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2022 Year of the Capstone? By decoder INF 6996

 2022 Year of the Capstone? By decoder INF

The Declaration of Independence and birth of the nation was 7/4/1776. On 12/6/1884 The capstone of the Washington Monument was set. I've called 2022 the year of the capstone in older posts in relation to the Washington Monument hiding the year 2022 in the timing of the completion of its construction and dedication rituals. Specifically the dates 2/22/2022 to commemorate the birthday of George Washington which also reflects a symbolic rebirth since his death was 12/14/1799 and is a distance of 222 years to the capstone year date 2/22/2022. The next date that truly completes this hidden year is 5/14/2022.
This date 2/22/2022 is symbolic to George Washington's rebirth but 5/14/2022 is the hidden capstone date. Even measuring from 2/22 to 5/14 = 2m 22d
So we have the birth of the United States 7/4/1776 and the Monument capstone date 12/6/1884 applying numerology:
Also note that the difference in years:
Next we have both capstone dates 12/6/1884 and the return on 5/14/2022 applying the same method of numerology:
Also note that the difference in years:
The total of the differences in years:
The one thing that really amazes me is how the numerology of the 1776 birth and capstone = 2904
And the 2022 death or rebirth and capstone numerology = 2094
Making them almost perfectly identical!!!!
Remember too that on 5/14/2022 The state of Israel will celebrate it's 74th birthday and most like President Donald Trump will be exactly 911 months old on 5/14/2022. Wrapping it up with it being 222 years since the death of George Washington.

The speed of Saturn code...
Israels' birthday 5/14/2022 is 888 months is 74 years

From and including: Saturday, September 11, 2021
To, but not including Tuesday, February 22, 2022
Or 5 months, 11 days
"Saturn" = 511 (Jewish)

Washington monument ....

The cornerstone was laid on July 4, 1848; the first stone was laid atop the unfinished stump on August 7, 1880; the capstone was set on December 6, 1884; the completed monument was dedicated on February 21, 1885; and officially opened October 9, 1888.


Zachary Merch pill number 82 (Oxford shooting, Washington Monument, 2001 a space odyssey, and eclipses)


Oxford shooting... And it's the witch Gretchen Whitmer again. Remember her? She's the one who sent covid patients into nursing homes to drive the death count up. She's also the one who was "saved" by the corrupt FBI from a "white supremos" gang of kidnappers. Now she's back with a school shooting... Let's look more closely at HER!  Both of her parents worked for powerful politicians. She was born in the capital of Michigan Lansing. She's living there now in the Governors mansion on OXFORD street. 

Gretchen Whitmer was born in the capital city Lansing Michigan. Gretchen Whitmer is the Governor of Michigan and now lives in the Governor's mansion in Lansing!
Lansing Michigan co-ordinates 
"42° 44′ 1″ N, 84° 32′ 48″ W" = 266 (English Sumerian)
From Oxford shooting to Whitmer's next birthday is 266 days 
11/30/2021 to 8/23/2022 = 266 days 

11+30+20+21 = 82
"XI.XXX.MMXXI" = 82 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Oxford" = 82 (English Ordinal)

Lansing Michigan 
"42° 44′ 1″ N, 84° 32′ 48″ W" = 54 (Full Reduction)
"Jesuit Order" = 54 (Full Reduction)
"42° 44′ 1″ N, 84° 32′ 48″ W" = 81 (English Ordinal)
"Venus" = 81 (English Ordinal)

42nd parallel and 84th meridian
"Freemason" = 42 (Full Reduction)
"Whitmer" = 42 (Full Reduction)
"Jesuit" = 42 (Reverse Full Reduction)
"gun" = 42 (English Ordinal)
"Jesuit" = 84 (English Ordinal)

And it's 33 on the Hebrew calendar 
Tue, 30 November 2021 = 26th of Kislev, 5782
2+6+3+5+7+8+2 = 33 
"XI.XXX" = 33 (Full Reduction)

I think all these shootings are connected to the UN's small arms treaty.. 
One of the first quotes Witchner said was... 
"This is an unimaginable tragedy" = 1308 (Jewish)
"UN Office for Disarmament Affairs" = 1038 (Jewish)

UN Small Arms Treaty enacted on 12/24/12 
From 12/24/12 to 11/30/2021 is 362 weeks 
"United Nations Small Arms Treaty" = 362 (English Ordinal)
"Oxford Township Oakland County" = 362 (English Ordinal)

"Oxford High School" = 1116 (English Sumerian)
"António Guterres" = 1116 (English Sumerian) (UN Director)
"world domination" = 1116 (English Sumerian)
"vaccination" = 1116 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"mark of beast" = 1116 (Reverse English Sumerian)

"Under Sheriff Michael McCabe" = 211 (English Ordinal)
"November thirtieth" = 211 (English Ordinal)

"November thirtieth" = 1331 (Jewish)
"twin eclipses" = 1331 (Jewish)

Solar eclipse Saturday over Antarctica on December 4th. Two days later on 12/6 the Washington monument capstone will be 137 years old. 
"On December 6, 1884, workers placed the 3,300-pound marble capstone on the Washington Monument and topped it with a nine-inch pyramid of cast aluminum, completing construction of the 555-foot Egyptian obelisk." 
3,300-pound marble capstone = 33 and the capstone is 137 years old on 12/6/2021 

On 12/14/2021 It will be 222 years since George Washington died. 
"All Seeing Eye Of The Illuminati" = 1214 (Jewish)
"Jachin Boaz" = 1214 (Jewish)

The year of the Tiger starts on 2/1/2022. On 2/22/2022 it's George Washington's birthday and he's been dead for 222 years so that's 222 222 222... THREE 222's. 

Two Thousand One A Space Odyssey
"אלפיים אחד אודיסיאה בחלל" = 911 (Hebrew Soffits)

On 2/22/22    2001 A Space Odyssey will be 666 lunar months old... 
From and including: Wednesday, April 3, 1968 (2001 movie released)
To, but not including Tuesday, February 22, 2022 (George Washingtons birthday)
Result: 19,683 days
19683/29.531= 666.519928211

The exact day 2001 space odyssey turns 666 lunar months old is 2/7/2022. 
From and including: Wednesday, April 3, 1968
To, but not including Monday, February 7, 2022
Result: 19,668 days
19668/29.531 = 666.011987403
February 2nd is the 38th day of the year. 
"ירח" = 38 (Hebrew Ordinal) (moon)
Washington DC parallel = (38.9101) 38 and 911 
"MMXXII" = 38 (Full Reduction) (2022)
Two Thousand One A Space Odyssey
"אלפיים אחד אודיסיאה בחלל" = 911 (Hebrew Soffits)

Washington monument ....
the first stone was laid atop the unfinished stump on August 7, 1880;
From and including: Saturday, August 7, 1880
To, but not including Sunday, August 7, 2022
142 years
2001 a space odyssey is 142 minutes long
Or 1704 months excluding the end date. 
"Dr Heywood Floyd" = 1074 (English Sumerian) 

August 7th 2022 the 142nd birthday of the Washington momunment's first stone is TishaBav
Sun, 7 August 2022 = 10th of Av, 5782
י׳ בְּאָב תשפ״ב
Tish'a B'Av (observed)

Washington Monument's first stone is 142 years old on 8+7+20+22 = 57 
"moon" = 57 (English Ordinal)
Washington Monument's co-ordinates
"38.889444, -77.035278" = 87 (Full Reduction)
"Stato della Città del Vaticano" = 87 (Full Reduction)
"לְבָנָה" = 87 (Hebrew Soffits)(moon)

