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Trump derangement syndrome #118

And remember the election was on 11/8 the day Trump derangement syndrome started! LOL

 "Trump derangement syndrome" = 118 (Full Reduction)
"Democratic National Committee" = 118 (Full Reduction)

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Fusion GPS .... BakerHostetler.....Blasey #1314

"BakerHostetler" = 1314 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"world domination" = 1314 (Reverse English Sumerian)

DC address....

"1050 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 1100 Washington, D.C. 20036-5403" = 4131 (Jewish) 4131 = 1314
"BakerHostetler" = 1314 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"world domination" = 1314 (Reverse English Sumerian)

Christine Ford has a brother who, like her father, is named Ralph G. Blasey. Ralph G. Blasey III has been the subject of misleading Internet rumors that he has ties to Fusion GPS, the research firm involved in commissioning the infamous Trump dossier. That rumor stems from Blasey’s past work at a prominent law firm.

However, according to Politifact, “Ralph Blasey indeed worked at BakerHostetler. But he left nine years before the law firm hired Fusion GPS, a consulting firm, to assist with a Russian money-laundering investigation.”

Ralph Blasey’s LinkedIn page says he spent 15 years at that law firm, leaving in 2004. “Substantial trial practice, including 15 cases to verdict in federal and state courts. Represented clients in disputes involving corporate, commercial, contracts, insurance, media, healthcare and employment matters. Member of DC office hiring committee and assistant coordinator for litigation group practice See less,” the page says. According to LinkedIn, he is currently a corporation counsel and executive vice president for a major company.

"federal reserve bankers" = 1314 (Jewish)
"eleven pointed star" = 1314 (Jewish)
"1050 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 1100 Washington, D.C. 20036-5403" = 4131 (Jewish) 4131 = 1314

Nasa's Moon Program.  Paving the Way for Apollo 11
By David M. Harland

Martin Jay Swetnick page 146

Martin Jay Swetnick address
"3142 Gracefield Rd, Silver Spring, MD, 20904" = 1212 (Satanic)

Mr. Ralph G. Blasey, Jr #RedCoats

Mr. Ralph G. Blasey, Jr. serves as a Vice President of Business Development of Red Coats, Inc., a private company specializing in commercial office cleaning, uniformed guard services and access control systems. From October 1982 to July 1989, Mr. Blasey owned and operated several privately-held companies. He has over 40 years of executive management experience in financial and manufacturing corporations and responsibilities include identifying selling opportunities for the Red Coats Family of Companies, working in conjunction with the Vice President of Sales & Marketing and the Executive Vice President. He served as the President of Weston International Corporation, a Maryland corporation, from February 1974 to October 1982. From June 1962 to January 1974, Mr. Blasey served as a Vice President of National Savings and Trust of Washington, D.C. Mr. Blasey served as the Chairman of the Beverage Industry Council of the Food Processing & Beverage Manufacturing Association from 1996 to 1998. He has been a Director of US Liquids Inc. since December 2002. He served as a Director of Weston International Corporation, a Maryland corporation, from February 1974 to October 1982. He graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Commercial Banking.

Corporate Headquarters
4520 East-West Highway
Bethesda, Maryland 20814

United States

Phone: 301-654-4360
Fax: 301-654-6012

Board Members Memberships
U S Liquids, Inc.

About US Liquids Inc
U S Liquids Inc. provides liquid waste management services, including collection, processing, recovery, and disposal services. The Company provides industrial and commercial wastewater treatment, as well as collects, processes, and disposes of oilfield waste.

411 North Sam Houston Pkwy E Suite 400 Houston, TX 77060-3545 United States

Bachelor's Degree
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

This person is connected to 1 Board Member in 1 organization across 2 different industries.

See Board Relationships

Ralph G. Blasey Jr.  age 82 
Vice President of Business Development

Roger A. Ramsey
U S Liquids, Inc.
Board Affiliations
U S Liquids, Inc.

John N. Hatsopoulos
American DG Energy Inc.
Board Affiliations
U S Liquids, Inc.

Alfred Tyler
U S Liquids, Inc.
Board Affiliations
U S Liquids, Inc.

James F. McEneaney
U S Liquids, Inc.
Board Affiliations
U S Liquids, Inc.

Mr. Ralph G. Blasey, Jr #RedCoats

Welcome to Red Coats, Inc.

Welcome to Red Coats, Inc. and thank you for visiting our website.

As you visit our site, we hope you will take the time to explore the services we can provide you, as well as reading about Red Coats rich history.

We have grown from serving a few accounts in 1960 with 12 employees, to serving hundreds of customers with over 7,500 employees. As a Green Seal ® GS-42 certified janitorial contractors, we are proud to have supported over 100 LEED Existing Building certifications.

While you are here, please review how we can serve you for Green Cleaning through our Global Care program and how, through our Professional Cleaning Services, we serve our customers with well trained employees that care about their customers. Also, read about the excellent audit and communications programs we use to make sure we are meeting and exceeding your needs and expectations.

Our management team is ready to serve you. With multiple offices in 5 states, we are positioned to provide you with outstanding commercial office cleaning and a myriad of other janitorial cleaning services.

  Red Coats. Inc. acquired Cavalier Services Group based in Fairfax Virginia. This acquisition brings together two of the National Capital Regions’ premier service contractors as the synergies from the two organizations are realized.

4520 East-West Highway
Suite 200
Bethesda, Maryland 20814

Washington Metro Area (301) 654-4360
Toll Free 1-800-394-1443
Fax:(301) 654-6012

Red Coats Inc. is a Bethesda, Maryland based, Green Seal GS-42 certified, janitorial contractor servicing the Mid-Atlantic Region and the State of Florida. We specialize in providing commercial office cleaning services to a myriad of customers and are known as being an excellent strategic partner for both owner occupied and leased office space.

Founded in 1960, with several small accounts and a staff of only twelve employees, Red Coats Inc. has grown to be the largest, local provider of professional custodial services in the National Capital Region. We have grown with numerous customers, established ourselves as a results oriented, customer focused company and now have multiple offices in Baltimore, Southern Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and California. This growth has come as a result of placing an emphasis on developing strategic partnerships that lead to long term relationships and by getting the job done better than any other company.

Today we service all types of facilities through our Professional Services. While a majority of our work is Class A Commercial space, we also serve Government, Educational and Medical facilities along with Shopping Malls, Apartments and Condos. Our management team is active in all of the major industry oriented associations, including ISSA, BOMA, USGBC, BSCAI, CMI, IFMA, AOBA and IREM. We stay active in the industry, to ensure we can deliver the best service, using the latest in cleaning and management techniques.

Our founding principle, established over 50 years ago to "provide our customers the standard of service desired at the fairest possible price, and to ensure the continuation of our reputation for quality and value" is still true today. Red Coats is a woman owned, family company with a long term management team that is more committed than ever to being the best provider of commercial office cleaning services in your area.

From the very beginning, the Red Coats team was involved in supporting and becoming involved in the local communities that we served. Our many philanthropic and service oriented programs continue today. Being a locally owned company, means we can provide our clients great service, with employees and management that are accessible and involved in the day to day cleaning services operations. This makes us unique in the marketplace and benefits each and every customer we serve.

