodes, they became an active part of the trade in the Aegean sea, and at times harassed Turkish shipping in the Levant to secure control over the eastern Mediterranean. A first effort by the Ottomans to capture the island, in 1480, was repulsed by the Order, but the continuing presence of the knights just off the southern coast of Anatolia was a major obstacle to Ottoman expansion.

Since the previous siege the fortress had received many upgrades from the new school of trace italienne, which made it much more formidable in resisting artillery. In the most exposed land-facing sectors, these included a thickening of the main wall, doubling of the width of the dry ditch, coupled with a transformation of the old counterscarp into massive outworks (tenailles), the construction of bulwarks around most towers, and caponiers enfilading the ditch. Gates were reduced in number, and the old battlement parapets were replaced with slanting ones suitable for artillery fights. A team of masons, labourers and slaves did the construction work, the Muslim slaves were charged with the hardest labor.

In 1521, Philippe Villiers de L'Isle-Adam was elected Grand Master of the Order. Expecting a new Ottoman attack on Rhodes, he continued to strengthen the city's fortifications, work that had begun after the Ottoman invasion of 1480 and the earthquake of 1481, and called upon the Order's knights elsewhere in Europe to come to the island's defence. The rest of Europe ignored his request for assistance, but some Venetian troops from Crete joined the knights, and Sir John Rawson, Prior of the Order's Irish House, came alone. The city was protected by two and, in some places three, rings of stone walls and several large bastions. The defence of the walls and bastions was assigned in sections to the different Langues into which the knights had been organized since 1301. The harbour entrance was blocked by a heavy iron chain, behind which the Order's fleet was anchored.

When the Turkish invasion force of 400 ships arrived on Rhodes on 26 June 1522, they were commanded by Çoban Mustafa Pasha. Sultan Suleiman himself arrived with the army of 100,000 men on 28 July to take personal charge.

Why was the #Whitehouse given the number #1600 for an address?

"1600 Pennsylvania Avenue" = 227 (English Ordinal)
"1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC" = 137 (Chaldean)

"sixteen" = 33 (Full Reduction)
"sixteen" = 96 (English Ordinal)
"Freemason" = 96 (English Ordinal)

"White House sixteen hundred" = 303 (English Ordinal)
"White House sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue" = 523 (English Ordinal)

"1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500" = 156 (Full Reduction) 911 is the 56th prime number
"1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500" = 144 (Chaldean)
"1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500" = 666 (Reverse Francis Bacon)
"1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500" = 187 (Reverse Single Reduction)
"1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500" = 174 (Single
"1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC" = 137 (Chaldean)

sixteen hundred in Hebrew
"שש מאות" = 21 (Hebrew Reduction)
"שש מאות" = 84 (Hebrew Ordinal)

Sixteen Hundred Pennsylvania Avenue Washington DC in Hebrew
"שש עשרה מאות פנסילבניה אווניו וושינגטון הבירה" = 419 (Hebrew Ordinal)
4/19 is Patriots Day

Washington DC in Hebrew
"וושינגטון" = 44 (Hebrew Reduction)
"וושינגטון" = 89 (Hebrew Ordinal)

White House in Greek
"Λευκός Οίκος" = 42 (Greek Reduction)
Sixteen hundred in Greek
"Δεκαέξι εκατό" = 42 (Greek Reduction)

one six zero zero in greek
"ένα έξι μηδέν μηδέν" = 75 (Greek Reduction)
"ένα έξι μηδέν μηδέν" = 138 (Greek Ordinal)
"ένα έξι μηδέν μηδέν" = 345 (Greek Isopsephy)

Sixteen hundred in Latin
"hs mille sescenta" = 56 (Full Reduction)
"hs mille sescenta" = 156 (Jewish Ordinal)

one six zero zero in Latin
"sex nulla quis nulla" = 234 (English Ordinal)
"sex nulla quis nulla" = 1404 (English Sumerian)
"sex nulla quis nulla" = 63 (Full Reduction)

1600 (MDC) was a century leap year starting on Saturday of the Gregorian calendar and a leap year starting on Tuesday of the Julian calendar, the 1600th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 600th year of the 2nd millennium, the 100th and last year of the 16th century, and the 1st year of the 1600s decade.

Things that happened in 1600 ......

Giordano Bruno burned at the stake by the Papacy on 2/17/1600 or 2/16/1600
1600 was a leap year.

February 17 is the 48th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 318 days remaining until the end of the year (318 in leap years).

illuminati" = 48
Grand Master = 48
six six six" = 48

2+17+16+00=35 "illuminati" = 35 (Septenary)
2+1+7+1+6+0+0=17 "mason" = (Full reduction)
"II.XVII.MDC" = 26 (Chaldean)

Thu, 17 February 1600 = 2nd of Adar, 5360
ב׳ בַּאֲדָר ש״ס
"Adar" = 144 (English Sumerian)

"February seventeenth sixteen hundred AD" = 153 (Septenary)
"Giordano Bruno" = 153 (English Ordinal)
17th prime 2+1+7+1+6+0+0=17 "mason" = (Full reduction)

"Giordano Bruno Illuminati" = 120 (Full Reduction)
"Giordano" = 47 (Full Reduction)
"White House" = 47 (Chaldean)

"Bruno" = 227 (Primes)
"Bruno" = 211 (Reverse Primes)

Bruno in Hebrew
ברונו" = 21 (Hebrew Reduction)
ברונו" = 48 (Hebrew Ordinal)(died on 48th day of the year)

Giordano Bruno in Hebrew
ג'ורדנו ברונו" = 47 (Hebrew Reduction)
ג'ורדנו ברונו" = 101 (Hebrew Ordinal)

Illuminati in Hebrew
"אילומינטי" = 31 (Hebrew Reduction)
"אילומינטי" = 85 (Hebrew Ordinal)
"אילומינטי" = 166 (Hebrew Gematria)

"burned at the stake" = 174 (English Ordinal)
"burned at the stake" = 1044 (English Sumerian)
"burned at the stake" = 58 (Jewish Reduction)

"Filippo Bruno" = 153 (English Ordinal)
Filippo Bruno" = 145 (Jewish Ordinal)

"Filippo" = 47 (Full Reduction)
"Filippo" = 214 (Jewish)

Filippo in Hebrew...
"פיליפו" = 27 (Hebrew Reduction)
"פיליפו" = 72 (Hebrew Ordinal)
"Giordano Bruno" = 72 (Full Reduction)
"פיליפו" = 216 (Hebrew Gematria)

Joseph P Farrell says Bruno died on 2/16 wikipedia says he died on 2/17. If Farrell is right then his death date matches Filippo in Hebrew Gematria and he was killed on the 47th day of the year on 2/16=216 6*6*6=216. Farrell is probably right.

Wed, 16 February 1600 = 1st of Adar, 5360
א׳ בַּאֲדָר ש״ס

"16 February 1600" = 56 (Full Reduction)= all seeing eye=56
"16 February 1600" = 110 (English Ordinal)=President
"16 February 1600" = 41 (Chaldean)13th prime

"1st of Adar, 5360" = 125 (Francis Bacon)5*5*5=125
(Washington monument 555 ft tall)

"Adar first" = 42 (Full Reduction)
"Adar first" = 411 (Satanic)
"Adar first" = 47 (Jewish Reduction)

Construction of the White House began with the laying of the cornerstone on October 13, 1792.
Bruno was arrested on 5/22/1592

Sat, 13 October 1792 = 27th of Tishrei, 5553
כ״ז בְּתִשְׁרֵי תקנ״ג

Anniversary of.....