On 5/14/2022 Israel turns 888 months old and Donald Trump turns 911 months old. 
Sat, 14 May 2022 = 13th of Iyyar, 5782
13/8 = 138 = Donald Trump

And Kamala Harris will become President in 2022 
"President Kamala Harris" = 222 (English Ordinal)
"President Harris" = 222 (Reverse Ordinal)

And you better get your money out of the market before she does because
"President Harris" = 661 (Jewish)
"Stock Market Crash" = 661 (Jewish)

Kamala Harris birthdate is X/XX = 666 
"woman president" = 666 (Satanic)
"woman president" = 202 (Reverse Ordinal)
"total solar eclipse" = 202 (English Ordinal)

Second solar eclipse that makes an X over the US is on 4/8/2024 
2024 is the year of the Dragon. Kamala Harris was born on the year of the dragon (1964)
Subtract 666 days from the 2024 eclipse and it lands on 6/12/2022. 
Days Left in Year: 202
Kamala Harris birthdate is X/XX = 666 
"woman president" = 666 (Satanic)
"woman president" = 202 (Reverse Ordinal)
"total solar eclipse" = 202 (English Ordinal)
6/12 = 612 mirror of 216 is 6*6*6  
From 6/12/2022 to 10/20/2022 (Kamala's birthday) is 131 days 
Kamala Harris turned 666 months old on Hitler's 131st birthday

2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025 are going to be hopping years... 

It all starts on Saturday December 4th Solar eclipse over Antarctica! 

There are also anti-covid tryanny protests being held all over the world for Australia. It's being organized on Telegram.. #SOSfromAustralia. Protest outside of Aussie Embassies or in front of Fox News buildings. 

The war isn't coming already it's here! 

Former work on Washington Monument.... 

Parkland and Oxford
2*14+20*18+11*30+20*21 =1138+8311=9449 

UN Arms treaty and Oxford
12*24+20*14+11*30+20*21= 1318+8131=9449

Oxford High School shooting: 11/30/2021


OXFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. - On Tuesday, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office confirmed three people were killed in a shooting at Oxford High School in Oxford, Michigan. Six others were confirmed injured.

According to the sheriff’s office, at about 12:51 p.m. local time, hundreds of calls flooded the 911 dispatch for reports of a shooting at Oxford High School. Deputies immediately responded to the scene and took the suspect into custody but not until after he shot multiple people, killing three, authorities said.

Authorities recovered a semi-automatic handgun and several clips.

Around 2 p.m. local time, medical helicopters including the University of Michigan's Survival Flight had landed in the parking lot of the school as a secondary search was being conducted around the perimeter.

So far, authorities have only confirmed that the three who were killed were students and one of the six other people who were injured was a teacher. 


The shooting took place at Oxford High School in Oxford Township. The shooter, identified only as a male 15-year-old sophomore, was taken into custody, apparently unharmed, within five minutes of the first 911 call. The shooter has reportedly invoked his Fifth Amendment right to not answer police questions. An estimated 15-20 shots were fired.


"Oakland County" = 156 (English Ordinal) 911 is the 156th prime number

Evil witch Gov of MI Gretchen Whitmer 
"Gun violence is a public health crisis" = 113 (Chaldean)

"This is an unimaginable tragedy" = 1308 (Jewish)
"State Governor" = 1308 (Jewish)
"Thirty three degree Freemason" = 1308 (Jewish)
"UN Office for Disarmament Affairs" = 1038 (Jewish)

911 (2001) / 3/11 (covid pandemic declared) 3:11 pm is the 911th minute of the day. 11/3 election 2020 11/30 school shooting zeroes don't count in numerology so it's 11/3. 
We're running quite a streak on 113 

"United Nations Small Arms Treaty" = 362 (English Ordinal)
"Oxford Township Oakland County" = 362 (English Ordinal)

"Oxford Township Oakland County" = 1307 (Satanic)
"Michigan United States of America" = 1307 (Satanic)

The Witch of Michigan ...Gretchen Whitmer 

Shooting 11/30/2021 
Tue, 30 November 2021 = 26th of Kislev, 5782
כ״ו בְּכִסְלֵו תשפ״ב
🕎 Chanukah Day 2 🕎
Parashat Miketz

Sandy Hook 
Fri, 14 December 2012 = 1st of Tevet, 5773
א׳ בְּטֵבֵת תשע״ג
🕎 Chanukah Day 6 🕎
🌒 Rosh Chodesh Tevet 🌒
Parashat Miketz

UN small arms treaty enacted
Wed, 24 December 2014 = 2nd of Tevet, 5775
ב׳ בְּטֵבֵת תשע״ה
🕎 Chanukah Day 8 🕎
Parashat Vayigash

"Chanukah" = 402 (English Sumerian)
"gun" = 42 (English Ordinal)

"United Nations Small Arms Treaty" = 362 (English Ordinal)
"Oxford Township Oakland County" = 362 (English Ordinal)

"Gretchen Whitmer" = 176 (English Ordinal)
"woman president" = 176 (English Ordinal)
"42nd parallel north" = 176 (English Ordinal)

Gretchen Whitmer was born on August 23, 1971, in Lansing, Michigan, the eldest of three children of Sharon H. "Sherry" Reisig and Richard Whitmer, both attorneys. Her father was head of the state department of commerce under Governor William Milliken and was the president and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan between 1988 and 2006. Whitmer's mother worked as an assistant attorney general under Michigan Attorney General Frank Kelley.

Whitmer born in Lansing Michigan on 8/23/1971 
"forty second parallel north" = 116 (Full Reduction)
"Gretchen Esther Whitmer" = 116 (Full Reduction)

Lansing Michigan 
"42° 44′ 1″ N, 84° 32′ 48″ W" = 54 (Full Reduction)
"Jesuit Order" = 54 (Full Reduction)
"42° 44′ 1″ N, 84° 32′ 48″ W" = 81 (English Ordinal)
42 / 84 
"Freemason" = 42 (Full Reduction)
"Whitmer" = 42 (Full Reduction)
"Jesuit" = 42 (Reverse Full Reduction)
"gun" = 42 (English Ordinal)
"Jesuit" = 84 (English Ordinal)
"Jesuit Order" = 54 (Full Reduction)

Gretchen Whitmer was born in the capital city Lansing Michigan. Gretchen Whitmer is the Governor of Michigan and now lives in the Governor's mansion in Lansing!
Lansing Michigan co-ordinates 
"42° 44′ 1″ N, 84° 32′ 48″ W" = 266 (English Sumerian)
From Oxford shooting to Whitmer's next birthday is 266 days 
11/30/2021 to 8/23/2022 = 266 days 

You can see how Michigan is getting WRECKED! 

Immigration and refugee resettlement

The Brookings Institution has ranked Greater Lansing among the top 10 "medium-sized metropolitan areas" in the United States for refugee resettlement, with 5,369 refugees resettled from 1983 to 2004. St. Vincent Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services handle the adult and unaccompanied minor resettlement processes, respectively, while other organizations, such as the Refugee Development Center, focus on providing educational and social support services to refugees in the Lansing area. Nearby Michigan State University provides a source of volunteers for many of these programs.

As of 2005, the Lansing area has about 2,000 Arab Americans, mostly second-generation Christian Lebanese Americans as well as some Palestinian Americans.