Red Coats is also a security company providing security guards etc. 

The Red Coats Family of companies includes a number of business and investment vehicles that have grown over the years since the Peel family founded Red Coats Inc. in 1960. From time to time these opportunities created great integration between the Commercial Office Cleaning business of Red Coats and the services these acquisitions offered. In many instances, these companies share the same, or similar, client base in the markets we serve. This was true of our acquisition of Potomac Services in 2004 which has now been fully integrated in the Red Coats family and uses the Red Coats name. However, some acquisitions have retained unique identities within the Red Coats Family of Companies. These include:
Admiral Security Services is a full service Security Officer company. Founded in 1976, Admiral Security Services became a division of Red Coats, Inc. in 1979. Admiral provides a range of professional security services centered around unarmed, uniformed security officers placed on site at customer facilities. These services also include security patrol services, lobby attendant services, special event security coverage, emergency support services, and security services.
Our goal is keeping your employees, visitors and assets safe and secure. Whether it is Class A Commercial Office Space, Academic Institutions or a Municipality, Admiral Security Services can provide exactly the security service you need. Admiral Security has expertise in highly sensitive environments including Technology, Telecommunications and Cleared Installations.
Our services integrate well with the other Red Coats, Inc. family of companies. Contact us at Tel: 800-384-1443 / 301-656-9382 or on the web at

Ralph G Blasey

"Ralph G. Blasey" = 118 (Jewish Ordinal)
"Star Of David" = 118 (Jewish Ordinal)

"BakerHostetler" = 1314 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"world domination" = 1314 (Reverse English Sumerian)

DC address....

"1050 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 1100 Washington, D.C. 20036-5403" = 4131 (Jewish) 4131 = 1314
"BakerHostetler" = 1314 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"world domination" = 1314 (Reverse English Sumerian)

Christine Ford has a brother who, like her father, is named Ralph G. Blasey. Ralph G. Blasey III has been the subject of misleading Internet rumors that he has ties to Fusion GPS, the research firm involved in commissioning the infamous Trump dossier. That rumor stems from Blasey’s past work at a prominent law firm.

However, according to Politifact, “Ralph Blasey indeed worked at BakerHostetler. But he left nine years before the law firm hired Fusion GPS, a consulting firm, to assist with a Russian money-laundering investigation.”

Ralph Blasey’s LinkedIn page says he spent 15 years at that law firm, leaving in 2004. “Substantial trial practice, including 15 cases to verdict in federal and state courts. Represented clients in disputes involving corporate, commercial, contracts, insurance, media, healthcare and employment matters. Member of DC office hiring committee and assistant coordinator for litigation group practice See less,” the page says. According to LinkedIn, he is currently a corporation counsel and executive vice president for a major company.

"4520 East-West Hwy Bethesda, Maryland" = 115 (Full Reduction)

CIA Honeytrap set - Kavanaugh accuser CIA ties

Global Intel Hub (Zero Hedge Exclusive) -- 9/23/2018 -- A Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh is tied up in a controversy that can prevent him from being elected to the Supreme Court for life.  As we explain in our book Splitting Pennies and Splitting Bits, the world is not as it seems.

All of the other witnesses have come forward and stated they have no recollection of the event, and have taken a step further to say that Brett Kavanaugh is an honest, ethical, and respectable individual:

Everyone at the party has said they have no idea what Christine Blasey Ford is talking about, even her longtime friend Leland Ingham Keyser! Also potentially damaging to Blasey Ford's claim is a theory presented Thursday by Ed Whelan,  a former clerk to USSC Justice Antonin Scalia and currently president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC), a conservative think tank. Using entirely circumstantial evidence which could certainly ruin the life of the man at the center of the new theory, Whelan suggested that Kavanaugh's high school doppelgänger, Chris Garrett, may have in fact been responsible for Blasey Ford's recollection of the alleged incident.

Before we dig deeper let's understand deep state forces a bit better.  The CIA, et. al (this means in latin 'and friends') utilize a number of techniques to achieve their goals, 'whatever works.'

If a man attacks a woman or a woman attacks a man, or a man attacks a man (we have to be PC here, unbiased - right?) or an animal attacks a man, or a man attacks an animal, or an alien attacks a man or a woman or an animal - it's not right.  We are not by any means saying that it's "OK" for anyone to abuse anyone, verbally, emotionally, physically, indirectly.  But let's stop right there - what actually happened here?  Something that cannot be verified, into he said she said insanity.  Was there any injury?  If it was such a 'crime' why wasn't it reported at the time, when the memory was fresh?  Why was there not other similar incidents?  (If you do the research, when people have real problems it usually manifests itself again and again.)

After seeing the CIA in action against information heroes like Julian Assange, we created a simple hypothesis based on history, based on their traditional Modus Operandi (MO).  What if this 'incident' was a total fabrication, part of a CIA "Honeytrap" ?  To test our hypothesis, we did a simple Google search to see if there were any keyword relations including 'clintons' and 'cia' and sure enough, all 10 of the top 10 results, including the most interesting story which has already been reported.  This person's father works for the CIA but not only that - he was an executive of the bank that handles the CIA's black budget!  You can't make this stuff up!

The article does cite numerous articles for this claim, stating:

Linked to Dr. Blasey’s SVR file of known and/or suspected CIA operatives, this report notes, is that of her father Ralph G. Blasey Jr.—a proven CIA operative who, from June-1962 to January-1974, was the Vice President of National Savings and Trust of Washington, D.C.—a CIA black budget bank best known for being 100 paces from the White House, and whom, in 1998, was taken over by SunTrust Bank—whose majority share owner is the CIA-linked investment fund BlackRock.

The importance of noting the CIA banking connections of Ralph G. Blasey Jr., this report explains, is due to the outbreak of what is now known as the “CIA Bank War”—and whose start of, in 1982, a CIA seized from publication news report (Declassified in Part-Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/09/05: CIA-RDP90-00965R00150010-7) describes as: “This is Wall Street, the center of the international banking system, a system on the edge of a crisis so severe that the Central Intelligence Agency is preparing drastic measures.  Something must be done to avert the breakdown of the Free World’s monetary system.”

The article also states that Blasey JR. is still a Vice President for a security guard corporation that provides protection to Deep state entities. The article elaborates:

CIA black money operative Ralph G. Blasey Jr. remains secure, too—and who, today, is the Vice President of Business Development of Red Coats, Inc.—whose Admiral Security Services provides armed security for “Deep State” elites in Washington D.C.—that is overseen by Red Coats, Inc. co-founder and Vice Chairman William F. Peel III—and whose Datawatch Systems, Peel IIIalso controls, has USgovernment contracts extending till 23 June 2023 under the category of 246.42.1 to provide US defense and intelligence agencies with facility management systems to include accessories and repair parts, computerized systems for surveillance, monitoring, controlling, signaling and reporting multiple functions

Whether or not this is 100% accurate cannot be said, but it does give some insight on potential motivations on why Ford decided to come out now, instead of earlier.  It is also important to note that Blasey Jr. did, in fact, know of a reaarcher while at the CIA, Stanford University Psychiatric Professor Dr. Frederick T. Melges, who helped craft the highly publicized and widely controversial MKUltra Program. Christine, to reiterate, is a professor at the same university working in psychotherapy, espeically the affects of psychotropic drugs on children.

