Tuesday, June 12, 2018

33*33 = 1089 #33 #1089 #number1089 #189 #Number189

David, Purple rain, time travel, May day, MDCCLXXVI, communist, 
universal, Inside Job, One hundred and nineteen,second amendment,
june ninth, Twin Pillars, IMMORAL, Alexander Emric Jones, The Process, Prime Minister of Canada, DARPA, National Security Adviser, National Public Radio, THE BROTHERHOOD OF SATURN, we rise, Mary Poppins, Christopher Columbus day, FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING, President of United States, Secret Weapon, Potassium chloride, armed robbery

Without the zero 189 

merry christmas, squaring the circle, the knights of malta, 
Mind Control, MK Ultra, heart attack, lord, Halloween, Mark Of Beast, Pentagram, Neptune, shakespeare, Lunar Eclipse, Kundalin,
Brainwash, year, Eye of Horus, Santa Fe Texas, Great Pyramid, 
brave new world, tabernacle, Feminist, This is not a drill, 
Stanley Kubrick, planet Saturn, Apprentice, Donald John Trump,
White House, Eighty eight, SeventySeven, scottish rite, september eleventh, Valentines Day, empire, the society of jesus, Resurrection, Prodigy, thanksgiving, South Korea, Jesus of Nazareth, March for Our Lives, Justin Trudeau, George walker bush, May Nineteenth, new york city new york, Sexual harassment, 
Timekeeper, jorge bergoglio, Ignatius of Loyola, NYPD, 
Columbine High School, gregorian calendar, mainstream media, 
heaven and hell, michael pence, information, Homosexuality, 
murder suicide, three hundred eleven, Barack H Obama, 
Ashkenazim, thirty third degree, two thousand one, 
Manhattan New York, Boston Tea Party, Trilateral commission, 
freedom of speech, Bloodlines

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