The city is also home to a large number of temporary foreign residents enrolled as international students at Lansing Community College and nearby Michigan State University, with the city's visitors bureau specifically promoting Mandarin-language video tours of Lansing, touting the "more than 6,000" Chinese students enrolled at MSU. The Lansing School District offers language immersion programs for its students in both Spanish and Chinese.

Lansing MI
"42.733611, -84.546667" = 73 (English Ordinal)
"sacrifice" = 73 (English Ordinal)

Shooting 11/30/2021 
Tue, 30 November 2021 = 26th of Kislev, 5782
כ״ו בְּכִסְלֵו תשפ״ב
🕎 Chanukah Day 2 🕎
Parashat Miketz
Parashat Miketz 5782 / פָּרָשַׁת מִקֵּץ
Read on 4 December 2021 / 30 Kislev 5782.
Parashat Miketz is the 10th weekly Torah portion in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading.
Torah Portion: Genesis 41:1-44:17  
Parashat Miketz tells of Joseph's interpretation of Pharaoh's dreams, Joseph's rise to power in Egypt, and Joseph's testing of his brothers. [1]

"Oxford, Michigan" = 83 (Full Reduction)
"83rd meridian west" = 83 (Full Reduction)
42° 49′ 25″ N, 83° 16′ 14″ W
"83rd meridian west" = 227 (Reverse Ordinal)
"UN Small Arms Treaty" = 227 (Reverse Ordinal)

"XI.XXX.MMXXI" = 82 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Oxford" = 82 (English Ordinal)

"XI.XXX" = 33 (Full Reduction)

Oxford School address
"745 North Oxford Rd, Oxford, MI 48371" = 322 (English Ordinal)

"November thirtieth" = 1331 (Jewish)
"twin eclipses" = 1331 (Jewish)

"November thirtieth 2021" = 99 (Full Reduction)
From Gretchen's 50th birthday 8/23/21 to 11/30/21 = 99 days
"November thirtieth 2021" = 216 (English Ordinal)

"November 30th 2021" = 58 (Full Reduction)
"freemasonry" = 58 (Full Reduction)
"November 30th 2021" = 156 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Oxford High" = 156 (Reverse Ordinal)

November 30 is the 334th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar; 31 days remain until the end of

Oxford High School 745 N Oxford Rd, Oxford, MI 48371

"Oxford High School" = 1116 (English Sumerian)
"António Guterres" = 1116 (English Sumerian) (UN Director)
"world domination" = 1116 (English Sumerian)
"vaccination" = 1116 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"mark of beast" = 1116 (Reverse English Sumerian)

405 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017

"Under Sheriff Michael McCabe" = 211 (English Ordinal)
"November thirtieth" = 211 (English Ordinal)

"November thirtieth" = 1331 (Jewish)
"twin eclipses" = 1331 (Jewish)

Monday, November 29, 2021


(Copied from Stephen Andrew MP member for Mirani Facebook post)

Many people, like me, are starting to wake up to the fact that things are not what they seem in Australia.
For years now, we have all been fed the line that Australia is a democratic ‘meritocracy’ where those who reach the top, do so as a product of their own gifts, talent, intelligence or hard work – none of which is even remotely true.

Most people operating at the top of Australia’s elite circle of power are part of a far more nepotistic and insidious system altogether – one where hard work and talent matters much less than who are connected to, or even who your father, mother, or sibling was, or who you are married to.

Take Boris Johnson in the UK, whose father, Stanley Johnson, was an influential Conservative Party politician and later, a member of the European Parliament, European Commission and World Bank.

Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau, was of course the famous Prime Minister of Canada, whose two administrations bridged the 1960, 1970s and 1980s.

Jacinda Ardern is the daughter of Ross Ardern, a NZ High Commissioner to Cook Islands and more recently, Administrator of Tokelau. His brother, Ian, is Head of the Mormon Church in New Zealand and Pacific region.

Scott Morrison’s Great Aunt was Mary Gilmore, who once founded a utopian socialist colony in Paraguay with the socialist William Lane.
Morrison’s older brother, Alan, serves as Chair of AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) Committee on Paramedicine and Chair of the government’s Health Services Working Group.

Then there is Jane Halton, who Morrison appointed as head of the government’s National Covid-19 Co-ordination Commission.

Jane is the daughter of Charles Halton, a British Military Scientist brought to Australia in 1973 by Gough Whitlam to overhaul the country’s transport system, and who served as Secretary of Defence and Secretary of the Department of Communications under Hawke and Keating.  
Daughter Jane is now the CHAIR OF CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations), set up and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust and World Economic Forum in 2015.

Jane was part of Event 201, a pandemic exercise organised and funded by John Hopkins, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations and the World Economic Forum in October 2019.
Jane’s husband is Trevor Sutton, Deputy of the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Chair of the Governing Council of Statistics for the Asian and Pacific region.

Trevor heads the Statistical Business Transformation Group which received a $256 million investment program to radically transform how ABS collects, processes and disseminates information, data and statistics.
In 2016, ABS data collection and survey systems were awarded to Accenture, a partner of ID2020 and GAVI.

Trevor is a Member of the Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation of which Jane Halton is also a Board Member, and which receives funding from the Gates Foundation and WHO.
Trevor Sutton’s brother is Dr Brett Sutton.
Dr Sutton is the Chief Health Officer of Victoria, who advises Dan Andrews Government on public health and pandemic response measures.
Interestingly, Jane Halton also has a brother, Philip Halton, who is Deputy Commissioner of QBCC, Queensland’s building and construction regulator.

These are just a few examples but there are many more - some are well-known, while others are tightly guarded secrets.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

3x+1 The Simplest Math Problem No One Can Solve - Collatz Conjecture

 3x+1 The Simplest Math Problem No One Can Solve - Collatz Conjecture

30% all numbers start with one...It comes up everywhere.. Benford's law, It's used to detect fraud. 

ENDGAME OMICRON OMEGA!!! THE ARRIVAL!!! Movie Omicron (Italian) release date 9/3/1963


A dead factory worker comes back to life after his body becomes inhabited by an invisible alien.

The movie was released on 9/3/1963 counting the days from that to Event 201 was 56 years and 45 days... 

"coronavirus" = 56 (Full Reduction)
"Anthony Fauci" = 56 (Full Reduction)

Trump was the 45th president

"influenza" = 45 (Full Reduction)
"holy bible" = 45 (Full Reduction)
"Pale horse" = 45 (Full Reduction)

Event 201 
"William Henry Gates" = 201 (English Ordinal)

45 days is 1 month, 2 weeks and 1 day =  121 

1/21 was the date of the first coronavirus death in the US

"Revelation" = 121 (English Ordinal)
"Anti Christ" = 121 (English Ordinal)
"blood sacrifice" = 121 (English Ordinal)

"Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation" = 121 (Full Reduction)
"World Health Organization" = 121 (Reverse Full Reduction)
"We scare because we care" = 121 (Reverse Full Reduction)

But WAIT, there's more !!! ... A 2013 movie called "The Visitor From Planet Omicron" ... here's the description I found in researching: "An alien comes to earth with a botanical virus, but a gutsy Arizona widow wins him over with her garden-fresh cooking, and then tries to topple the corrupt government that put him up to it." 

On May 31st 2021 the WHO declared.... 