Templars burned at the stake on October 13th 1307 (Friday the thirteenth)
Fri, 13 October 1037 = 25th of Tishrei, 4798
כ״ה בְּתִשְׁרֵי תשצ״ח
1+0+1+3+1+0+3+7=16... 1600=16

Cornerstone for WH layed 101 days after 7/4
From and including: Wednesday, July 4, 1792
To, but not including Saturday, October 13, 1792
Result: 101 days

Bruno burned at the stake at Campo de' Fiori
41° 53′ 44.16″ N, 12° 28′ 19.8″ E
"Campo de' Fiori" = 114 (English Ordinal)Holocaust = 114
"Campo de' Fiori" = 69 (Full Reduction)
"Campo de' Fiori" = 333 (Primes)
"Campo de' Fiori Italy" = 181 (English Ordinal)42nd prime
"Campo de' Fiori Italy" = 776 (Satanic) like 1776
"Campo de' Fiori Italy" = 1440 (Trigonal)

Bruno arrested on 22 May 1592 in Venice
5/22 = 522 Democrat number

Bruno's arrest came 144 days before October 13th of that year

From and including: Monday, May 22, 1592 (Julian calendar in United States. Change Country)
To, but not including Friday, October 13, 1592 (Julian calendar in United States. Change Country)
Result: 144 days

From and including: Monday, May 22, 1592 (Julian calendar in United States. Change Country)
To, but not including Saturday, October 13, 1792 (Gregorian calendar)
200 years, 144 days

Roman Inquisition, however, asked for his transfer to Rome. After several months of argument, the Venetian authorities reluctantly consented and Bruno was sent to Rome in February 1593.

Imprisonment, trial and execution, 1593–1600
Bruno was held in confinement, lastly in the Tower of Nona.

"Tower of Nona" = 56 (Full Reduction)

The Tor di Nona is a neighborhood in Rome's rione Ponte. It lies in the heart of the city's historic center, between the Via dei Coronari and the Tiber River. Its name commemorates the Torre dell'Annona, a mediaeval tower which once stood there and was later converted into one of the city's most important theatres, the Teatro Tordinona, later called the Teatro Apollo.
The Torre dell'Annona was a medieval stronghold of the Orsini family and from the early 15th century, acted as a pontifical prison. Prisoners included Benevenuto Cellini who experienced the dungeon's lightless cells, one of which was known as "the pit", Beatrice Cenci, and Giordano Bruno who was imprisoned here before being burned alive in Campo de' Fiori.

"Tor di Nona" = 47 (Full Reduction)
"Filippo" = 47 (Full Reduction)
"Tor di Nona" = 110 (English Ordinal)
"16 February 1600" = 110 (English Ordinal)=President
"Tor di Nona" = 41 (Jewish Reduction)
"16 February 1600" = 56 (Full Reduction)= all seeing eye=56
"Tower of Nona" = 56 (Full Reduction)
"Brunus Nolanus" = 47 (Full Reduction)

things that happened on October 13th

1307 – Hundreds of Knights Templar in France are simultaneously arrested by agents of Phillip the Fair, to be later tortured into a "confession" of heresy.
1775 – The United States Continental Congress orders the establishment of the Continental Navy (the predecessor organization of the United States Navy).
1792 – In Washington, D.C., the cornerstone of the United States Executive Mansion (known as the White House since 1818) is laid.
1821 – The Declaration of Independence of the Mexican Empire is publicly proclaimed.
1843 – In New York City, Henry Jones and 11 others found B'nai B'rith (the oldest Jewish service organization in the world).
1946 – France adopts the constitution of the Fourth Republic.

October 13 is the 286th day of the year (287th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 79 days remaining until the end of the year.

#JFK #assassination #1122 #Number1122

If you convert 11/22/1963 into Roman numerals it comes up 11/22 just like JFK assassination.

"XI.XXII.MCMLXIII" = 1122 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"JFK assassination" = 1122 (English Sumerian)

Try it!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

King James' birthday anniversary 6/19/1566 6/19 #619

James VI and I (James Charles Stuart; 19 June 1566 – 27 March 1625) was King of Scotland as James VI from 24 July 1567 and King of England and Ireland as James I from the union of the Scottish and English crowns on 24 March 1603 until his death in 1625. The kingdoms of Scotland and England were individual sovereign states, with their own parliaments, judiciaries, and laws, though both were ruled by James in personal union.

James was the son of Mary, Queen of Scots, and a great-great-grandson of Henry VII, King of England and Lord of Ireland, positioning him to eventually accede to all three thrones. James succeeded to the Scottish throne at the age of thirteen months, after his mother was compelled to abdicate in his favour. Four different regents governed during his minority, which ended officially in 1578, though he did not gain full control of his government until 1583. In 1603, he succeeded the last Tudor monarch of England and Ireland, Elizabeth I, who died without issue. He continued to reign in all three kingdoms for 22 years, a period known after him as the Jacobean era, until his death in 1625 at the age of 58. After the Union of the Crowns, he based himself in England (the largest of the three realms) from 1603, only returning to Scotland once in 1617, and styled himself "King of Great Britain and Ireland"

Tue, 19 June 2018 = 6th of Tamuz, 5778
ו׳ בְּתַמּוּז תשע״ח
Parashat Chukat

Sun, 19 June 1566 (6/19-19/6) = 22nd of Sivan, 5326 (22/9-9/22)
כ״ב בְּסִיוָן שכ״ו
"כ״ב בְּסִיוָן שכ״ו" = 35 (Hebrew Reduction)
"כ״ב בְּסִיוָן שכ״ו" = 98 (Hebrew Ordinal)
"כ״ב בְּסִיוָן שכ״ו" = 476 (Hebrew Gematria)
"כ״ב בְּסִיוָן שכ״ו" = 1126 (Hebrew Soffits)

"Sivan twenty second" = 227 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Sivan twenty second" = 827 (Satanic) 144th prime
"Sivan twenty two" = 888 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"June nineteen" = 144 (Jewish Ordinal)
"June nineteenth" = 214 (Reverse Ordinal)

6/19 = 619
synagogue of satan, soul, District of Columbia, green, spring, force, rest in peace,

"Revelation chapter thirteen verse eighteen" = 619 (Reverse Francis Bacon)
Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
"mystery Babylon" = 196 (English Ordinal)

22nd of Sivan, 5326 (22/9-9/22)

"English" = 229 (Reverse Franc Baconis)
"Messiah" = 229 (Reverse Franc Baconis)
"Horus" = 229 (Reverse Satanic)

"Washington District of Columbia United States of America" = 922 (Reverse Francis Bacon)

#France #Immigrant "Hero" story is #FakeNews The numbers give it away! #Hero

Emmanuel Macron Grants French Citizenship to Migrant Lauded for Saving Child

Mamoudou Gassama, from Mali, has been dubbed "Le Spiderman" for climbing five storeys of a Paris apartment building to save a child dangling from a balcony.

Mamoudou Gassama = 47 
Gassama = 47 
France = 47
Government = 47
Authority = 47
Star of David = 47
President Macron = 1044 
New World Order = 1044
Le Spiderman" = 116 
Rothschild" = 116
Paris France" = 56 
All seeing eye" = 56
Emmanuel Macron" = 58 
Freemasonry" = 58
Macron is (((they))) 
"THEY" = 58 

#AllenGinsberg #45 #144

Last name gematria predicted his death date 
Ginsberg" = 45 (Full Reduction)
Died 4/5 

Died on a Jewish religious day Shabbat HaChodesh
"Shabbat HaChodesh" = 144 (ALW Kabbalah) 

Irwin Allen Ginsberg  June 3, 1926 – April 5, 1997

#JFK #RFK #MLK #1122 #33 #66

RFK died at 1:44 am on 6/6
"Mark of the Beast" = 144 "Sirhan Sirhan" = 66
Sirhan = 33 Sirhan = 33 = 66 =6/6
Robert = 33 Kennedy = 33 =66 =6/6
"thirty three" = 66

RFK assassination in Roman numerals 
"VI.VI" = 144
"VI.VI" = 66
"VI=33 VI=33
"VI.VI" = 44 Kill = 44

JFK He died on the first day of Sagittarius
"Sagittarius" = 144 (English Ordinal)
"John F. Kennedy, the 44th Term President
"forty four" = 144 (English Ordinal)

If you put "JFK assassination" in a gematria calculator his death date comes up...
"JFK assassination" =1122 = 11/22
If you covert JFK assassination date 11/22/1963 into Roman numerals his death death comes up again.
"XI.XXII.MCMLXIII" = 1122 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"JFK assassination" = 1122 (English Sumerian)

JFK's "secret society" speech on 4/27/1961
"Mark of beast" = 111
"Mark of beast" = 666
"Dead Kennedys" = 111
"Dead Kennedys" = 666
"illuminati" = 48

If you sum the first 144 decimals of Pi, it totals 666.