Lying perverted pigs at "Media Matters" calling Blasey Ford's father a "conspiracy theory" when even the Washington Compost says it's him!

Perverted pigs at Media Matters
" But as the conspiracy theory’s second claim also notes, Ford’s father is actually Ralph Blasey Jr."

Washington Compost
"Reached by phone on Tuesday, Ford’s father, Ralph Blasey Jr."

Spy kids #GeorgeWebb Christine Blasey Ford #CIA

The father of the web hopes it’s game on for corporate tech giants like Facebook and Google. #Inrupt #WWW

Exclusive: Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the World Wide Web

Last week, Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, asked me to come and see a project he has been working on almost as long as the web itself. It’s a crisp autumn day in Boston, where Berners-Lee works out of an office above a boxing gym. After politely offering me a cup of coffee, he leads us into a sparse conference room. At one end of a long table is a battered laptop covered with stickers. Here, on this computer, he is working on a plan to radically alter how all of us live and work on the web.

“The intent is world domination,” Berners-Lee says with a wry smile. The British-born scientist is known for his dry sense of humor. But in this case, he is not joking.

This week, Berners-Lee will launch, Inrupt, a startup that he has been building, in stealth mode, for the past nine months. Backed by Glasswing Ventures, its mission is to turbocharge a broader movement afoot, among developers around the world, to decentralize the web and take back power from the forces that have profited from centralizing it. In other words, it’s game on for Facebook, Google, Amazon. For years now, Berners-Lee and other internet activists have been dreaming of a digital utopia where individuals control their own data and the internet remains free and open. But for Berners-Lee, the time for dreaming is over.

“We have to do it now,” he says, displaying an intensity and urgency that is uncharacteristic for this soft-spoken academic. “It’s a historical moment.” Ever since revelations emerged that Facebook had allowed people’s data to be misused by political operatives, Berners-Lee has felt an imperative to get this digital idyll into the real world. In a post published this weekend, Berners-Lee explains that he is taking a sabbatical from MIT to work full time on Inrupt. The company will be the first major commercial venture built off of Solid, a decentralized web platform he and others at MIT have spent years building.


If all goes as planned, Inrupt will be to Solid what Netscape once was for many first-time users of the web: an easy way in. And like with Netscape, Berners-Lee hopes Inrupt will be just the first of many companies to emerge from Solid.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Kavanaugh accuser testimony! Christine Blasey Ford .... 9/27/2018

Blasley Ford's "Fear of Flying" is a tribute to the big feminist book ...
"Fear of Flying is a 1973 novel by Erica Jong which became famously controversial for its portrayal of female sexuality and figured in the development of second-wave feminism"

"Fear of Flying" = 70 (Full Reduction)

Erica Jong's birthday 3/26
From and including: Monday, March 26, 2018
To, but not including Thursday, September 27, 2018
Result: 185 days
"Donald John Trump" = 185 (English Ordinal)

I can't find the date the book was published. It was in 1973 the year of Watergate. Lyndon Johnson died that year leaving Richard Nixon the only living President.
1/22/1973 was also Roe v Wade overturning states ban on abortion.  4/4/1973 The World Trade Center complex in New York City is officially dedicated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. 11/17/1973 Richard Nixon says "I'm not a crook"

11/17/2018 will be the 666th day Trump's been in office.
From and including: Saturday, November 17, 1973
To, but not including Saturday, November 17, 2018
Result 45 years

Fear of Flying in Hebrew
"פחד טיסה" = 41 (Hebrew Reduction)
"פחד טיסה" = 68 (Hebrew Ordinal)
"פחד טיסה" = 176 (Hebrew Gematria)

 Blasey  Hebrew
"בלייזי" = 69 (Hebrew Gematria)

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

770 third temple #Mecca #Jerusalem

The word nine in Hebrew equals 770 
"תשע" = 770 (Hebrew Gematria)

There are 770 miles between the Great Mosque of Mecca and the Dome of the Rock. 

Masjid al-Haram, Mecca Saudi Arabia to Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem = 770 miles

It also equals 14 the Parkland number "David" Valentine" TishaB'av" gunman" 

"תשע" = 14 (Hebrew Reduction)

Spiritual meaning of nine.... 
Biblical numerology of number 9 is the finality or the judgement.

Temple ..."מִשׁכָּן" = 14 (Hebrew Reduction)

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Saul Alinsky "Rules for Radicals"

Saul David Alinsky (January 30, 1909 – June 12, 1972) was an American community organizer and writer. He is generally considered to be the founder of modern community organizing. He is often noted for his book Rules for Radicals (1971).

"Saul David Alinsky" = 58 (Full Reduction)
"Freemasonry" = 58 (Full Reduction)
"Saul David Alinsky" = 69 (Jewish Reduction)
"The Star of David" = 69 (Jewish Reduction)

"Saul D Alinsky" = 40 (Full Reduction)
"Bolshevik" = 40 (Full Reduction)
"Zionist" = 40 (Full Reduction)
"Saul D Alinsky" = 148 (English Ordinal)
"Donald J Trump" = 148 (English Ordinal)
"Saul D Alinsky" = 33 (Chaldean)
"Genocide" = 33 (Chaldean)

"Saul Alinsky" = 144 (English Ordinal)
"Hillary Rodham" = 144 (English Ordinal)
"mark of the beast" = 144 (English Ordinal)
"Saul Alinsky" = 529 (Satanic) 23*23=529
"King Solomon" = 529 (Satanic)
"Jesuit Order" = 529 (Satanic)
"June twelfth" = 529 (Satanic) (Alinsky died on 6/12)

"Alinsky" = 28 (Full Reduction)
"Israel" = 28 (Full Reduction)
"Zion" = 28 (Full Reduction)
"Tisha B'av" = 28 (Full Reduction)

1+30+19+09 = 59
"Liberal" = 59 (English Ordinal)
1+30+1+9+0+9 = 50
"Blood Sacrifice" = 50 (Chaldean)
1+3+0+1+9+0+9 = 23
"Chicago" = 23 (Chaldean)
1/30 = 130
"Protocols of the Elders of Zion" = 130 (Chaldean)
"Liberal" = 130 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Washington" = 130 (English Ordinal)
Sat, 30 January 1909 = 8th of Sh'vat, 5669
ח׳ בִּשְׁבָט תרס״ט
"ח׳ בִּשְׁבָט תרס״ט" = 45 (Hebrew Reduction)
"ח׳ בִּשְׁבָט תרס״ט" = 108 (Hebrew Ordinal)
"ח׳ בִּשְׁבָט תרס״ט" = 990 (Hebrew Gematria)
44th triangular
Parashat Bo (in Diaspora)
"Parashat Bo" = 101 (English Ordinal)
"8th of Sh'vat, 5669" = 422 (Primes)
"8th of Sh'vat, 5669" = 1111 (Trigonal)
"8th of Sh'vat, 5669" = 2069 (Squares)
"30 January 1909" = 911 (Trigonal)
"30 January 1909" = 112 (English Ordinal)

"January thirtieth nineteen hundred and nine" = 422 (Jewish Ordinal) 4/22 Lenins birthday

From Lenin's birthday to Alinsky's birthday
From and including: Friday, April 22, 1870
To, but not including Saturday, January 30, 1909
Result: 14,162 days
Or 38 years, 9 months, 8 days
2023 weeks and 1 day = 223

Pope warns Lithuanians to guard against antisemitism 9/23/2018 #Sukkot

KAUNAS, Lithuania (AP) — Pope Francis warned Sunday against any rebirth of the “pernicious” anti-Semitic attitudes that fueled the Holocaust as he marked the annual remembrance for Lithuania’s centuries-old Jewish community that was nearly wiped out during World War II.

