Tuesday, May 22, 2018

E-mails Show #FBI Brass Discussed #Dossier Briefing Details With CNN #Comey #McCabe #Russia #election #2016 #emails

New e-mails show former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe was surprisingly knowledgeable about CNN's understanding of and deliberation about a dossier briefing given to Donald Trump days before CNN ever reported on the matter.

MAY 21, 2018 By Sean Davis

Former FBI director James Comey briefed then-President-Elect Donald Trump on January 6, 2017,

1+6+20+17=44=kill   1+6+2+0+1+7=17=mason   106=Prophecy

on at least one unproven allegation contained in Steele’s dossier, which was jointly funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Democratic National Committee= 118 Hillary Clinton=522

CNN broke the story on January 10, 2017, touching off a firestorm

1+10+20+17=48=Illuminati  1+10+2+0+1+7=21=Saturn  110=President

of hysteria that culminated in not just the firing of Comey by Trump, but the eventual appointment of Department of Justice (DOJ) special counsel Robert Mueller.

Black Swan Event
Mueller and Kerry high school pictures
Mueller leaks questions for Trump
Mueller and 911
Cohen raid

”Just as the same officials dubbed the Clinton e-mail investigation the “mid-year exam” and the anti-Trump counterintelligence investigation “Crossfire Hurricane,” they also used various phrases using “sensitive” to refer obliquely to the dossier.

mid-year exam" = 118
Same as 2016 election date 11/8
Democratic National Committee= 118
Philadelphia Pennsylvania = 118

Crossfire Hurricane" = 209
Intelligence = 209
crossfire hurricane" = 101
Philadelphia" = 101 (Dem convention location)

sensitive" = 33
secrecy" = 33
Clinton" = 33
Sensitive" = 122
Bill Clinton" = 122
Sensitive" = 41
Hillary" = 41
Skull and Bones" = 41

Wells Fargo Center" = 75 (same as meridian)
39° 54′ 3.96″ N, 75° 10′ 19.2″ W (convention location)
Clinton" = 39 (same as parallel)

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