MLK died on 4/4/1968
"Kill" = 44 (English Ordinal)
"IV IV" = 44
"IV IV" = 144
"April fourth" = 144 (English Ordinal)
"forty four" = 144 (English Ordinal)
"IV=33 IV=33

Monday, May 28, 2018

"1983 United States embassy bombing" #Beirut #Lebanon 4/18/1983 4/18/1983 fell on #IsraeliIndependenceDay in 1983

Yom HaAtzma'ut / יום העצמאות
Israeli Independence Day. Commemorates the declaration of independence of Israel in 1948.

Mon, 18 April 1983 = 5th of Iyyar, 5743
ה׳ בְּאִיָּר תשמ״ג
Yom HaAtzma'ut

"Yom HaAtzma'ut" = 47 (Full Reduction)
"fifth of Iyyar" = 47 (Chaldean)
"Independence day" = 74 (Full Reduction)

"HaAtzma'ut" = 666 (English Sumerian)

Yom HaAtzma'ut = 35
US embassy = 35
33° 54′ 5″ N, 35° 29′ 6″ E
"United States embassy bombing" = 303 (English Ordinal)=33
"33° 54′ 5″ N

The April 18, 1983, United States embassy bombing was a suicide bombing in Beirut, Lebanon, that killed 63 people, including 17 Americans. The victims were mostly embassy and CIA staff members,

"1983 United States embassy bombing" = 117 (Full Reduction)
"Central Intelligence Agency" = 117 (Full Reduction)
"1983 United States embassy bombing" = 137 (Jewish Reduction)
"US Marine Corps barracks bombing" = 137 (Jewish Reduction)

"fifth of Iyar" = 123 (English Ordinal)
Marine barracks bombed on 10/23/1983 = 1023=123

Parashat Achrei Mot-Kedoshim = 145
Israel founded on 5/14/1948 or 14/5/1948
Jewish temple = 145 English Ordinal 14/5

US Embassy Bombing 4/18/1983 fell on Israeli Independence Day

Mon, 18 April 1983 = 5th of Iyyar, 5743
ה׳ בְּאִיָּר תשמ״ג
Yom HaAtzma'ut

"Yom HaAtzma'ut" = 47
"fifth of Iyyar" = 47
"Independence day" = 74 mirror 47
"HaAtzma'ut" = 666

Parashat Achrei Mot-Kedoshim = 145
Israel founded on 14/5/1948
Jewish temple = 145 = 14/5

US Embassy Bombing Beirut Lebanon = 117
Central Intelligence Agency = 117

"Israeli Independence Day" = 1206 (English Sumerian)
"US Embassy Bombing Beirut Lebanon" = 126 (Jewish Reduction)

#1983 Beirut barracks bombings #Beirut #Lebanon

"1983 Beirut barracks bombings" = 115 (Full Reduction)

The 1983 Beirut barracks bombing was a suicide attack that occurred on October 23, 1983, in Beirut, Lebanon, during the Lebanese Civil War.


10+23+19+83 = 135
"barracks bombing" = 135
"Central Intelligence Agency" = 135 
"IED bombings" = 54 (Full Reduction)
"Beirut" = 27 (Jewish Reduction)
"Lebanon" = 27 (Full Reduction)
"truck bomb" = 27 (Jewish Reduction)
"truck IED" = 27 (Chaldean)
"Hezbollah" = 27 (Septenary)

"barracks" = 33 (Jewish Reduction)
"barracks" = 69 (Jewish Ordinal)
"barracks" = 143 (Reverse Ordinal)14/3

"Beirut, Lebanon" = 138 (English Ordinal)
"truck bomb" = 138 (Reverse Ordinal)
33° 49′ 45″ N, 35° 29′ 41″ E

"United States Marine Corps barracks" = 145 (Jewish Reduction)
145=14/5 (Israeli Independence Day) 14/5=5/14

"US Marine Corps barracks bombing" = 137 (Jewish Reduction)
"US Marine Corps barracks bombing" = 135 (Full Reduction KV)

"Marine" = 33 (Full Reduction)
"barracks" = 33 (Jewish Reduction)
"truck bomb" = 33 (Full Reduction)
"truck IED" = 33 (Jewish Reduction)
"MNF" = 33 (English Ordinal)(Multi National Force)
"bombing" = 35 (Full Reduction)
33° 49′ 45″ N, 35° 29′ 41″ E

"23 October 1983" = 137 (Reverse Ordinal)
"23 October 1983" = 26 (Hebrew Ordinal)

Sun, 23 October 1983 = 16th of Cheshvan, 5744
ט״ז בְּחֶשְׁוָן תשמ״ד
Parashat Chayei Sara
"ט״ז בְּחֶשְׁוָן תשמ״ד" = 1776 (Hebrew Soffits)
"Parashat Chayei Sara" = 1044 (English Sumerian)

"October twenty third Beirut Lebanon Marine barracks bombing" = 314 (Reverse Full Reduction)

killing 241 U.S. and 58 French peacekeepers, 6 civilians and the 2 suicide attackers.

Victims only
Mossad" = 305 (English Extended)

33° 49′ 45″ N, 35° 29′ 41″ E
"bombing" = 35 (Full Reduction)

The Islamic Jihad Organization – IJO (Arabic: حركة الجهاد الإسلامي‎, Harakat al-Jihad al-Islami) or Organisation du Jihad Islamique (OJI) in French, but best known as "Islamic Jihad" (Arabic: Jihad al-Islami) for short, was a Shia militia known for its activities in the 1980s during the Lebanese Civil War

"IED" = 123 (Satanic)10/23=123
"Islamic Jihad Organization" = 123 (Jewish Reduction)

"Islamic Jihad Organization IJO" = 137 (Full Reduction)

Jihad al-Islami" = 54 (Full Reduction)
"IED bombings" = 54 (Full Reduction)
"Jihad al-Islami" = 118 (Jewish Ordinal)
"Star of David" = 118 (Jewish Ordinal)

"French Paratrooper barracks" = 135
10+23+19+83 = 135
"barracks bombing" = 135

Shia militia" = 56 (Full Reduction)

General Data Protection Regulation #GDPR #EU #HateSpeech #Censorship

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU and EEA. The GDPR aims primarily to give control to citizens and residents over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU.

It was adopted on 14 April 2016, and after a two-year transition period, became enforceable on 25 May 2018.

"General Data Protection Regulation" = 345 (English Ordinal)

"GDPR" = 27 (Full Reduction)
"GDPR" = 45 (English Ordinal)
"GDPR" = 25 (Jewish Reduction)
"GDPR" = 43 (Jewish Ordinal)
"GDPR" = 151 (Jewish)

"censor" = 74 (English Ordinal)
"censor" = 29 (Full Reduction)

Thu, 14 April 2016 = 6th of Nisan, 5776
ו׳ בְּנִיסָן תשע״ו
Parashat Metzora (in Diaspora)

Wed, 23 May 2018 = 9th of Sivan, 5778
ט׳ בְּסִיוָן תשע״ח
Parashat Nasso (in Diaspora)

From and including: Thursday, April 14, 2016
To, but not including Friday, May 25, 2018
Result: 771 days

"Bilderberg Group" = 771 (English Extended)
"September Eleventh Two Thousand One" = 771 (Franc Baconis)
"Order of the Golden Fleece" = 771 (Reverse Franc Baconis)
"The Federal Reserve" = 771 (Satanic)
"Teutonic Knights" = 771 (Jewish)

Or 2 years, 1 month, 11 days excluding the end date
Or 2 years, 1 month, 1 week 3 days
771 days can be converted to one of these units:
66,614,400 seconds=666/144
1,110,240 minutes=111/24
18,504 hours= 18+504=522=Merkel
110 weeks and 1 day=111
211.23% of a common year (365 days)=211

"EU" = 26 (English Ordinal)
"God" = 26 (English Ordinal)
"God" = 156 (English Sumerian)
911 is the 156th prime number
"God" = 13 (Septenary)

International #Holocaust Remembrance Alliance #Jews #216 #666

"IHRA" = 216 (6*6*6=216)
"IHRA" = 999 (999/666)

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) is an intergovernmental organization founded in 1998 which unites governments and experts to strengthen, advance and promote Holocaust education, research and remembrance worldwide and to uphold the commitments of the Declaration of the Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust. The IHRA has 31 member countries, one liaison country and ten observer countries.