Francis recalled that Sunday marked the 75th anniversary of the final destruction of the Ghetto in the capital Vilnius, which had been known for centuries as the “Jerusalem of the North” for its importance to Jewish thought and politics. Each year, the Sept. 23 anniversary is commemorated with readings of the names of Jews who were killed by Nazis or Lithuanian partisans or were deported to concentration camps.

Francis is travelling to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to mark their 100th anniversaries of independence and to encourage the faith in the Baltics, which saw five decades of Soviet-imposed religious repression and state-sponsored atheism. Lithuania is 80 percent Catholic; Lutherans and Russian Orthodox count more followers in Latvia and Estonia, where Francis visits on Monday and Tuesday.

The Baltic countries declared their independence in 1918 but were annexed into the Soviet Union in 1940 in a secret agreement with Nazi Germany. The Vatican and many Western countries refused to recognize the annexation. Except for the 1941-1944 Nazi occupation, the Baltic countries remained part of the Soviet Union until its collapse in the early 1990s.

Pope Francis (Latin: Franciscus; Italian: Francesco; Spanish: Francisco; born Jorge Mario Bergoglio; 17 December 1936) is the 266th and current Pope and sovereign of the Vatican City State. 

Papacy began 13 March 2013

From and including: Wednesday, March 13, 2013
To, but not including Sunday, September 23, 2018
Result: 2020 days
"Zionist" = 2020 (Squares)
"Devil worshiper" = 2020 (Jewish)

Entered the Society of Jesus on 11 March 1958

From and including: Tuesday, March 11, 1958
To and including: Sunday, September 23, 2018
Result: 22,112 days
Or 60 years, 6 months, 13 days 

Today is Erev Sukkot 9/23/2018

Sukkot 3 pilgrimage festivals

My prior work on the Popes

Saturday, September 22, 2018

September 23rd 2018 #Sukkot

9/23/2018 is Erev Sukkot 
Sun, 23 September 2018 = 14th of Tishrei, 5779
י״ד בְּתִשְׁרֵי תשע״ט
"י״ד בְּתִשְׁרֵי תשע״ט" = 40 (Hebrew Reduction)
"י״ד בְּתִשְׁרֵי תשע״ט" = 157 (Hebrew Ordinal)
"23 September 2018" = 119 (English Ordinal)
"23 September 2018" = 56 (Full Reduction)
"23rd of September" = 70 (Full Reduction)
"23rd of September" = 606 (Satanic)
"23rd of September" = 144 (Jewish Ordinal)
"23rd of September" = 522 (Jewish)
"fourteenth of Tishrei, 5779" = 269 (English Ordinal)
Erev Sukkot 
"Erev Sukkot" = 147 (English Ordinal)
Sukkot / סוכות
Sukkot (Hebrew: סוכות or סֻכּוֹת, sukkōt, or sukkos, Feast of Booths, Feast of Tabernacles) is a Biblical holiday celebrated on the 15th day of the month of Tishrei (late September to late October). It is one of the three biblically mandated festivals Shalosh regalim on which Jews were commanded to make a pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem.
Sukkot begins at sundown on Sun, 23 September 2018.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Rosenstein wants to wear wire story 9/21/2018

Rod Rosenstein Suggested Secretly Recording Trump and Discussed 25th Amendment

By Adam Goldman and Michael S. Schmidt
Sept. 21, 2018

WASHINGTON — The deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, suggested last year that he secretly record President Trump in the White House to expose the chaos consuming the administration, and he discussed recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Mr. Trump from office for being unfit.

Mr. Rosenstein made these suggestions in the spring of 2017 when Mr. Trump’s firing of James B. Comey as F.B.I. director plunged the White House into turmoil. Over the ensuing days, the president divulged classified intelligence to Russians in the Oval Office, and revelations emerged that Mr. Trump had asked Mr. Comey to pledge loyalty and end an investigation into a senior aide.

Mr. Rosenstein was just two weeks into his job. He had begun overseeing the Russia investigation and played a key role in the president’s dismissal of Mr. Comey by writing a memo critical of his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. But Mr. Rosenstein was caught off guard when Mr. Trump cited the memo in the firing, and he began telling people that he feared he had been used.

Mr. Rosenstein made the remarks about secretly recording Mr. Trump and about the 25th Amendment in meetings and conversations with other Justice Department and F.B.I. officials. Several people described the episodes, insisting on anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. The people were briefed either on the events themselves or on memos written by F.B.I. officials, including Andrew G. McCabe, then the acting bureau director, that documented Mr. Rosenstein’s actions and comments.

None of Mr. Rosenstein’s proposals apparently came to fruition. It is not clear how determined he was about seeing them through, though he did tell Mr. McCabe that he might be able to persuade Attorney General Jeff Sessions and John F. Kelly, then the secretary of homeland security and now the White House chief of staff, to mount an effort to invoke the 25th Amendment.

The extreme suggestions show Mr. Rosenstein’s state of mind in the disorienting days that followed Mr. Comey’s dismissal. Sitting in on Mr. Trump’s interviews with prospective F.B.I. directors and facing attacks for his own role in Mr. Comey’s firing, Mr. Rosenstein had an up-close view of the tumult. Mr. Rosenstein appeared conflicted, regretful and emotional, according to people who spoke with him at the time.

Some of the details in Mr. McCabe’s memos suggested that Mr. Rosenstein had regrets about the firing of Mr. Comey. During a May 12 meeting with Mr. McCabe, Mr. Rosenstein was upset and emotional, Mr. McCabe wrote, and said that he wished Mr. Comey were still at the F.B.I. so he could bounce ideas off him.

Mr. Rosenstein also asked F.B.I. officials on May 14, five days after Mr. Comey’s firing, about calling him for advice about a special counsel. The officials responded that such a call was a bad idea because Mr. Comey was no longer in the government. And they were surprised, believing that the idea contradicted Mr. Rosenstein’s stated reason for backing Mr. Comey’s dismissal — that he had shown bad judgment in the Clinton email inquiry.

Little Miss Faker... Christine Blasey Ford #Kavanaugh #MeToo

"Christine Blasey Ford" = 212 (English Ordinal)
2/12 is Kavanaugh's birthday

"professor" = 511 (Jewish)
"Saturn" = 511 (Jewish)

Story broke on 9/16/2018
"16 September 2018" = 58 (Full Reduction)
"16th September" = 138 (English Ordinal)
"Donald Trump" = 138 (English Ordinal)

"Christine" = 138 (Reverse Ordinal)

Scandal started on 9/16/2018 ....

On September 16, 2018, she publicly alleged that U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in 1982, in what she described as an attempted rape.

