Sunday, January 14, 2018

Out of the hospital. Been there for 7 months.

In June I had a gull stone pass and set off pancreatitis. I got real sick and don't remember anything for months. I had fevers, infections and because I was unconscious most of the time they put in a peg tube and and vent to breathe with. My peg tube became dislodged in my stomach and caused septic shock. I almost died during surgery. But I'm alive and recovering. I still have a problem breathing though because they wrecked my vocal cords with breathing tubes and they're frozen so I'm having to struggle for air. Hopefully that will get better with time.

Anyway that's the reason I haven't posted for so long.

Happy New Year to all decoders and may 2018 give us lots of new breakthroughs.

Love, Joan

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