The organization was founded by former Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson in 1998. From 26–28 January 2000 the Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust was held, bringing together high-ranking political leaders and officials from more than forty countries to meet with civic and religious leaders, survivors, educators, and historians. Nobel Prize laureate Elie Wiesel served as the Forum's honorary Chairman and Professor Yehuda Bauer was the senior Academic Advisor to the forum.

The IHRA carries out internal projects, seeks to influence public-policy making on Holocaust-related issues and develops research focusing on lesser known aspects of The Holocaust.

Until January 2013, the organization was known as the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance, and Research.

In 2018, Italy holds the IHRA chairmanship and it will be followed by Luxembourg (2019). The 2017 chairmanship was Switzerland.

On 1 June 2017, the European Parliament voted to adopt a resolution calling on European Union member states and their institutions to adopt and apply the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's working definition of antisemitism.

They picked a day that added up to God of course!
"God" = 61 (Jewish)
"Jachin Boaz" = 44 (Full Reduction)
"Mason" = 17 (Full Reduction)

"Jachin Boaz" = 1214 (Jewish)(school shooting number)
Sandy Hook 12/14 Parkland room 1214

The non-legally binding working definition includes illustrative examples of antisemitism to guide the IHRA in its work. These examples include classical antisemitic tropes, Holocaust denial and attempts to apply a double standard to the State of Israel.

EU voted on 6/1/17

They picked a day that added up to God of course!

God" = 61 
Jachin Boaz" = 44 
Mason" = 17

"IHRA" = 216 (English Sumerian) 6*6*6=216 

"Holocaust Remembrance" = 911
"World Jewish Congress" = 911
"Tisha B' Av" = 911 

"masonry" = 33
"Holocaust" = 33 
"Zyklon B" = 33 
"Berlin" = 33

Black and white logo = Freemasonry 

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Château de Montségur #Cathars

"Castle of Montsegur" = 69 (Full Reduction)

"Montsegur" = 42 (Full Reduction)
42° 52′ 32″ N, 1° 49′ 57″ E
"Montsegur" = 666 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"Montsegur" = 137 (Reverse Francis Bacon)

"Château de Montségur" = 68 (Full Reduction)
"Château de Montségur" = 923 (Jewish)
"Chateau de Montsegur" = 74 (Full Reduction)
"Occitània," = 74 (English Ordinal)

The Château de Montségur (English: Castle of Montségur) is a former fortress near Montségur, a commune in the Ariège department in southern France. Its ruins are the site of a razed stronghold of the Cathars.

"Cathar castle" = 666 (English Sumerian)
"Cathars" = 25 (Full Reduction)
"Cathars" = 70 (English Ordinal)
"Cathars" = 119 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Cathars" = 315 (Satanic)(3/15 Ides of March)
"Cathars" = 227 (Primes)

"Castle of Montségur" = 64 (Full Reduction)

Occitan" = 29 (Full Reduction)
"Occitania" = 216 (Jewish)
"Languedocien" = 56 (Full Reduction)
"Languedocien" = 214 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Languedoc" = 33 (Jewish Reduction)
"Languedoc" = 330 (Jewish)
"Languedoc-Roussillon" = 223 (Jewish Ordinal)

The earliest signs of human settlement in the area date back to the stone age, around 80,000 years ago. Evidence of Roman occupation such as Roman currency and tools have also been found in and around the site. Its name comes from Latin mons securus, which evolved into mont ségur in Occitan, which means "safe hill". In the Middle Ages the Montsegur region was ruled by the Counts of Toulouse, the Viscounts of Carcassonne and finally the Counts of Foix. Little is known about the fortification until the time of the Albigensian Crusade.

In about 1204, Raymond de Péreille, one of the two lords of Montségur, the other being his cousin Pierre-Roger de Mirepoix, decided to rebuild the castle that had been in ruins for 40 years or more. Refortified, the castle became a center of Cathar activities, and home to Guilhabert de Castres, a Cathar theologian and bishop. In 1233 the site became "the seat and head" (domicilium et caput) of the Cathar church. It has been estimated that the fortified site housed about 500 people when in 1241, Raymond VII besieged Montsegur without success. The murder of representatives of the inquisition by about fifty men from Montsegur and faidits at Avignonet on May 28, 1242 was the trigger for the final military expedition to conquer the castle, the siege of Montségur.

42° 52′ 32″ N, 1° 49′ 57″ E
"Église cathare" = 528 (Satanic)(Cathar Church)5/28

"siege of Montsegur" = 1044 (English Extended)
"siege of Montsegur" = 1404 (Reverse English Sumerian)

"The seat and head of the Cathar Church" = 137 (Full Reduction)
"The seat and head of the Cathar Church" = 137 (Septenary)
"domicilium et caput De l'église cathare" = 323 (English Ordinal)
"domicilium et caput" = 77 (Full Reduction)(seat and head)

In 1242 Hugues de Arcis led the military command of about 10,000 royal troops against the castle that was held by about 100 fighters and was home to 211 Perfects (who were pacifists and did not fight) and civilian refugees. The siege lasted nine months, until in March 1244, the castle finally surrendered. Approximately 220 Cathars were burned en masse in a bonfire at the foot of the pog when they refused to renounce their faith. Some 25 actually took the ultimate Cathar vow of consolamentum perfecti in the two weeks before the final surrender. Those who renounced the Cathar faith were allowed to leave and the castle itself was destroyed.

The Siege of Montségur was a nine-month siege of the Cathar-held Château de Montségur by French royal forces starting in May 1243. After the castle surrendered, about 210 perfecti and unrepentant credentes were burned in a bonfire on 16 March 1244

"׳III.XVI.MCCXLIV" = 1776 (Reverse Extended)

At the base of the mountain, in the "Prat dels Cremats" (Occitan for "Field of the Burned"), a modern stele commemorates the death of the victims; it is inscribed "Als catars, als martirs del pur amor crestian. 16 de març 1244" (Occitan for "The Cathars, martyrs of pure christian love. 16 March 1244").

Prat dels Cremats" = 174 (English Ordinal)
Prat dels Cremats" = 1044 (English Sumerian)
"Field of the Burned" = 214 (KFW Kabbalah)

"The Cathars, martyrs of pure christian love 16 March 1244" = 514 (English Ordinal)
"The Cathars, martyrs of pure christian love 16 March 1244" = 323 (Reverse Full Reduction EP)
"The Cathars, martyrs of pure christian love 16 March 1244" = 223 (Jewish Reduction)

"martyrs of pure christian love" = 137 (Jewish Reduction)
"martyrs of pure love" = 87 (Full Reduction)
"martyrs" = 114 (English Ordinal)
"martyrs" = 33 (Full Reduction)
"martyrs" = 42 (Single Reduction)
42° 52′ 32″ N, 1° 49′ 57″ E

"Albigensian Crusade" = 74 (Full Reduction)
"Albigensian Crusade" = 322 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Albigensian" = 48 (Full Reduction)
"Albigensian" = 69 (Reverse Full Reduction)
"Albigensian" = 93 (English Ordinal)

"16 March 1244" = 61 (English Ordinal)
"16 March 1244" = 33 (Chaldean)
"16 March 1244" = 47 (Reverse Full Reduction)
"16 March 1244" = 146 (Primes)6/14