Christine Margaret Blasey Ford (known professionally as Christine Blasey (born November 1966)

Where's the Bolshevik bitch's birthdate? Wikipedia hiding it? 

is an American psychologist and professor of statistics at Palo Alto University. Widely published in her field, she specializes in designing statistical models for research projects. During her academic career, Ford has worked as a research psychologist for Stanford University's Department of Psychiatry and a professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine Collaborative Clinical Psychology Program. 

Gives a whole new meaning to the word "Psyop"

Psychological operations (PSYOP) are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

Psychological warfare 

Psychological warfare (PSYWAR), or the basic aspects of modern psychological operations (PSYOP), have been known by many other names or terms, including MISO, Psy Ops, political warfare, "Hearts and Minds", and propaganda. The term is used "to denote any action which is practiced mainly by psychological methods with the aim of evoking a planned psychological reaction in other people". Various techniques are used, and are aimed at influencing a target audience's value system, belief system, emotions, motives, reasoning, or behavior. It is used to induce confessions or reinforce attitudes and behaviors favorable to the originator's objectives, and are sometimes combined with black operations or false flag tactics. It is also used to destroy the morale of enemies through tactics that aim to depress troops' psychological states. Target audiences can be governments, organizations, groups, and individuals, and is not just limited to soldiers. Civilians of foreign territories can also be targeted by technology and media so as to cause an effect in the government of their country.

In Propaganda: The Formation of Men's Attitudes, Jacques Ellul discusses psychological warfare as a common peace policy practice between nations as a form of indirect aggression. This type of propaganda drains the public opinion of an opposing regime by stripping away its power on public opinion. This form of aggression is hard to defend against because no international court of justice is capable of protecting against psychological aggression since it cannot be legally adjudicated. "Here the propagandists is [sic] dealing with a foreign adversary whose morale he seeks to destroy by psychological means so that the opponent begins to doubt the validity of his beliefs and actions.

Most modern uses of the term psychological warfare, refers to the following military methods:

Distributing pamphlets that encourage desertion or supply instructions on how to surrender
Shock and awe military strategy
Projecting repetitive and annoying sounds and music for long periods at high volume towards groups under siege like during Operation Nifty Package
Propaganda radio stations, such as Lord Haw-Haw in World War II on the "Germany calling" station
Renaming cities and other places when captured, such as the renaming of Saigon to Ho Chi Minh City after Vietnamese victory in the Vietnam War
False flag events
Use of loudspeaker systems to communicate with enemy soldiers
The threat of chemical weapons 

Most of these techniques were developed during World War II or earlier, and have been used to some degree in every conflict since. Daniel Lerner was in the OSS (the predecessor to the American CIA) and in his book, attempts to analyze how effective the various strategies were. He concludes that there is little evidence that any of them were dramatically successful, except perhaps surrender instructions over loudspeakers when victory was imminent. It should be noted, though, that measuring the success or failure of psychological warfare is very hard, as the conditions are very far from being a controlled experiment.

Lerner also divides psychological warfare operations into three categories:

White propaganda (Omissions and Emphasis): Truthful and not strongly biased, where the source of information is acknowledged.
Grey propaganda (Omissions, Emphasis and Racial/Ethnic/Religious Bias): Largely truthful, containing no information that can be proven wrong; the source is not identified.
Black propaganda (Commissions of falsification): Inherently deceitful, information given in the product is attributed to a source that was not responsible for its creation.
Lerner points out that grey and black operations ultimately have a heavy cost, in that the target population sooner or later recognizes them as propaganda and discredits the source. He writes, "This is one of the few dogmas advanced by Sykewarriors that is likely to endure as an axiom of propaganda: Credibility is a condition of persuasion. Before you can make a man do as you say, you must make him believe what you say.

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Rite Aid mass shooting 11th of Tishrei 9/20/2018 #YomKippur

"mass shooting at Rite Aid September 20th 2018" = 1214 (Primes)
"mass shooting at Rite Aid September 20th 2018" = 156 (Full Reduction)

"Aberdeen, Maryland" = 70 (Full Reduction)
"Saint Valentines Day" = 70 (Full Reduction)
"female shooter" = 142 (English Ordinal)
"Aberdeen, Maryland" = 142 (English Ordinal)
(14/2 = 2/14)
"Saint Valentines Day" = 214 (English Ordinal)
(2/14 - 14/2)

"Aberdeen, Maryland" = 1117 (Trigonal)
(11/17 will be 666 days since the inauguration)
"All America City" = 1122 (English Extended) (JFK)
"All America City" = 33 (Chaldean)

"Rite Aid" = 66 (English Ordinal)
shooting happened at  9:09 a.m = 99/66
"Rite Aid" = 39 (Full Reduction)
39° 30′ 37″ N, 76° 10′ 9″ W (Aberdeen Maryland)

Today the 11th of Tishrei the day after Yom Kippur just like Las Vegas.
"11th of Tishrei" = 139 (English Ordinal)
"Freemasonry" = 139 (English Ordinal)
"Tishrei" = 88 (English Ordinal)
"Maryland" = 88 (English Ordinal)
"eleventh day of Tishrei" = 223 (Jewish Ordinal)
"11th of Tishrei 5779" = 99 (Jewish Reduction)
shooting happened at  9:09 a.m = 99

"shooting at Rite Aid Distribution Center Aberdeen, Maryland, September. 20, 2018" = 223 (Chaldean)


The #MeToo movement is a FAKE movement! Let's go back and see how it came about! The Harvey Weinstein scandal broke. Hollywood was desperate to stop the investigation from going to the OTHER TWO CASTING COUCHES, the ones for men and especially the ones for children! So they cooked up a movement they they could control to steer the scandal away from them to men who they wanted to take out anyway. The scribe tribe in Hollywood created a hashtag #MeToo and off they went. Of course there are real women in the movement, but they have no idea whats going on"useful idiots" They made a sacrifice of their own to make it look real, Al Franken, and then they moved on with their new weaponized women weapon.  Weaponizing women is something the left has been doing for decades anyway. They already had the organizations set up. It was a brilliant idea EXCEPT not everybody in the country is  fooled by their bullshit!

Lenin quote 'The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.'

#MeToo is a controlled opposition movement just like Black Lives Matter, just like Occupy Wall Street all controlled op!

These people are Bolsheviks! They want to murder 100 million Americans and they're completely serious about it. I take them very seriously that's why I moved over from the left to the right! More are coming everyday and there will be war sooner or later especially if the worthless politicians don't start growing spines and do something about this problem! People need to understand there isn't any difference between what went on in the French Revolution where people were beheaded for years, the Russian revolution where 40 million Russians were murdered and 20 million Ukrainians were starved to death and the Chinese cultural revolution where 80 million Chinese were murdered by mostly children the Bolsheviks conned into killing their own parents and grandparents!
The children's crusade, the conquering child, you see that going on right here right now don't you?

Anyway because the Bolsheviks are in danger of losing the court system they bring up Professor Ford who is also a Bolshevik! She lying and she's getting caught! But the bigger problem is women letting evil people who want to murder 100 million Americans use them as weapons! Why do women join a movement that's wants to kill their family members? Because they don't know what their really doing! Men BTW are also being blind to what's going on because they don't want to face to horror of the situation.