Why 'Omicron', Not 'Nu' or 'Xi'? WHO Says Two Letters in Greek Alphabet Jumped to 'Avoid Stigma'

Mon, 31 May 2021 = 20th of Sivan, 5781
כ׳ בְּסִיוָן תשפ״א
"כ׳ בְּסִיוָן תשפ״א" = 119 (Hebrew Ordinal)
Parashat Sh'lach

Friday, November 26, 2021

Rothschild and Satan


32 mutations ...... Omicron

 They use code... The reason it had 32 mutations is because that was the next country it was scheduled to go to. The country code for Belgium is 32.

We could be next ... "America" = 32 (Full Reduction)

Omicron Clinton


Todays word scramble:

From 911 to 3/22/2025 .... 314 322 911


8593/27.322 = 314.508454725 

314 sidereal months from 911


Media announces NEW covid strain 11/26/2021


Should this Team America World Police song be considered predictive programming?

 There are doctors saying the jab is destroying the immune system so if that's true I guess this song is correct everybody does have AIDS!

From Team America: World Police release in the US to the day the Chinese declared they had coronavirus was 5555 days exactly! 

The film premiered at the Denver Film Festival on October 14, 2004, and was released theatrically in the United States the following day on October 15, 2004, by Paramount Pictures. 

From and including: Friday, October 15, 2004
To, but not including Tuesday, December 31, 2019
Result: 5555 days

"Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor" = 5555 (Squares)

2977 victims on 911 .... 29*77 = 2233+3322 = 5555

The address of Donald Trump's transition office after the election was.....

"President Donald Trump 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Washington, DC 20006." = 666 (English Ordinal)

"And power was given to them over a fourth part of the earth to kill" = 666 (English Ordinal) (Rev 6:8)

"President Donald Trump 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Washington, DC 20006." = 5555 (Jewish)
5 * 11 * 101 = 5555
511 Saturn 101 God


World War Three in Jewish Gematria Equals: 2233

Frankfurt School Germany
Institute For Social Research in Jewish Gematria Equals: 1234=5555

"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" = 5555 (Satanic)

Thursday, November 25, 2021

List of 74 Athletes Collapsing/Dying as of 11/8/21

 17 year old Pedro Acosta collapses while giving a press statement. Pedro Acosta is a famous Spanish motorcycle racer. He won the 2021 Moto3 World Championship.