"March sixteenth" = 68 (Full Reduction)
"Château de Montségur" = 68 (Full Reduction)
"March sixteenth" = 211 (Reverse Ordinal)
"held by about 100 fighters and was home to 211 Perfects"

"twelve forty four" = 78 (Full Reduction)12th Triangular
"twelve forty four" = 231 (English Ordinal)21st Triangular
"twelve forty four" = 174 (Reverse Ordinal)
"twelve forty four" = 1044 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"twelve forty four" = 74 (Jewish Reduction)
"twelve forty four" = 227 (Jewish Ordinal)
"twelve forty four" = 69 (Septenary)
"twelve forty four" = 74 (Chaldean)

"Wall Street" = 1244 (Trigonal)
"Wall Street" = 1244 (Reverse Trigonal)
"corporate" = 1244 (Reverse Trigonal)
"World trade" = 1244 (Jewish)
"Eye of Horus" = 1244 (Trigonal)
"Georgetown" = 1244 (Jewish)
"Church of Philadelphia" = 1244 (Trigonal)
"Fire in the Sky" = 1244 (Trigonal)
"color purple" = 1244 (Reverse Extended)
"Duality" = 1244 (English Extended)
"six sixty six" = 1244 (Reverse Squares)
"One five six" = 1244 (English Extended)
"Perfectus" = 156 (Reverse Francis Bacon)

"Perfectus" = 44 (Chaldean)
"Perfecti" = 44 (Reverse Full Reduction)

"Cathar Perfects" = 137 (Jewish Ordinal)
"Cathar Perfects" = 143 (English Ordinal)
"Cathar Perfects" = 62 (Full Reduction)

The siege itself was an epic event of heroism and zealotry, akin to that of Masada, with the demise of the Cathars symbolized by the fall of the mountain-top fortress.

Catharism" = 322 (Jewish)

Jewish tribes of #Medina #Islam #Jews #SaudiArabia

"Medina" = 28 (Full Reduction)
24° 28′ 0″ N, 39° 36′ 0″ E
"Medina" = 46 (English Ordinal)
"Medina" = 109 (English Extended)29th prime
"Medina" = 116 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Medina" = 26 (Jewish Reduction)
"Medina" = 44 (Jewish Ordinal)
"Medina" = 89 (Jewish)
"מדינה" = 19 (Hebrew Reduction)
"מדינה" = 46 (Hebrew Ordinal)
"מדינה" = 109 (Hebrew Gematria)29th prime

By the fourth century, Arab tribes began to encroach from Yemen, and there were three prominent Jewish tribes that inhabited the city into the 7th century AD: the Banu Qaynuqa, the Banu Qurayza, and Banu Nadir. Ibn Khordadbeh later reported that during the Persian Empire's domination in Hejaz, the Banu Qurayza served as tax collectors for the Persian Shah.

The situation changed after the arrival from Yemen of two new Arab tribes named Banu Aus (or Banu 'Aws) and Banu Khazraj. At first, these tribes were allied with Jewish rulers, but later they revolted and became independent. Toward the end of the 5th century, the Jewish rulers lost control of the city to Banu Aus and Banu Khazraj. The Jewish Encyclopedia states that "by calling in outside assistance and treacherously massacring at a banquet the principal Jews", Banu Aus and Banu Khazraj finally gained the upper hand at Medina.

Most modern historians accept the claim of the Muslim sources that after the revolt, the Jewish tribes became clients of the Aus and the Khazraj. However, according to scholar of Islam William Montgomery Watt, the clientship of the Jewish tribes is not borne out by the historical accounts of the period prior to 627, and he maintained that the Jewish populace retained a measure of political independence.

Early Muslim chronicler Ibn Ishaq tells of a pre-Islamic conflict between the last Yemenite king of the Himyarite Kingdom and the residents of Yathrib. When the king was passing by the oasis, the residents killed his son, and the Yemenite ruler threatened to exterminate the people and cut down the palms. According to Ibn Ishaq, he was stopped from doing so by two rabbis from the Banu Qurayza tribe, who implored the king to spare the oasis because it was the place "to which a prophet of the Quraysh would migrate in time to come, and it would be his home and resting-place." The Yemenite king thus did not destroy the town and converted to Judaism. He took the rabbis with him, and in Mecca, they reportedly recognised the Ka'ba as a temple built by Abraham and advised the king "to do what the people of Mecca did: to circumambulate the temple, to venerate and honour it, to shave his head and to behave with all humility until he had left its precincts." On approaching Yemen, tells ibn Ishaq, the rabbis demonstrated to the local people a miracle by coming out of a fire unscathed and the Yemenites accepted Judaism.

"Three prominent Jewish tribes that inhabited the city into the 7th century AD: the Banu Qaynuqa, the Banu Qurayza, and Banu Nadir"

The Banu Qaynuqa (Arabic: بنو قينقاع‎; Hebrew: בני קינקאע‬; also spelled Banu Kainuka, Banu Kaynuka, Banu Qainuqa, Banu Qaynuqa) was one of the three main Jewish tribes living in the 7th century of Medina, now in Saudi Arabia. In 624, the great-grandfather of Banu Qaynuqa tribe is Qaynuqa ibn Amchel ibn Munshi ibn Yohanan ibn Benjamin ibn Saron ibn Naphtali ibn Hayy ibn Moses and they are descendant of Manasseh ibn Joseph ibn Jacob ibn Isaac son of Abraham. They were expelled during the Invasion of Banu Qaynuqa, after breaking the treaty known as the Constitution of Medina.

The Banu Qurayza (Arabic: بنو قريظة‎, Hebrew: בני קוריט'ה‬; alternate spellings include Quraiza, Qurayzah, Quraytha, and the archaic Koreiza) were a Jewish tribe which lived in northern Arabia, at the oasis of Yathrib (now known as Medina), until the 7th century, when their alleged violation of a pact brokered by Muhammad led to their massacre.

Jewish tribes reportedly arrived in Hijaz in the wake of the Jewish-Roman wars and introduced agriculture, putting them in a culturally, economically and politically dominant position. However, in the 5th century, the Banu Aws and the Banu Khazraj, two Arab tribes that had arrived from Yemen, gained dominance. When these two tribes became embroiled in conflict with each other, the Jewish tribes, now clients or allies of the Arabs, fought on different sides, the Qurayza siding with the Aws.

In 622, the Islamic prophet Muhammad arrived at Yathrib from Mecca and established a pact between the conflicting parties. While the city found itself at war with Muhammad's native Meccan tribe of the Quraysh, tensions between the growing numbers of Muslims and the Jewish communities mounted.

In 627, when the Quraysh and their allies besieged the city in the Battle of the Trench, the Qurayza initially tried to remain neutral but eventually entered into negotiations with the besieging army, violating the pact they had agreed to years earlier. Subsequently, the tribe was charged with treason and besieged by the Muslims commanded by Muhammad. The Banu Qurayza eventually surrendered and their men were beheaded, except for a handful who converted to Islam.The spoils of battle, including the enslaved women and children of the tribe, were divided up among the Islamic warriors that had participated in the siege and among the emigrees from Mecca (who had hitherto depended on the help of the Muslims native to Medina.

The Banu Nadir (Arabic: بنو النضير‎, Hebrew: בני נצ'יר‎) were a Jewish tribe who lived in northern Arabia until the 7th century at the oasis of Medina. The tribe challenged Muhammad as the leader of Medina, planned along with allied nomads to attack Muhammad  and were expelled from Medina as a result. The Banu Nadir then planned the battle of the Trench together with the Qurayspage needed They later participated in the battle of Khaybar

In early Medina, in addition to the Banu Nadir, there were two other major Jewish tribes: the Banu Qurayza and the Banu Qaynuqa. They were joined earlier by two non-Jewish Arab tribes from Yemen, Banu Aus and Khazraj.

Like other Medinese Jews, Banu Nadir bore Arabic names, but spoke a distinct dialect of Arabic. They earned their living through agriculture, money lending, and trade in weapons and jewels, maintaining commercial relations with Arab merchants of Mecca. Their fortresses were located half a day's march to the south of Medina. Banu Nadir were wealthy and lived in some of the best lands in Medina.