The good news is that there are millions of people awake and ready to fight this evil plot! I hate to say it but McCarthy was right! There was a communist plot in the State Department and it's still there running the place!

Anyway that's the issue and there isn't any other fight except this one. Communist globalism vs nationalist capitalism and sovereignty that's the fight. Everything else is just proxy wars.

The people of this country will NEVER disarm no matter how many gun control laws are passed!

Gun grabbers print out this picture, put it on the wall and look at it every time you think you can disarm America. This is NOT going to happen to us EVER!

Bolsheviks torturing a Polish soldier to death! 

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Resettling Refugees: An International Agenda #UN #Refugees #Rapefugees #Communism #Marxism #CulteralMarxism #OpenBorders #WhiteGenocide

Resettling Refugees: An International Agenda

Part One

Summary: A vast network of foundations, non-profits, government entities and political organizations have a vested interest in the continued growth of the resettlement of refugees in America. Because they receive billions of dollars in federal grant money, publicly-financed, tax-exempt organizations have significant incentives to support political candidates and parties that will keep these programs alive. These organizations need to be thoroughly audited and the current network of public/private immigrant advocacy and resettlement organizations needs to be completely overhauled. Resettling refugees should be a voluntary, genuinely charitable activity, removing all the perverse incentives government funding creates.

The refugee resettlement program is popular with many policymakers. It enjoys bipartisan support in Congress and state houses because it supplies low-wage, low skill labor that many big businesses crave, while enabling supporters to embrace “diversity” and thus avoid the Left’s favorite attacks and mischaracterizations: “bigot,” “racist,” “xenophobe,” “Islamophobe,” etc. This faux-moralizing on the Left stifles a necessary conversation our nation sorely needs. Meanwhile, the Left’s true motive is to import ever more people from third-world nations that are likely to become reliable Democrat voters once they achieve citizenship.

Under the Trump presidency, the United States’ refugee resettlement has been temporarily reduced, but by no means curtailed. A change in administration could resuscitate it overnight. There are many objectionable aspects of this program, not the least of which is finding resources to fund this enormous undertaking. The difficulty associated with assessing the true costs of the programs key to resettling refugees presents another obstacle to policymakers at every level of government.

Program History

The current domestic refugee resettlement program, formally called the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP), was created with passage of now-deceased Senator Ted Kennedy’s Refugee Act of 1980.

The bill’s impetus was aided by the massive diaspora of the seagoing Vietnamese “Boat People”  happening at the time, however, outlines of a global refugee resettlement agenda were initially framed at the 1976 U.N. Conference on Human Settlements held in Vancouver, Canada—and thus called the Vancouver Plan of Action. While refugee resettlement is perceived as a program to rescue people oppressed in one way or another by their governments (and the refugee definition expresses that sentiment), the U.N. had a larger agenda in mind.

Being entirely socialist in intention and design, the U.N. envisioned redistributing not only wealth, but also populations, across the globe. As stated in the document, “Human settlement policies can be powerful tools for the more equitable distribution of income and opportunities.”

The Plan of Action’s recommendations included:

A.1 National Settlement Policy:
All countries should establish as a matter of urgency a national policy on human settlements, embodying the distribution of population, and related economic and social activities, over the national territory.

A.2 Human Settlements and Development:
A national policy for human settlements and the environment should be an integral part of any national economic and social development policy.

A.4 More Equitable Distribution:
Human settlements policies should aim to improve the condition of human settlements particularly by promoting a more equitable distribution of the benefits of development among regions; and by making such benefits and public services equally accessible to all groups.

The settlement provisions paid lip service to the notion of national sovereignty and property rights, for example, saying in Settlement policies and Strategies Preamble point 3, “The ideologies of States are reflected in their human settlement policies. These being powerful instruments for change, they must not be used to dispossess people from their homes and their land, or to entrench privilege and exploitation.”

However, point 1 in the preamble to the land section makes clear the U.N. body’s utter contempt for property rights. Points 1 and 2 emphasize that land must be controlled by government, (emphases added):

Land, because of its unique nature and the crucial role it plays in human settlements, cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes. Social justice, urban renewal and development, the provision of decent dwellings, and healthy conditions for the people can only be achieved if land is used in the interests of society as a whole.
Instead, the pattern of land use should be determined by the long-term interests of the community, especially since decisions on location of activities and therefore of specific land uses have a long-lasting effect on the pattern and structure of human settlements. Land is also a primary element of the natural and man-made environment and a crucial link in an often-delicate balance. Public control of land use is therefore indispensable to its protection as an asset and the achievement of the long-term objectives of human settlement policies and strategies.
The U.N. justified these measures based on expectations about population growth, various environmental policies, and of course, as stated in point 1 above, “social justice.” These three concerns later morphed into the three “pillars” of the U.N. Agenda 21’s Sustainability concept: environment, economy and social equity. It is merely socialism repackaged, but it explains why the U.N. has now invented yet another oppressed class in need of resettlement: climate refugees. Ironically, while population control remains at the forefront of U.N. policies, the U.N. simultaneously chastises the West for reducing population growth rates to near zero. Because our populations are aging and not being replaced with enough new births, the U.N. now advocates an increase in Western populations with what it calls “Replacement Migration.”

Senator Kennedy’s bill was almost certainly inspired at least in part by this agenda.  A decade earlier Kennedy—also the architect of the 1965 Immigration and Nationalities Act, which was urged on Congress by leaders of the California Communist Party—echoed what would become the U.N.’s rationale, saying, “All nations are under obligation to eliminate ignorance, poverty, inequality and injustice.” The bill passed the U.S. Senate with a unanimous vote.

Resettling Refugees: Who’s Coming to America?

Part 2 

Summary: A vast network of foundations, non-profits, government entities and political organizations have a vested interest in the continued growth of the resettlement of refugees in America. Because they receive billions of dollars in federal grant money, publicly-financed, tax-exempt organizations have significant incentives to support political candidates and parties that will keep these programs alive. These organizations need to be thoroughly audited and the current network of public/private immigrant advocacy and resettlement organizations needs to be completely overhauled. Resettling refugees should be a voluntary, genuinely charitable activity, removing all the perverse incentives government funding creates.

Who is eligible for resettlement?

According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), refugees are:

People who have been persecuted or fear they will be persecuted on account of race, religion, nationality, and/or membership in a particular social group or political opinion.

This mirrors the U.N. definition established at the 1951 U.N. Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and the 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees. It is important to note here, however, that under these definitions, “individuals who have crossed an international border fleeing generalized violence are not considered refugees.” This includes large numbers of people who are regularly resettled anyway, for example some of the Syrians fleeing that country’s conflict, and most—if not all Somalis.

Those who meet the definition include:

refugees (those seeking protection in the United States who are not already in the country),

asylum seekers or asylees (those who apply for asylum after coming to the U.S.),

Cuban/Haitian Entrants,

Special Immigrant Visas (SIV) and
trafficking Victims.

The Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) program is also administered by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, although UACs do not meet the definition of “refugee.” Table I below provides up-to-date estimates for each category.