List of 74 Athletes Collapsing/Dying as of 11/8/21


4.6.21, Italy, 29 Years Old Italy: The 29-Year-Old Ex-Professional Giuseppe Perrino Collapses in A Charity Game for His Dead Brother and this.
7.6.21, Germany 38 Years Table Tennis Pro Michael Schneider This Suddenly and Unexpectedly.
12.6.21, Denmark, 29 Years Old Footballer Christian Eriksen Collapses Lifress During A European Championship Match - HE Can be revived, Needs a pacemaker for the rest of His Life.
22.6.21, Hungary, 18 Years Old Footballer Viktor Marcell Hegedüs Died While Warming Up for Training in Hungary.
14.07.21, Netherlands, 31 Years Old Olympic Speed ​​Skating Champion Kjelt Nuis Seriously Ill After Vaccination, With Heart Problems in Hospital.
16.07.21, Egypt Footballer Imad Bayumi Died During a Friendly Match in Egypt.
22.07.21, Germany, 36 Years Old On July 22, SV Olympia Schlanstedt and Germania from Kroppenstedt met.during The Game, Schlanstedt's Player Nicky Dalibor Collapsed and Had to be resuscitated on the pitch.
23.07.21, Germany, 27 Years Tim B. FROM SV Hamberge (Schleswig-Holstein) Collapses After Returning from a Football Tournament and this.
24.07.21, Germany A Player of the Tus Hoberge-Uerentrup (Bielefeld) Collapses on the Pitch with Cardiac Arrest.
31.07.21, Netherlands, 19 Years The 19-year-old Handball Player Whitnée Abriskadied of Cardiac Arrest Just Before A Flight.
02.08.21, Belgium, 18 Years Old Rune Coghe (18) of Eendering Hoglede (Belgium) Suffers Heart Attack During Game
02.08.21, Austria, 18 Years Chronicle: 18-year-old Unnamed Player in Burgenland (Austria) Collapses on the Pitch and Can Be Rescued Thanks to Helicopter Use.
06.08.21, Germany Kreisliga Player of Spvgg. Oelde II must be revived by His Opponent.
14.08.21, Belgium, 37 years The Only 37-Year-Old Former French Professional Footballer Franck Berrier Died of Several Heart Attacks While Playing Tennis.
15.08.21 Germany Goalkeeper Coach of SV Niederpöring Suffers Heart Attack After Training.
16.08.21 France 24 Years Bordeaux Professional Samuel Kalu Collapses During A Ligue 1 Match with Cardiac Arrest
18.08.21, Belgium, 25 years Belgian Footballer Jente Van Vaniest (25) Suffers a Cardiac Arrest in The Early Stages of A Cup Match.
21.08.21, Turkey, 31 Years Old Fabrice N'Sakala (31) of Besiktas Istanbul Collapses on the Field Without The Influence of the Opponent and Has to Be Taken to the Hospital
22.08.21, Italy, 29 years Pedro Obiang of Italian First Division Club Sassuolo Calcio in Hospital After Covid Vaccination with myocarditis.
22.08.21, Venezuela, 30 Years Venezuelan Marathon National Champion Alexaida Guedez This of A Heart Attack During A 5,000 meter Run.
24.08.21, Luxembourg, 29 Years Old José Dos Reis, A Red Black Pfaffenthal (Luxembourg) Player, Collapses on the Field and Needs to be revived.
29.08.21, Germany In the C-Liga Dillenburg (Mittelhessen) a player breaks together from Hirzenhain, the game is broken off.
05.09.21, France, 16 years Diego Ferchaud (16 years) from the ASPTT Caenerlet in a U-18 league game in Saint-Lô a cardiac arrest.
06.09.21, Austria Players of ASV Baden (Lower Austria) breaks together on the field and has to be reinimated.
06.09.21, Italy, 16 years 16-year-old inadequate football player in Bergamo suffers cardiac arrest
06.09.21, Belgium, 27 years Belgian hobby footballer Jens de Smet (27) from Maldegem suffered heart attack during the game and dies in the hospital.
06.09.21, Italy, 13 years 13-year-old footballer of the association Janus Nova from Saccolongo (Italy) breaks together on the field with a cardiac arrest
07.09.21, Great Britain, 17 years 17-year-old football player Dylan Rich dies in England during a game of double heart attack.
09.09.21, Germany Players from the Birati Club Münster suffers in a county league game against FC Nordkirchen II Eriksen fate: collapse with cardiac arrest. Game is canceled
10.09.21, Germany, 24 years Lucas Surek (24) from BFC Chemie Leipzig illuminates myocarditis.
11.09.21, France, 49 years Ain / France: Frédéric Lartillot succumbed to a friendly game in the dressing room a heart attack
11.09.21, Italy, 45 Years Old Andrea Astolfi, Sporting Director of Calcio Orsago (Italy) Suffers A Brilliant Heart Attack After Returning From Trainingand This Without A Pre-Existing Condition at the Age of 45
11.09.21, Denmark, 22 Years Old Abou Ali (22) Collapses During A Two League Match in Denmark with Cardiac Arrest
11.09.21, Netherlands, 19 Years Old Ice Hockey Player Sebastiaan Bos Died Suddenly and Unexpectedly.
13.09.21, Germany Anil Usta FROM VFB Schwelm (Ennepetal) Collapses with Heart Problems on the pitch
13.09.21, France 33 Years Dimitri Liénard of FC Strasbourg Collapses in A Ligue 1 Game With Heart Problems.
14.09.21, USA 37 Years Ex-NFL Pro Paryys Haralson This Suddenly and Unexpectedly at The Age of 37.
18.09.21, Germany 25 Years Kingsley Coman (25) from FC Bayern Munich Has undergOne Surgery After Cardiac Arrhythmias.
18.09.21, Canada 25 Years Canadian University Football Player Francis Perron Died Shortly After a Match.
19.09.21, France 19 years 19-year old FC Nantes Footballer Suffers Cardiac Arrest in training
19.09.21, Germany Volleyball Coach Dirk SPLISTESER FROM SG Tractor Divitz Collapses Dead on the Edge of the Pitch
21.09.21, Augsburg Assistant Referee of a Kreisliga Augsburg Game in Emersacker, Collapseswith Heart Problems
21.09.21, Germany At The Women's World Cup Qualifying Match Between Germany and Serbia in Chemnitz, English Lineswoman Helen Byrne Has To Barried Off The Pitch with Heart Problems
27.09.21, Germany Match Stopboard Due to Cardiac Arrest of the Reference in A Game of Lauber SV (Kreis Donauwörth)
27.09.21, Italy, 20 years Young Rider Sufers A Heart Attack After The End Of A Tournament.
28.09.21, Germany, 17 Years 17-year-old football player of JSG High Hagen Has to be resuscitated in Hannoversch Münden During The Game
28.09.21, Italy, 53 years 53-year-old football coach Antonello Campus Collapses Dead During Training With His Youth Team in Sicily
28.09.21, USA, 16 Years Double-Vaccinated Teenager Collapses While Playing Football and This A Little Later.
29.09.21, Germany Team Leader Dietmar Gladow from Thalheim (Bitterfeld) Suffers A Fatal Heart Attack Before The Game
29.09.21, United States A High School Football Player Collapsed During Training and Died in the Hospital.
30.09.21, Germany During The Game Of The Kreisliga A 2 Between SV Hotkirch and TSV Sigmarandorf, A Player Collapsed. He Suffered A Cardiac Arrest and Had to Be Resuscitated.
1.10.21, Germany, 15 years Young Goalkeeper Bruno Stein from FC at the Fahner Height in Gräfenna, Thuringia, Has Died at The Age of 15.
3.10.21, Austria, 64 Years Old Former Goalkeeper Coach and Most Recently Talent Scout Ernst Scherr Died Suddenly and Unexpectedly.
4.10.21, Germany, 42 years Alexander Siegfried From Vfb Moschendorf Suddenly and Unexpectedly Collapsedand Died.
7.10.21, Italy, 17 years A 17-year-old athlete from clverde collapses During Training with Cardiac Arrest.
8.10.21, France, 49 Years Old SC Massay Player Suffers a Fatal Heart Attack During The Game.
9.10.21, Mexico The Caddy Alberto Olguin Collapses Dead on the Golf Course After A Heart Attack. It Is Said To Be The Second Death Of This Child Within A Short Time.
9.10.21, England, 29 Years Old Shrewsbury Professional Striker Ryan Bowman Has to Be Treated With Extreme Heart Problems from the Field and with a Defibrillator After Half to Hour of Play.
10.10.21, Italy, 18 Years Football Player Suddenly Faints on the Pitch, is Reanimated by Teemates.
10.10.21, France, 40 years After Warming Up, A Saint-James Playersuffers A Heart Attack.
10.10.21, Italy, 59 years A Long Distance Runner from Biella This of Heart Failure During A Race.
10.10.2021, Germany In The Game Of The Women's Westphalia Wacker Mecklenbeck Against Fortuna Freudenberg, A Player Collapses Shortly Before The End Without Opposing Influence.
12.10.21 Germany, 25 Years Goalkeeper of HC Tura Bergkamen, Lukas Bommer, This Suddenly and Unexpectedly.
13.10.21, Mexico, 16 Years Old Student Hector Manuel Mendoza This of A Heart Attack While Training.
14.10.21, Brazil, 18 Years Old The Young Professional Footballer Fellipe de Jesus Moreira Suffered A Double Heart Attack and Is Fighting for His Life.
14.10.21, Italy, 27 years The Multiple Cycling Champion Gianni Moscon Has to be operated on for Severe Cardiac Arrhythmias.
14.10.21, Italy, 53 years To AH Footballer Suffers A Heart Attack During Training.
15.10.21, USA, 14 Years The 14-Year-Old Footballer Ava Azzopardi Collapsed on the Pitchand is NOW Fighting for her Life in Artificial Coma.
16.10.21, France, 54 years AH Player Christophe Ramassamy Died of Aheart Attack During A Match.
17.10.21, France, 41 years A Football Player Collapsed on the Pitch and Died, Apparently Due to Cardiac Arrest.
27.10.21, Austria, 26 years Ghanaian Raphael Dwamena Collapsed with Severe Heart Problems.He What Already Wearing A Defibrillator Before The Incident.
28.10.21, Germany, 48 years Hertha BSC Assistant Coach Selim Levent This Suddenly and Unexpectedly on Holiday.
28.10.21, USA, 12 years 12-year-old Jayson Kidd Collapsed During Basketball Practice and Later Died.
30.10.21, Spain, 33 Years Old Star Striker Kun Agüero from FC Barcelona Had to Be Replaced in One Game Due To Heart Problems.he is now in The Hospital for Examinations.


Dylann Storm Roof interview

 "110 Calhoun St, Charleston" = 911 (Jewish)


The whole event was fake! Not an accident that it happened the day after Trump announced he was running for President!


Tuesday, November 23, 2021

White normies are going to have to wake up!

 White normies are going to have to wake up! There are people in this country who want to kill you! There are media in this country who cheer them on! The Waukesha parade attack was a DELIBERATE act of mass murder by a black lives matter supporter who was upset about the Rittenhouse verdict and plowed into the parade as an act of revenge! White normies may not know this but a big chuck of people of color in this country feel that he was JUSTIFIED! He wasn't! Kyle Rittenhouse killed in self defense and anybody who's looked at the videos knows that. They are NOT justified just like they WERE NOT JUSTIFIED in the summer of 2020 when they were trying to burn down the town of Kenosha, just like they WERE NOT JUSTIFIED pulling innocent white people out of their cars and beating them while they were just trying to get home from work after a hard day of trying to make enough money to pay taxes with! A lot of people are BRAINWASHED by the MEDIA and the SCHOOLS who are CONSTANTLY trying to start a race war in this country! To protect ELITES from justice by constantly creating divide and rule schemes to keep the people hating each other. It's not just race they use it's SEX, it's RELIGION and now even VAXXED OR UNVAXXED! Anything they can do to DIVIDE they do! And even though most people know they're doing that is STILL WORKS! So the white normies are going to have to protect themselves. The day of depending on people you vote for to protect the public is over! NO LONGER should events like parades or holiday celebrations rely on protection from local police departments! Form your OWN voluntary groups to provide and extra layer of security for your activities. Not to interfere with police but to make sure when things do happen there are honest observers who can take videos and give reports to alternative news sites. Since the mainstream media is calling for the death of white women and children everyday it's time to cancel your cable, your newspaper, your magazines and anything that produces income that goes to FAKE NEWS! Welcome to 2021 and the invisible war! The war our governments are waging against us, the war the media and big tech are waging against us, the war the medical establishments are waging against us, the war the schools are waging against us! It's all real unfortunately so protect each other during the holidays because you can be sure that black lives matter supporters are planning more attacks and at the very least LOOTING which they're already doing!. Don't let them scare you into staying home just be aware of what's going on this isn't going away anytime soon! NO FEAR needed, get rid of it, just basic common sense security measures will go a long way to having a very Merry Christmas and always remember that white people have a right to exist in the country their ancestors built! Cheers! 