When the two Arabian tribes of Aws and Khazraj went to war against each other in the Battle of Bu'ath in 617, the three Jewish tribes split on different sides of the war. The Banu Nadir, led by Ka'b ibn al-Ashraf and Huyayy ibn Akhtab, and the Banu Qurayza fought with the Aus, while the Banu Qaynuqa were allied with the tribe of Khazraj. The latter were defeated after a long and arduous battle

Muhammad was invited to Medina to broker a peace between the warring tribes, and in September 622 he arrived with a group of his followers, who were given shelter by members of the indigenous community known as the Ansar. Amongst his first actions were the construction of the first mosque in Medina, as well as obtaining residence with Abu Ayyub al-Ansari. He then set about the establishment of a pact, known as the Constitution of Medina, between the Muslims, the Ansar, and the various Jewish tribes of Medina  to regulate the matters of governance of the city, as well as the extent and nature of inter-community relations. The conditions of the pact included boycotting Quraysh, abstinence from "extending any support to them", assistance of one another if attacked by a third party, as well as "defending Medina, in case of a foreign attack"

When Muhammad expelled the Jewish tribe of the Banu Qaynuqa, the Banu Nadir did not get involved, viewing the conflict as another example of tribal struggle. The conflict led to a ruling that such future action by any of the other parties under the Constitution of Medina would constitute a voiding of their benefits under the system.

Assassination of Ka'b ibn al-Ashraf
After the Battle of Badr, one of the Banu Nadir's chiefs Ka'b ibn al-Ashraf, went to the Quraish in order to lament the loss at Badr and to incite them to take up arms to regain lost honor, noting the statement of Muhammad: "He (Ka'b) has openly assumed enmity to us and speaks evil of us and he has gone over to the polytheists (who were at war with Muslims) and has made them gather against us for fighting". This was in contravention of the Constitution of Medina, of which the tribe led by Ka'b ibn al-Ashraf was a signatory, which prohibited them from "extending any support" to the tribes of Mecca, namely Quraish. Some sources suggest that during his visit to Mecca, Ka'b concluded a treaty with Abu Sufyan, stipulating cooperation between the Quraysh and Jews against Muhammad.

Other historians cite that Ka'b ibn al-Ashraf, who was also a gifted poet, wrote a poetic eulogy commemorating the slain Quraish notables; later, he also wrote erotic poetry about Muslim women, which the Muslims found offensive. This poetry influenced so many  that this too was considered directly against the Constitution of Medina which states, loyalty gives protection against treachery and this document will not (be employed to) protect one who is unjust or commits a crime Muhammad called upon his followers to kill Ka'b. Muhammad ibn Maslama offered his services, collecting four others. By pretending to have turned against Muhammad, Muhammad ibn Maslama and the others enticed Ka'b out of his fortress on a moonlit night, and killed him in spite of his vigorous resistance. Some attribute this action to norms of the Arab society that demand retaliation for a slight to a group's honor. The Jews were terrified at his assassination, and as the historian ibn Ishaq put it "...there was not a Jew who did not fear for his life"

Constitution of Medina

The Constitution of Medina (دستور المدينة, Dustūr al-Madīnah), also known as the Charter of Medina (Arabic: صحيفة المدينة‎, Ṣaḥīfat al-Madīnah; or: ميثاق المدينة, Mīthāq al-Madīnah), was drafted by the Islamic prophet Muhammad shortly after his arrival at Medina (then known as Yathrib) in 622 CE[1] (or 1 AH), following the Hijra from Mecca.

The preamble declares the document to be "a book [kitab] of the prophet Muhammad to operate between the believers [mu'minin] and Muslims from the Quraysh tribe and from Yathrib and those who may be under them and wage war in their company" declaring them to constitute "one nation [ummah wāḥidah] separate from all peoples". It established the collective responsibility of nine constituent tribes for their members' actions, specifically emphasising blood money and ransom payment. The first constituent group mentioned are the Qurayshi migrants, followed by eight other tribes. Eight Jewish groups are recognized as part of the Yathrib community, and their religious separation from Muslims is established. The Jewish Banu Ash shutbah tribe is inserted as one of the Jewish groups, rather than with the nine tribes mentioned earlier in the document. The constitution also established Muhammad as the mediating authority between groups and forbids the waging of war without his authorization.

The constitution formed the basis of a multi-religious Islamic state in Medina.

The constitution was created to end the bitter intertribal fighting between the rival clans of Banu Aws and Banu Khazraj in Medina and to maintain peace and co-operation among all Medinan groups. Establishing the role of Muhammad as the mediating authority between the two groups and the others in Medina was central to the ending of Medinan internal violence and was an essential feature of the constitution. The document ensured freedom of religious beliefs and practices for all citizens who "follow the believers". It assured that representatives of all parties, Muslim or non-Muslim, should be present when consultation occurs or in cases of negotiation with foreign states. It declared "a woman will only be given protection with the consent of her family" and imposed a tax system for supporting the community in times of conflict. It declared the role of Medina as a ḥaram (حرم, "sacred place"), where no blood of the peoples included in the pact can be spilled.

The division of the constitution into numbered articles is not in the original text and the numbering of clauses differs in different sources, but there is general agreement on the authenticity of the most widely-read version of the charter, which is found in Ibn Ishaq's Sirah Rasul Allah.

Fall of #Jerusalem

"Fall of Jerusalem" = 57 (Full Reduction)
"Fall of Jerusalem" = 156 (English Ordinal)
"thirty three" = 156 (English Ordinal)
"Fall of Jerusalem" = 66 (Single Reduction)
"thirty three" = 66 (Single Reduction)

According to the Babylonian Chronicles, Jerusalem fell on 2 Adar (16 March) 597 BC. 


The seventh year (of Nebuchadnezzar – 598 BC.) in the month Chislev (Nov/Dec) the king of Babylon assembled his army, and after he had invaded the land of Hatti (Syria/Palestine) he laid siege to the city of Judah. On the second day of the month of Adar (16 March) he conquered the city and took the king (Jeconiah) prisoner. He installed in his place a king (Zedekiah) of his own choice, and after he had received rich tribute, he sent (them) forth to Babylon.

#Number1122 #Number187


JFK assassination" = 1122 (English Sumerian)

#187 #1122
JFK assassination, George Washington, William Shakespeare, 
February eleventh, Homosexuality, Holy Roman Empire, Kennedy Space Center, War of the worlds, December Fourteenth, five books of Torah, The Star of Remphan, George Bush Senior, the temple mount, I am the Alpha and the Omega, Travis County, Saturn Death Cult, Brotherhood of Death 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Alan #Bean, Apollo Moonwalker and Artist, Dies at 86 #Moon 5/26/2018

3+15+19+32=69 =Apollo 12
5+26+20+18=69= Apollo 12 =69
5+26+2+0+1+8=42 Freemason =42

On Nov. 19, 1969, Bean, together with Apollo 12 commander Charles “Pete” Conrad, landed on the Ocean of Storms and became the fourth human to walk on the moon.

11/19=1119 Templars founded in 1119 AD
"man on the moon" = 1119
11+19+19+69=118.."moon landing" = 118
11+19+1+9+6+9=55.."Ocean of Storms" = 55
1+1+1+9+1+9+6+9=37 "space walk" = 37 (Bean age 37)

Moon walk on moon in 1969
fourth man to walk on the moon" = 1969
Born 3+15+19+32=69
Died 5+26+20+18=69
Apollo 12" = 69
Apollo program" = 69
Bean logged 69 days on the moon’s surface.
Worked for "Never A Straight Answer" =69 NASA =33

"man on the moon" = 444
"Astronaut" = 444
"cosmonaut" = 33
"cosmonaut" = 2027

"Apollo" = 26
"Alan" = 26
"Apollo 12" = 29
"Apollo 12" = 74
"Apollo 12" = 144
"Apollo 12" = 69
"Apollo twelve" = 50

Alan LaVern Bean (March 15, 1932 – May 26, 2018; CAPT, USN, Ret.) was an American naval officer and naval aviator, aeronautical engineer, test pilot, and NASA astronaut; he was the fourth person to walk on the Moon. He was selected to become an astronaut by NASA in 1963 as part of Astronaut Group 3.