Voluntary Agencies

The Voluntary Agencies or VOLAGs are private, tax-exempt organizations that resettle refugees for the U.S. government. There are nine VOLAGs, six of which are nominally religious, and these organizations often promote their resettlement activity as a biblical mission. However, VOLAGs are strictly prohibited by regulation from any form of proselytization to refugees. In reality, they are simply government contractors paid handsomely for their services. The VOLAGs are:

Church World Service (CWS);

Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church (DFMS), also called Episcopal Migration Ministries;
Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC);
HIAS, Inc, (formerly Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society);
International Rescue Committee (IRC);
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS);
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB);
U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI);
World Relief Corporation of the National Association of Evangelicals (WRC).

VOLAGs utilize a network of about 300 subsidiaries called “affiliates” who perform most of the actual resettlement work. This includes providing the following services to refugees for the first 30-90 days of their resettlement in the U.S.:

Decent, safe, sanitary, affordable housing in good repair
Essential furnishings
Food, food allowance
Seasonal clothing
Pocket money
Assistance in applying for public benefits, social security cards, ESL, employment services, non-employment services, Medicaid, Selective Service
Assistance with health screenings and medical care
Assistance with registering children in school
Transportation to job interviews and job training
Home visits

The VOLAGs work the administrative end, distributing federal resettlement dollars and deciding where to relocate the refugees. It is also important to note that refugees get priority for housing. As a result, many Americans go homeless or are otherwise denied public housing for extended periods. In New Hampshire, for example, where refugee resettlement has stressed many communities to the breaking point, the wait time for public housing is eight years.

Resettling Refugees: Social and Economic Costs

Part 3 

Summary: A vast network of foundations, non-profits, government entities and political organizations have a vested interest in the continued growth of the resettlement of refugees in America. Because they receive billions of dollars in federal grant money, publicly-financed, tax-exempt organizations have significant incentives to support political candidates and parties that will keep these programs alive. These organizations need to be thoroughly audited and the current network of public/private immigrant advocacy and resettlement organizations needs to be completely overhauled. Resettling refugees should be a voluntary, genuinely charitable activity, removing all the perverse incentives government funding creates.

Federal Refugee Resettlement Grants

The nine VOLAGs, their many affiliates, and unaccompanied alien children contractors all receive funding from the federal government to resettle the various refugee categories. As mentioned earlier, unaccompanied alien children do not meet the definition of “refugee,” however their resettlement is managed through the Office of Refugee Resettlement and they are included when calculating the total cost of the overall program.

Most funding comes in the form of grants. Prime awards are grants directly from the federal government to the state or the contractor. Sub-awards are those given to contractors by other contractors or state governments that received the prime grant. They are left out to avoid double counting. Table III below enumerates prime grants to VOLAGs and unaccompanied alien children contractors for refugee resettlement and related programs. Some of the VOLAGs, for example the Ethiopian Community Development Council, focus almost entirely on refugee resettlement. Others, like the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, International Rescue Committee, and World Relief Corporation of the National Association of Evangelicals, have a broader mission.

Of the latter, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is the largest. As Table III shows, in FY 2018 USCCB received $47.7 million for resettlement purposes. However, USCCB participates in other federal grant programs and that year received a total of $363.9 million from the federal government. And 2018 was a slow year. In FY 2017, USCCB received $531.5 million. It administers programs as diverse as Global AIDS, Food For Peace Development Assistance, USAID Foreign Assistance, and even the John Ogonowski and Doug Bereuter Farmer-to-Farmer Program, which provides volunteer technical assistance to farmers in developing countries.

While it has received $742.6 million since FY 2008 for refugee programs, USCCB received a total of $4.1 billion from the federal government for all the various programs it administered during this period.

The International Rescue Committee, which has received $846.6 million for refugee resettlement since 2008, received a total of $1.5 billion from the feds over the same period. World Relief Corporation of the National Association of Evangelicals received $215.3 million for refugee resettlement and $276.2 million for all purposes. For all VOLAGs and unaccompanied alien children (UAC) contractors, the federal government has awarded $8.5 billion in prime grants for the refugee/UAC programs since 2008.

Note that starting in 2014, UAC program grants exceeded those for refugee resettlement. This remains true to the present time. While the Trump administration has successfully reduced the flow of refugees, asylees, and other groups, UAC continue to flood the border. Border crossings did fall to historic lows for the first few months after president Trump took office. But, expectations that Congress would formally adopt the DREAM Act or some other amnesty policy, together with unconstitutional interference from federal courts, has prevented the administration from enforcing border laws. Illegal crossings quickly shot back up to near historic highs by the end of FY 2017 and remain high to the present time.

The funds received by the main UAC contractors dwarf the refugee resettlement income of any of the nine VOLAGs. Three of the VOLAGs, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, also resettle some UACs, but most UAC business is handled by Baptist Child and Family Service, Southwest Key, and those in the “other” column. This last column includes numerous organizations that receive anywhere from a few hundred thousand to millions of dollars per year in prime grants for UAC business.

Finally, note the rows at the bottom of Table III starting with “Gov Grants Latest.” The “% Govt. Funded” line shows each organization’s level of dependence on the government for its operation. It ranges from a low of 22 percent for DFMS to a high of 99 percent for Southwest Key, with an average of 71.4 percent. It must be said that DFMS is the corporate entity for the entire Episcopal Church in the U.S., whereas the other “religious” VOLAGs are organizations distinct and separate from their various churches, focusing wholly on government work, so the numbers aren’t strictly comparable.

All of these contractors are tax-exempt and classified as “nonprofits.” However, they are not unprofitable. The “Net Assets” and “% Annual Revenues” lines tell you how much they have accumulated over the years from their resettlement operations. On average, the organizations listed have accumulated net assets worth 45.1 percent of annual revenues.

DFMS has amassed $322 million in assets, which is over 355 percent of its annual revenues. Again, this is not strictly comparable to the others. If DFMS is removed from the equation, average net assets of the other contractors comprise 30.2 percent of annual revenues across the other VOLAGs. Excluding DFMS, HIAS (formerly Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) has the largest reserves, over 100 percent of annual revenues. Why does a “nonprofit” need to compile such huge assets? The Baptist Child and Family Service on the other hand, has 0.1 percent of its annual revenues saved as net assets.

A Billion-Dollar Taxpayer Funded Advocacy Industry

The Office of Refugee Resettlement offers a multitude of grants for refugees and Unaccompanied Alien Children to thousands of other NGOs in addition to the VOLAGs and their affiliates. It has created a billion-dollart taxpayer funded advocacy industry that has experienced explosive growth. The chart below shows total ORR grants for refugees and UACs since 2008.

The thousands of organizations are almost all open-borders-oriented for conspicuously self-serving reasons. Naturally, they lean Left. In Massachusetts alone, which brags that one of every six residents and one in five workers is foreign born, there are 130 organizations that comprise the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA).[6] Other states have similar networks based on the size of their refugee/UAC programs and the level of non-profit engagement in the state. Measuring refugee-related expenditures of these various other NGOs is beyond the scope of this article, but Table IV (below) offers a small sample of the many organizations that have taken advantage of ORR grants.

United Nations Population Division

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General Flynn sentencing 11/28/2018 or or any of the following seven business days.

General Flynn was targeted by Obama’s corrupt Deep State law enforcement agencies with illegal unmaskings and leaks to the media.