Friday, November 19, 2021

For 85 minutes, Kamala Harris became the first woman with presidential power 11/19/21

 For 85 minutes, Kamala Harris became the first woman with presidential power 11/19/21 

President Joe Biden on Friday temporarily transferred power to Vice President Kamala Harris while he was under anesthesia for a routine colonoscopy for one hour and 25 minutes, according to the White House.

The nation's first female, first Black and first South Asian vice president broke yet another barrier when she temporarily stepped into the acting role. Harris worked from her office in the West Wing while Biden was under anesthesia, according to Psaki.
"@POTUS spoke with @VP and @WHCOS at approximately 11:35am this morning. @POTUS was in good spirits and at that time resumed his duties. He will remain at Walter Reed as he completes the rest of his routine physical," Psaki tweeted.

To officially transfer the presidential powers to Harris, Biden sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, the president pro tempore of the Senate, at 10:10 a.m. ET before going under anesthesia.

10:10 am was the 610th minute of the day. 


11+19+20+21 = 71
11+19+2+0+2+1= 35 
1+1+1+9+2+0+2+1= 17

11/19 = 1119 

11/19 is the 323rd day of the year with 42 to remaining
Lucifer = 323  N**ger = 42 

Fri, 19 November 2021 = 15th of Kislev, 5782
ט״ו בְּכִסְלֵו תשפ״ב
Parashat Vayishlach
Parashat Vayishlach 5782 / פָּרָשַׁת וַיִּשְׁלַח
Read on 20 November 2021 / 16 Kislev 5782.
Parashat Vayishlach is the 8th weekly Torah portion in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading.
Torah Portion: Genesis 32:4-36:43  
In Parashat Vayishlach, Jacob reconciles with Esau after wrestling with a "man". The prince Shechem rapes Dinah, whose brothers sack the city of Shechem in revenge. In the family's subsequent flight, Rachel gives birth to Benjamin and dies in childbirth.

Genesis 3:24 
"When he saw them, Jacob said, “This is God’s camp.” So he named that place Mahanaim." = 227 (Chaldean)

15th of Kislev, 5782 (Kislev is 3 and 9) 
15+3+57+82 = 157
15+9+57+82 = 163
15+3+5+7+8+2 = 40
15+9+5+7+8+2 = 46
1+5+3+5+7+8+2 = 31
1+5+9+5+7+8+2= 37
15+3+82= 100
15+9+82= 106

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Kaiser Permanente 174


World War One

 Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by the black hand secret society on 28 June 1914. 

"Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated" = 144 (Full Reduction)
"Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated" = 1369 (Fibonacci) 37*37=1369 

"Archduke Franz Ferdinand" = 211 (English Ordinal)
"Archduke Franz Ferdinand" = 112 (Full Reduction)

The FED was created on 12/23/2013. Private bankers wanted to run up debt so they started WW1. 
From the FED creation to Ferdinand assassination was 187 days... 
From and including: Tuesday, December 23, 1913
To, but not including Sunday, June 28, 1914
Result: 187 days
The secret society the "Black Hand" assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand
"Serbia" = 187 (Jewish)
"black hand" = 187 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Society of Jesus" = 187 (Reverse Ordinal)
"War of the worlds" = 187 (English Ordinal)
"Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" = 187 (Full Reduction)

The black hand was founded on 5/9/1911 
"Freemasonry" = 59 (Reverse Full Reduction)
"Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" = 1911 (Jewish)
277 is the 59th prime number
"Archduke Ferdinand assassinated" = 277 (English Ordinal) 59th prime
"Archduke Ferdinand assassinated" = 115 (Full Reduction)
"Scottish Rite Freemasonry" = 115 (Full Reduction)

Black hand founded on 5/9/1911
Tue, 9 May 1911 = 11th of Iyyar, 5671
"י״א בְּאִיָיר תרע״א" = 113 (Hebrew Ordinal)
Parashat Emor (in Diaspora)
26th day of the Omer
"Ferdinand assassinated" = 206 (English Ordinal)
"twenty sixth day of the Omer" = 115 (Full Reduction)
"Archduke Ferdinand assassinated" = 115 (Full Reduction)
"Scottish Rite Freemasonry" = 115 (Full Reduction)
"twenty sixth day of the Omer" = 322 (English Ordinal)
Torah Portion: Leviticus 21:1-24:23  
Parashat Emor describes purity rules for priests (כֹּהֲנִים, Kohanim), recounts the holy days, describes the preparations for the lights and bread in the sanctuary, and tells the story of a blasphemer and his punishment. 
Date in Hebrew 11/2/5671 
"Archduke Franz Ferdinand" = 112 (Full Reduction)
"Archduke Franz Ferdinand" = 211 (English Ordinal)
Torah Portion: Leviticus 21:1
or 11/8/5671 

Assassination date 6/28/1914 
Sun, 28 June 1914 = 4th of Tamuz, 5674
"ד׳ בְּתַמּוּז תרע״ד" = 1133 (Hebrew Soffits) in duo 1911 (year black hand was founded) 
"Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" = 1911 (Jewish)
Parashat Chukat
Parashat Chukat is the 39th weekly Torah portion in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading.
Torah Portion: Numbers 19:1-22:1  
"Society of Jesus" = 191 (English Ordinal)
Parashat Chukat sets out the laws of corpse contamination (tumat hamet) and purification with the water of lustration prepared with the Red Cow (פָרָה אֲדֻמָּה, parah adumah, also called the “Red Heifer”). 

From the founding of the black hand to the creation of the FED was 137 weeks 
From and including: Tuesday, May 9, 1911
To, but not including Tuesday, December 23, 1913
137 weeks the 33rd prime number 

From the founding of the black hand to the assassination of the Archduke was 1146 days 
From and including: Tuesday, May 9, 1911
To, but not including Sunday, June 28, 1914
Result: 1146 days
"Society of Jesus" = 1146 (English Sumerian)
"assassination" = 1146 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"War of the worlds" = 1146 (Reverse English Sumerian)

Rosicrucian temple in the US was created in 1911 also.
Mount Ecclesia (dedicated on October 28, 1911) is the location of the international headquarters of the fraternal and service organization The Rosicrucian Fellowship (TRF), located on grounds in Oceanside, California. It is also the location of its spiritual temple, called The Ecclesia.

5/9/1911 to 10/28/1911 was 172 days
"Ad maiorem dei gloriam" = 172 (English Ordinal)
10/28/1911 to 6/28/1914 was 33 months exactly 
10/28/1911 to 12/23/1913 was 787 days
Sun, 28 June 1914 = 4th of Tamuz, 5674
4th or Tamuz = 4/4 
"The Black Hand" = 44 (Full Reduction)
"jachin boaz" = 44 (Full Reduction)
4+4+56+74 = 138
"master mason" = 138 (English Ordinal)

Hidden history of WW1 by Dr Shiva 

My earlier work on Rosy Cross 

World war three starts in Ukraine... My Ukraine work 

They also use gematria and numerology to send messages and organize events. The group that assassinated the Archduke was called the hidden hand and they were created in 1911. The Rosicrucian founded their US temple in 1911 also. The King James Bible was released in 1611 flip the 6 and it's a 9 . The number 1911 is 
"Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry" = 1911 (Jewish) 

Dates Black hand 5/9/1911, Rosicrucian temple 10/28/1911,  the Titanic sinking 4/15/1912, the FED /12/23/1913, Assassination of Archduke 6/28/1914 = WW1 begins , Lusitania sinks 5/7/1915, US enters WW1 4/6/1917, Romanovs murdered 7/17/1918, End of WW1 11/11/1918. 