Apollo 12 was the sixth manned flight in the United States Apollo program and the second to land on the Moon. It was launched on November 14, 1969.

Apollo twelve" = 50
Alan LaVern Bean" = 50
moon walk =32

"NASA" = 33
"Never A Straight Answer" = 69

Lunar Module Pilot Alan L. Bean" = 144
"Apollo 12" = 144
Lunar Pilot Alan L. Bean" = 74
"Apollo 12" = 74

Landed back on Earth at ..

Alan L Bean" = 26 (Full Reduction)
Alan L Bean" = 62 (English Ordinal)
Alan L Bean" = 144 (KFW Kabbalah)

"Alan L Bean astronaut" = 56 (Full Reduction)
"All seeing eye" = 56 (Full Reduction)

Surveyor 3 was the third lander of the American uncrewed Surveyor program sent to explore the surface of the Moon.

Launched on April 17, 1967, Surveyor 3 landed on April 20, 1967

"Surveyor" = 44 (Full Reduction)
"Surveyor 3" = 47 (Full Reduction)

Landed near a portion of the Oceanus Procellarum
(S3° 01' 41.43" W23° 27' 29.55")" = 93 (English Ordinal)
"Saturn" = 93 (English Ordinal)
Oceanus Procellarum" = 77 (Full Reduction)

November nineteenth" = 69
9th of Kislev" = 55...11+19+1+9+6+9=55.."Ocean of Storms" = 55

11/19/1969 in Hebrew calendar 

Wed, 19 November 1969 = 9th of Kislev, 5730
ט׳ בְּכִסְלֵו תש״ל
"ט׳ בְּכִסְלֵו תש״ל" = 38 (Hebrew Reduction)
"ט׳ בְּכִסְלֵו תש״ל" = 110 (Hebrew Ordinal)
"ט׳ בְּכִסְלֵו תש״ל" = 857 (Hebrew Gematria) 148th prime

Same exact numbers as King David's birthday in 1963 

Wed, 29 May 1963 = 6th of Sivan, 5723
ו׳ בְּסִיוָן תשכ״ג
Shavuot I
"ו׳ בְּסִיוָן תשכ״ג" = 38 (Hebrew Reduction)
"ו׳ בְּסִיוָן תשכ״ג" = 110 (Hebrew Ordinal)
"ו׳ בְּסִיוָן תשכ״ג" = 857 (Hebrew Gematria)148th prime 

#SandyHook #1214 #Jewish calendar #SchoolShooting

Fri, 14 December 2012 = 1st of Tevet, 5773
א׳ בְּטֵבֵת תשע״ג
Parashat Miketz (in Diaspora)
Rosh Chodesh Tevet
Chanukah: 7 Candles

"Fri, 14 December 2012" = 239 (Jewish)
"1st of Tevet, 5773" = 56 (Full Reduction)
"Tevet first" = 144 (English Ordinal)
"Tevet first" = 1215 (English Extended)
"seventh day of" = 144 (English Ordinal)

Fri, 14 December 2012
"א׳ בְּטֵבֵת תשע״ג" = 98 (Hebrew Ordinal)
"Fri, 14 December 2012" = 98 (English Ordinal)
"Sandy Hook school shooting" = 98 (Chaldean)

"Parashat Miketz" = 555 (Primes)
"Rosh Chodesh Tevet" = 77 (Full Reduction)

(in the Jewish calendar) the fourth month of the civil and tenth of the religious year, usually coinciding with parts of December and January. 14/10 or 14/4
"Chanukah: 7 Candles" = 441 (Jewish)441/144 14/4 (civl calendar)
"Hanukkah 7 Candles" = 4401 (Reverse Extended)

"Chanukah: Seven Candles" = 190 (English Ordinal)
"Seven Candles" = 42 (Full Reduction)=Freemason
"Seven Candles" = 58 (Jewish Reduction)=Freemasonry

Chanukah / חנוכה
Hanukkah ( usually spelled חנוכה in Modern Hebrew, also romanized as Chanukah or Chanuka), also known as the Festival of Lights, is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple (the Second Temple) in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt of the 2nd century BCE. Hanukkah is observed for eight nights and days, starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar, which may occur at any time from late November to late December in the Gregorian calendar.

"חנוכה" = 26 (Hebrew Reduction)
"חנוכה" = 44 (Hebrew Ordinal)
"חנוכה" = 89 (Hebrew Gematria)

"Festival of Lights" = 190 (English Ordinal)
"eight days and eight nights" = 243 (English Ordinal)24/3

"Second Holy Temple" = 74 (Full Reduction)

Sandy Hook date 12/14/2012
"one two one four two zero one four" = 137 (Jewish Reduction)

"December fourteenth" = 187 (English Ordinal)
"December fourteenth" = 1122 (English Sumerian)

"seventh day of Chanukah" = 911 (Satanic)
"World Jewish Congress" = 911 (Satanic)
"Holocaust remembrance" = 911 (Satanic)
"seventh day of Chanukah" = 211 (English Ordinal)
"Holocaust remembrance" = 211 (English Ordinal)

Israel founding to Sandy Hook
From and including: Friday, May 14, 1948
To, but not including Friday, December 14, 2012
Result: 23,590 days
Or 64 years, 7 months
2,038,176,000 seconds
33,969,600 minutes
566,160 hours
23,590 days
3370 weeks
6463.01% of a common year (365 days)

From and including: Monday, May 14, 2012
To, but not including Friday, December 14, 2012
Result: 214 days
Or 7 months
18,489,600 seconds
308,160 minutes
5136 hours
214 days
30 weeks and 4 days
58.47% of 2012

From and including: Wednesday, February 14, 2018
To, but not including Monday, May 14, 2018
Result: 89 days
Or 3 months
7,689,600 seconds
128,160 minutes
2136 hours
89 days
12 weeks and 5 days
24.38% of 2018

From Israel founding to Parkland
From and including: Friday, May 14, 1948
To, but not including Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Result: 25,478 days
Or 69 years, 9 months excluding the end date
2,201,299,200 seconds
36,688,320 minutes
611,472 hours
25,478 days
3639 weeks and 5 days
6980.27% of a common year (365 days)

"One five six" = 1244 (English Extended) (Cathars burned)
"One five six" = 1214 (Jewish)
"Jachin Boaz" = 1214 (Jewish)
"Jachin and Boaz" = 214 (Franc Baconis)

#KingDavidsBirthday #69 #96 #KingDavid #Israel #Hebrew #911

King David was born and died on the same day the sixth of Sivan or Shavuot.

King David's birthday and 9/11 comparison 

David's birthday 2001
Mon, 28 May 2001 = 6th of Sivan, 5761
ו׳ בְּסִיוָן תשס״א
Shavuot I
Mon, 28 May 2001" = 33 (Jewish Reduction)
6th of Sivan, 5761" = 139 (English Ordinal) =Freemasonry

May twenty eighth" = 77 (Full Reduction)
World Trade Center" = 77 (Full Reduction)
September eleventh" = 77 (Full Reduction)
May twenty eight" = 69 (Full Reduction)
"תשעה באב" = 69 (Hebrew Ordinal)(Tisha B'Av)

Tue, 11 September 2001 = 23rd of Elul, 5761
"Elul twenty third" = 216 (English Ordinal) 6*6*6=216
"Tue, 11 September 2001" = 1307 (Trigonal) 214th prime number
"23rd of Elul, 5761" = 58 (Jewish Reduction)= Freemasonry

Parashat Nitzavim
כ״ג בֶּאֱלוּל תשס״א
"כ״ג בֶּאֱלוּל תשס״א" = 34 (Hebrew Reduction) =
"כ״ג בֶּאֱלוּל תשס״א" = 106 (Hebrew Ordinal)
"כ״ג בֶּאֱלוּל תשס״א" = 853 (Hebrew Gematria)