Deep state operatives Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok blindsided Flynn on January 24, 2017, with an unannounced questioning of Trump official. Typically, a lawyer for the National Security Council would be informed of such a meeting and be present for it. The unannounced meeting took General Flynn by surprise.

General Michael Flynn was later charged with lying by the Mueller team.

General Flynn sentencing 11/28/2018 or or any of the following seven business days


Wed, 28 November 2018 = 20th of Kislev, 5779
כ׳ בְּכִסְלֵו תשע״ט
"כ׳ בְּכִסְלֵו תשע״ט" = 44 (Hebrew Reduction)
"20th of Kislev, 5779" = 888 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"Donald J Trump" = 888 (English Sumerian)
"28 November 2018" = 61 (Full Reduction)
"General Flynn" = 61 (Full Reduction)
"XI.XXVIII.MMXVIII" = 229 (English Ordinal) 50th prime
"Donald" = 50 (English Ordinal)
"XI.XXVIII" = 58 (Full Reduction)

General in Hebrew....
"טַפסָר" = 61 (Hebrew Ordinal)
"General Flynn" = 61 (Full Reduction)
"28 November 2018" = 61 (Full Reduction)

28 November 2018
"Beware the ides of March" = 1128 (English Sumerian)
"Bavarian Illuminati" = 1128 (English Sumerian)
"New Order of the Ages" = 1128 (English Sumerian)

November 28 is the 332nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 33 days remaining
"Clinton" = 332 (Satanic)
"justice" = 332 (Satanic)
"Blood Sacrifice" = 332 (Jewish)

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Decoding Google! It's not that hard!
Google is a Cabalist company. One of the ways you can tell is what numbers pop up when you decode them. Google thinks they're GOD and their name and address reveal this.
Etymology. The term cabal derives from Cabala (a word that has numerous spelling variations), the Jewish mystical interpretation of the Hebrew scripture. ... In European culture (Christian Cabala, Hermetic Qabalah) it became associated with occult doctrine or a secret.
In Kabbalah, the central belief is God created the world with language, by combining the
number with the letter with the word. This is expressed in the foundational text of
Kabbalah, the Sepher Yetzirah, or in English, The Book of Formation.
The number 26 represents God. That's why we have 26 letters in the alphabet.
"God" = 26 (English Ordinal)
"Alphabet" = 26 (Jewish Reduction)
"GOOGL" = 26 (Jewish Reduction) (Stock symbol)
"God" = 61 (Jewish)
"Google" = 61 (English Ordinal)
In Kabbalah and in Hebrew, it is the number 26 that represents the four-letter
name of God, known as the Tetragrammaton, translated into English as YHWH, from
Genesis, the first book of the Torah. Below is the math for the numerical value of
YHWH, pronounced Yahweh, and written in Hebrew
as י ה ו ה .
"י ה ו ה" = 26 (Hebrew Ordinal) (YHWH)
"God" = 26 (English Ordinal)
"אלף בית" = 64 (Hebrew Ordinal) (alphabet)
"YHWH" = 64 (English Ordinal)
Google's contact number....
"855-836-3987" = 62 (English Ordinal)
the mirror of 26
"God" = 26 (English Ordinal)
"Alphabet" = 26 (Jewish Reduction)
"GOOGL" = 26 (Jewish Reduction) (Stock symbol)
So now lets look at Google's address...
"1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy" = 206 (English Ordinal)
zeros don't count in numerology so......
206 = 26
"God" = 26 (English Ordinal)
Zeros don't count in numerolgy so Googleplex is 16 now reverse it. Googleplex 61 = God
"God" = 61 (Jewish)
"Google" = 61 (English Ordinal)
The Googleplex is right off highway 101
101 is the 26th prime number
"God" = 26 (English Ordinal)
Google's logo a big G
Google = God
"G" = 7 (Jewish)
God made the earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th
"Sabbath" = 17 (Full Reduction)
"God" = 17 (Full Reduction)
Computer in Hebrew
"מַחשֵׁב" = 17 (Hebrew Reduction)

Google lives in Mountain View
Two translations for Mountain in Hebrew 
"הַר" = 7 (Hebrew Reduction)
"G" = 7 (Jewish)
"גִבעָה" = 17 (Hebrew Reduction)
"God" = 17 (Full Reduction)
"גִבעָה" = 26 (Hebrew Ordinal)
"God" = 26 (English Ordinal)
And mountains represent God so they picked a God town off highway 101 the 26th prime number! 

Mountain View co-ordinates
"37° 23′ 22″ N, 122° 4′ 55″ W" = 48 (Full Reduction)
Google address...
"Googleplex 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View CA 94043" = 223 48th prime number ....
"37° 23′ 22″ N, 122° 4′ 55″ W" = 48 (Full Reduction)
"illuminati" = 48 (Full Reduction) 
search engine in Hebrew 
"מנוע חיפוש" = 48 (Hebrew Reduction)

Google street name Amphitheatre in Hebrew 
"אַמְפִיתֵאַטרוֹן" = 41 (Hebrew Reduction) 13th prime
"ἀμφιθέατρον" = 41 (Greek Reduction) 13th prime
"אַמְפִיתֵאַטרוֹן" = 113 (Hebrew Ordinal) 30th prime
"אַמְפִיתֵאַטרוֹן" = 797 (Hebrew Gematria) 139th prime
"אַמְפִיתֵאַטרוֹן" = 1447 (Hebrew Soffits) 229th prime 

Googleplex is on Amphitheatre....
The Colosseum amphitheatre in Rome, built c. 70 – 80 AD, is considered one of the greatest works of architecture and engineering.
"Colosseum" = 122 (English Ordinal)
"37° 23′ 22″ N, 122° 4′ 55″ W

Back to God.... 

"search engine" = 293 (Jewish) 62nd prime 62/26 = God

"City of Mountain View Santa Clara County" = 144 (Full Reduction)
"City of Mountain View Santa Clara County" = 137 (Jewish Reduction)
"Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" = 137 (Jewish Reduction)
"Twenty Three Point Five degrees" = 144 (Full Reduction)

Googleplex co-ordinates 
"37° 25′ 19.2″ N, 122° 5′ 2.4″ W" = 58 (Jewish Reduction)
"freemasonry" = 58 (Jewish Reduction)

"Googolplex" = 119 (Jewish Ordinal)

Saint Valentine 214 died 269 AD 
Google address
"1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California, U.S" = 214 (Full Reduction)
"Googleplex 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California, U.S" = 269 (Full Reduction) 

Google address NYC.... 
111 8th Ave New York, NY 10011 

"111 8th Ave New York City, NY 10011" = 277 (English Ordinal)
"to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:" = 277 (Reverse Full Reduction)

"111 8th Ave NYC, NY 10011" = 61 (Full Reduction)
"Google" = 61 (English Ordinal)
"God" = 61 (Jewish)

"111 8th Ave NYC, NY 10011" = 1711 (Jewish)
58th triangular
"Revelation 13:16" = 58 (Jewish Reduction)
"Revelation thirteen sixteen" = 111 (Septenary)

"Revelation thirteen sixteen" = 1010 (Primes)

Google is a Cabal company and they are very very evil!
They think they're God it's wrote with numbers through the whole company!