It was all the same big operation. 

From and including: Tuesday, May 9, 1911
To, but not including Monday, November 11, 1918
Result: 2743 days

add the end date
From and including: Tuesday, May 9, 1911
To and including: Monday, November 11, 1918
Result: 2744 days
Or 90 months, 3 days including the end date.
392 weeks

From and including: Sunday, June 28, 1914
To, but not including Monday, November 11, 1918
Result: 1597 days
Or 4 years, 4 months, 14 days excluding the end date.
Or 52 months, 14 days excluding the end date.
228 weeks and 1 day
437.53% of a common year (365 days)

From and including: Saturday, October 28, 1911
To, but not including Monday, November 11, 1918
Result: 2571 days
Or 7 years, 14 days excluding the end date.
Or 84 months, 14 days excluding the end date.
367 weeks and 2 days
704.38% of a common year (365 days)

From and including: Tuesday, December 23, 1913
To, but not including Monday, November 11, 1918
Result: 1784 days
"prophecy" = 1784 (Squares)
"Mark of The Beast Is Six Six Six" = 1784 (Jewish)
"Mark of The Beast Is Six Six Six" = 112 (Full Reduction)

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Dustin Aaron Moskovitz the man who wrote the check for event 201

 Dustin Aaron Moskovitz born May 22, 1984 is an American Internet entrepreneur who co-founded Facebook, Inc. (now known as Meta) with Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum and Chris Hughes. In 2008, he left Facebook to co-found Asana with Justin Rosenstein. In March 2011, Forbes reported Moskovitz to be the youngest self-made billionaire in history, on the basis of his 2.34% share in Facebook. As of September 2021, his net worth is estimated at US$24.04 billion

"vaccination" = 666 (English Sumerian)
"mark of beast" = 666 (English Sumerian)
"The Culling" = 666 (English Sumerian)

Tue, 22 May 1984 = 20th of Iyyar, 5744
כ׳ בְּאִיָיר תשמ״ד
Parashat Bamidbar
3️⃣5️⃣ 35th day of the Omer3️⃣5️⃣

"כ׳ בְּאִיָיר תשמ״ד" = 24 (Hebrew Reduction)
"כ׳ בְּאִיָיר תשמ״ד" = 114 (Hebrew Ordinal)
"כ׳ בְּאִיָיר תשמ״ד" = 987 (Hebrew Gematria)
"כ׳ בְּאִיָיר תשמ״ד" = 987 (Hebrew Soffits)

20th of Iyyar, 5744 = 2+8+57+44 = 111
"vaccination" = 111 (English Ordinal)
"mark of beast" = 111 (English Ordinal)
"the culling" = 111 (English Ordinal)

From Moskovitz's birthday to event 201 was 150 days 
From and including: Wednesday, May 22, 2019
To and including: Friday, October 18, 2019
Result: 150 days
"Moskovitz" = 150 (English Ordinal)

Moskovitz attended Vanguard High School, graduating from the IB Diploma Program. Vanguard High School is one of seven public high schools in Marion County, Florida. The school serves the northeast area of Ocala, Florida. Vanguard offers the International Baccalaureate program.

The International Baccalaureate (IB), formerly known as the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), is a nonprofit foundation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and founded October 25 1968.

"International Baccalaureate Organization" = 1804 (Jewish)

Vaccines concepts started in 1804 by Edward Jenner.... Eugenics



Who wrote the check for "Event 201"??? Here he is!

 Who wrote the check for "Event 201"??? Here he is! 

Dustin Aaron Moskovitz born May 22, 1984 is an American Internet entrepreneur who co-founded Facebook, Inc. (now known as Meta) with Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum and Chris Hughes. In 2008, he left Facebook to co-found Asana with Justin Rosenstein. In March 2011, Forbes reported Moskovitz to be the youngest self-made billionaire in history, on the basis of his 2.34% share in Facebook. As of September 2021, his net worth is estimated at US$24.04 billion. 

Moskovitz was born in Gainesville, Florida and grew up in Ocala, Florida. He attended Vanguard High School, graduating from the IB Diploma Program. Moskovitz attended Harvard University as an economics major for two years before he moved with Mark Zuckerberg to Palo Alto in order to work full-time on Facebook.

Moskovitz has voted for the Democratic Party candidates in each election in which he has voted, but he wrote: "Though we've voted for the Democratic nominee each of the times we've cast a ballot, we've considered ourselves independent thinkers who respect candidates and positions from both sides of the aisle." Prior to their donation for the 2016 election cycle, Moskovitz and Tuna had donated roughly $10,000 over their lifetime to federal candidates, most of it to Sean Eldridge, the husband of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes.

Moskovitz, through his support of the Open Philanthropy Project, has contributed to California YIMBY. The Open Philanthropy Project, mainly funded by Moskovitz and his wife, has donated around $500,000 to the cause.

For the 2016 United States presidential election, Moskovitz announced that he and his wife would donate $20 million to support Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party nominee, arguing that the dangers of a Donald Trump presidency are significant, and that they were making their donation despite being skeptical of allowing large donors to influence election cycles through money.[ The New York Times quoted Moskovitz's blog post on the subject: "The Republican Party, and Donald Trump in particular, is running on a zero-sum vision, stressing a false contest between their constituency and the rest of the world." This made him the third-largest donor in the 2016 campaigns.

For the 2020 United States presidential election, Moskovitz donated $24 million to support the Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden. Asana's own listed contributions for the election cycle, which are almost all directly from Moskovitz and his wife Cari Tuna, reached around $45 million. This makes Asana the second largest contributor to Biden's presidential campaign after Bloomberg LP.

Moskovitz married Cari Tuna in 2013.[34] Moskovitz is Jewish.

Moskovitz and Tuna attend Burning Man regularly, and Moskovitz has written about his reasons for doing so.




This is a Blockbuster Presentation that EVERYONE needs to see.
We are living in a world right now that is making killing 5 year olds not only LEGAL but MANDATORY.

Here is what “THEY” said at a National Academies Science Meeting in 2015. This mandatory injection was planned in 2015 by the COVID RICO Conspirators. “until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present and at an emergency threshold, it is often largely ignored. To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis, he said, we need to increase public understanding of the need for MCM’s (Medical Counter Measures) such as pan-influenza or a pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the MEDIA and the economies will follow the HYPE. We need to use that HYPE to our advantage to get to the real issues. INVESTORS will respond if they see PROFIT at the end of the process”. These are the words of Peter Daszak.

So this is NOT for Public Health – this is for WEALTH. It is all about the Money, plus, they can kill two birds with one stone as this will implement their Depopulation Plan also and not only will they kill us, they will collect our MONEY will we willingly do it ourselves as they deviously create the illusion of a pandemic with the Propaganda of FEAR Mongering.

Peter Daszak said increase the NEED for Medical Counter Measures. Do people even know what this means? Are people really that flat out DUMB?? It means they will create a FAKE Pandemic and the Vaccines are the End Objective with result of Billions of Dollars in their pockets and the result of sickness and / or Death for us. WAKE UP!