"Parashat Nitzavim" = 1404 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"New World Order" = 1044 (English Sumerian)

Counting the days between David's birthday 5/28/2001  and 9/11/2001

From and including: Monday, May 28, 2001
To, but not including Tuesday, September 11, 2001
Result: 106 days
"Shavuot" = 106 (English Ordinal)
"Prophecy" = 106 (English Ordinal)
Or 3 months, 14 days = 3.14=PI
"23rd of Elul, 5761" = 143 (Francis Bacon) PI reversed 3.14
"23rd of Elul, 5761" = 58 (Jewish Reduction)
"Freemasonry" = 58 (Jewish Reduction)

(in the Jewish calendar) the twelfth month of the civil and sixth of the religious year, usually coinciding with parts of August and September. DD/MM/YY 23/12 or 23/6

Elul אֱלוּל
"אֱלוּל" = 13 (Hebrew Reduction)6th prime
"אֱלוּל" = 31 (Hebrew Ordinal)11th prime
"אֱלוּל" = 67 (Hebrew Gematria) 19th prime

Shavuot / שבועות
The festival of Shavuot (or Shavuos, in Ashkenazi usage; Shabhuʿoth in Classical and Mizrahi Hebrew Hebrew: שבועות, lit. "Weeks") is a Jewish holiday that occurs on the sixth day of the Hebrew month of Sivan (late May or early June). Shavuot commemorates the anniversary of the day God gave the Torah to the entire Israelite nation assembled at Mount Sinai, although the association between the giving of the Torah (Matan Torah) and Shavuot is not explicit in the Biblical text. The holiday is one of the Shalosh Regalim, the three Biblical pilgrimage festivals. It marks the conclusion of the Counting of the Omer.

#KingDavidsBirthday #69 #96 #KingDavid #Israel #Hebrew #JFK

King David was born and died on the same day the sixth of Sivan or Shavuot.

JFK's birthday.. 5/29/1917

JFK's last #BirthdayParty 5/29/1963 on #KingDavidsBirthday 

Counting the days between JFK/David's birthday and the assassination 

Wed, 29 May 1963 = 6th of Sivan, 5723

ו׳ בְּסִיוָן תשכ״ג
Shavuot I
"ו׳ בְּסִיוָן תשכ״ג" = 38 (Hebrew Reduction)
"ו׳ בְּסִיוָן תשכ״ג" = 110 (Hebrew Ordinal)
"ו׳ בְּסִיוָן תשכ״ג" = 857 (Hebrew Gematria)148th prime
"ו׳ בְּסִיוָן תשכ״ג" = 1507 (Hebrew Soffits)

From and including: Wednesday, May 29, 1963

To, but not including Friday, November 22, 1963
Result: 177 days 
Or 5 months, 24 days 
15,292,800 seconds
254,880 minutes
4248 hours
25 weeks and 2 days
48.49% of 1963

Result: 177 days
 "New World Order" = 177 (Reverse Ordinal)
"One World Order" = 177 (LCH Kabbalah)
"John D Rockefeller" = 177 (LCH Kabbalah)

"nine eleven" = 177 (ALW Kabbalah)

JFK's last birthday party photos 5/29/1963 6th of Sivan ShavuotI

Why did David Hogg pick 5/25/18 for a "die in"?

Well because it was 11/9 on the Hebrew calendar!

Protest sign ...
"We stand with Douglas Eagles" = 119 
Oh and looky here
"We stand with Douglas Eagles" = 1214 (Reverse Satanic)

Sandy Hook 12/14/12..Parkland room 1214 building 12 ..12/14/12
Santa Fe Gov been in office for 1214 days. 
Add this one and that's FOUR 1214's

Date 11/9
Star of David = 119
Tribe of Judah =119
All Seeing Eye = 119  

gun control = 139
Freemasonry =139

"Die in" = 216 (Satanic) 6*6*6=216 

"USA not NRA" = 33

Remember their last sign? 

"Sea of Eyes at March For Our Lives" = 324 (English Ordinal)
Same as date of March 3/24 

This is a totally FAKE protest movement run by the numbers!

"Temple Bnai Abraham" = 69 (Full Reduction)
"Eleventh of Sivan" = 69 (Full Reduction)

Counting the days from 2/14 to 5/25 

From and including: Wednesday, February 14, 2018
To, but not including Friday, May 25, 2018
Result: 100 days
Key of David" = 100 (Jewish Ordinal)
144,000 minutes

From 9/11 to 2/14 
From and including: Tuesday, September 11, 2001
To, but not including Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Result: 6000 days
144,000 hours

#Election2018 #Blacks #LatinoGangs #Compton #SPLC #immigration


Acting on orders from the Mexican Mafia, Latino gang members in Southern California are terrorizing and killing blacks.

Friday, May 25, 2018

#MeghanMarkle #CoatOfArms released 5/25/2018 #525 #911 #119

Meghan is the songbird ......

A songbird and sunshine: Meghan Markle's coat of arms unveiled

London (CNN)The Duchess of Sussex has been bestowed with a coat of arms, days after her royal wedding to Prince Harry, Kensington Palace announced Friday.

Emblazoned with personal touches like the golden poppies from her home state, California, and wintersweet, which grows at her new residence, Kensington Palace, the coat of arms was designed by the College of Arms and approved by Britain's Queen Elizabeth.
The blue background of the shield itself represents the Pacific Ocean off the Californian coast, while the two golden rays across the shield are symbolic of the Golden State.

"It is customary for Supporters of the shield to be assigned to Members of the Royal Family, and for wives of Members of the Royal Family to have one of their husband's Supporters and one relating to themselves," Kensington Palace said in a statement. "The Supporter relating to The Duchess of Sussex is a songbird with wings elevated as if flying and an open beak, which with the quill represents the power of communication."

Looks like a dove to me.. Which reminds me of.....

From Pope's dove release anniversary to coat of arms release
From and including: Friday, January 26, 2018
To, but not including Friday, May 25, 2018
Result: 119 days

119 same as today's Hebrew date eleventh of Sivan 11/9 

"Meghan the songbird" = 119 
"Dove attacks" = 119 
Same as today's Jewish date 11/9

"Meghan the Dove" = 64 (Full Reduction)
"Synagogue of Satan" = 64 (Full Reduction)

"Meghan the songbird" = 169 (English Ordinal)
square root 13 
"Meghan the songbird" = 119 (Reverse Full Reduction EP)

"Doves attacked by a crow and a seagull" = 314 (English Ordinal)

"Doves attacked by a crow and a seagull" = 523 (Reverse Ordinal)

From Pope's dove release to coat of arms release
From and including: Sunday, January 26, 2014
To, but not including Friday, May 25, 2018
Result: 1580 days = 158 (without the zero)

"Freemasonry" = 158 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Three three" = 158 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Children of Israel" = 158 (English Ordinal)
"sacred geometry" = 158 (English Ordinal)

I think she's Jewish! Probably descendant from the Priestly line! 
Commoner my ass!

Portland car attack ..1st tweet...11:02 AM - 25 May 2018 #911 #Sivan11

Portland car attack ..1st tweet...11:02 AM - 25 May 2018

The crash scene is at SW 6th and Hall

Oregon is the 33rd state 

"Portland" = 37 (Full Reduction)
"Portland" = 100 (English Ordinal)
"Portland" = 116 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Alberto" = 116 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Portland" = 44 (Reverse Full Reduction)
"Portland" = 31 (Jewish Reduction)

TishaB'Av" = 28 (Full Reduction)
Alberto" = 28 (Full Reduction)
Today is 11/9 in Hebrew calendar or 9/11 mirror

Sivan eleven" = 47 (Full Reduction)
Oregon" = 74 (English Ordinal)
car attack" = 74 (Jewish Ordinal)
Portland Oregon" = 174 (English Ordinal)
Portland Oregon" = 1044 (English Sumerian)
45° 30′ 46″ N, 122° 41′ 7″ W

Portland car attack" = 61 (Full Reduction)