In 2008 the WHO (World Health Organization) said that the Coronavirus was Eradicated.

Why would they say in 2015 we need the World to ACCEPT a Coronavirus Pandemic and it didn’t even exist? HELLO???

Why? Because They are Criminal Conspirators. This is not a conspiracy theory, this is a criminal conspiracy. 100%.

Then they said as mentioned above “A Key Driver is the MEDIA and the Economic will follow the Hype.” What does this mean? It means this FAKE Pandemic will be engineered by the Media in Lockstep – in Unison and once everyone is filled full of FEAR and belief that it is real, we will offer the Solution which will be a Vaccine (which they even had to get the Definition of vaccine changed for this mRNA to be called this) and everyone will buy the hype that they need it to save their lives and we can do a Tax Payers Money Grab. That is what this really is about Dear Ones.

This is flat out ADMISSION of a Felony. A planned Felony that is ongoing right NOW.

What is the Felony? Domestic Terrorism.

On September 18th, 2019, the WHO made a statement that said “by September 2020 we are going to have an ACCIDENTAL or VOLUNTARY Release of a Respiratory Pathogen on and a Global Simulation to get the World to ACCEPT a UNIVERSAL VACCINATION Platform.”

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Jesuits and the Origins of Intelligence Agencies

 The Jesuit sect operated as a sort of early proto-intelligence agency for the Catholic Church. How did they set the template by which other secular intelligence agencies evolve?


Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Travis Scott released a song called "Escape Plan" on 11/5/2021 the same day of the fatal concert.

 Travis Scott released a song called "Escape Plan" on 11/5/2021 the same day of the fatal concert. 

"Twelve figure estate plan, that was the escape plan" = 1953 (Satanic) 62nd Triangular
"Astroworld" = 62 (Reverse Full Reduction) 2*31=62
Twelve figure estate plan, that was the escape plan" = 173 (Chaldean) 40th
"that was the escape plan" = 107 (R Full Reduction) duo of 151 ( song video is 151 seconds long)
Video length is 2:31 (2*60+31) = 151 is the 36th prime
The 36th trianuglar is 666,  36 = (6*6) 
"Astroworld" = 62 (Reverse Full Reduction) 2*31 = 62

Travis Scott - ESCAPE PLAN (Official Audio) Nov 5, 2021

"that was the escape plan" = 73 (Full Reduction) 21st prime
"child sacrifice" = 73 (Full Reduction)

He launched one of Nike’s most highly sought-after sneaker collaborations; created a wildly successful music festival for his hometown; had a child (and has another on the way) with reality star Kylie Jenner;

How Astroworld Festival cemented Travis Scott’s status as a music A-lister

By Helena Andrews-Dyer
November 6, 2021 at 6:48 p.m. EDT

Travis Scott performs at the Astroworld Festival at NRG park on Nov. 5 in Houston.

Travis Scott, the chart-topping Houston rapper known for his hyperkinetic live shows, has risen to the top of the hip-hop world thanks to a devoted and young fan base. The 29-year-old Grammy winner’s deep understanding of youth culture and what makes the TikTok generation actually tick catapulted him past A-list status to cultural phenomenon.

“This is an artist that we know has a following amongst young people in particular,” Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo said at a news conference Saturday afternoon, discussing the aftermath of the mass casualty event at Scott’s Astroworld Festival in Houston that left eight concertgoers dead.


"Astroworld Festival" = 239 (English Ordinal) Duo of: 333
"Purple Revolution" = 239 (English Ordinal)
"Astroworld Festival" = 77 (Full Reduction)

"Travis Scott's Escape Plan" = 277 (English Ordinal)
"Travis Scott's Escape Plan" = 317 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Travis Scott's Escape Plan" = 79 (Full Reduction)
"Travis Scott's Escape Plan" = 137 (Reverse Full Reduction)

Jacques Bermon Webster II (born April 30, 1991), known professionally as Travis Scott (formerly stylized as Travi$ Scott), is an American rapper and record producer. His stage name is the namesake of a favorite uncle combined with the first name of one of his inspirations, Kid Cudi (whose real name is Scott Mescudi).

From and including: Friday, November 5, 2021
To and including: Saturday, April 30, 2022
Result: 177 days

November 5
All performances occurred at the Thrills stage with the exception of Scott and Drake's combined performance.[25]

Metro Boomin
Master P
Yves Tumor
Toro y Moi
Don Toliver
Roddy Ricch
Lil Baby
Travis Scott
Drake (unannounced performance with Travis Scott)[26]

The NRG Astrodome, formerly known as just the Houston Astrodome, is called the "Eighth Wonder of the World" by many as it is the first domed structure of its size created without a pillar supporting it in the center. The Astrodome opened for business on April 9, 1965 and was the home of the Houston Astros and Houston Oilers for over 30 years before both teams moved out, the former to Minute Maid Park and the latter to Nashville, Tennessee. The Astrodome has been the home of many other special events, including the Republican National Convention, the NBA All-Star Game, and World Wrestling Federation (WWF) WrestleMania X-Seven. The venue has also seen the likes of historic recording artists such as Elvis Presley. Until 2002, NRG Astrodome was also the host of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the largest of its kind in the world. The last concert in NRG Astrodome was the largest attended event ever in the building, featuring George Strait on March 3, 2002 at the Livestock Show and Rodeo where he sang to 68,266 people.

The Astrodome (and NRG Park in general) gained nationwide attention in September 2005 when it was opened as a massive shelter for refugees fleeing Hurricane Katrina. Each building except for NRG Stadium (which was configured for the Houston Texans) hosted several thousand refugees, and local media dubbed the complex "Reliant City". This "city" was itself evacuated when Hurricane Rita threatened Texas later that month, but many returned after the scare and moved out shortly before the end of the year.

The Astrodome has been closed to the general public since 2008 because of fire code violations but, will undergo renovations in October 2018 to become a multi-purpose event center. The floor of the stadium will be raised and will create over 1,000+ parking spaces, while the top floor will be used for events. The project is expected to start in October 2018 and be complete sometime in 2020.[1] Harris County is spending $105 million in order to complete this massive overhaul.

Travis Scott released a song called "Escape Plan" on 11/5/2021 the same day of the fatal concert.

"that was the escape plan" = 73 (Full Reduction) 
"child sacrifice" = 73 (Full Reduction)

The last concert played at the Astrodome was George Strait on 2/11/2003... 

From Tue Feb 11 2003 to Fri Nov 05 2021 = 6842 Days
6842/29.531 = 231.68 lunar months. Travis Scott released a video on the day of the concert it was 2:31 minutes long
 231 lunar months = as 2:31 minutes 
Travis Scott - ESCAPE PLAN (Official Audio) Nov 5, 2021

"Astroworld" = 62 (Reverse Full Reduction) 2*31 = 62

Astrodome co-ordinates 
"29° 41′ 6″ N, 95° 24′ 28″ W" = 62 (Full Reduction)
"Astroworld" = 62 (Reverse Full Reduction)
"Twelve figure estate plan, that was the escape plan" = 1953 (Satanic) 62nd Triangular

"29.685, -95.407778" = 77 (Full Reduction)
"September eleventh" = 77 (Full Reduction)
"Astroworld Festival" = 77 (Full Reduction)

"NRG Astrodome" = 149 (English Ordinal)
"skull and bones" = 149 (English Ordinal)

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"Hell" = 222 (English Sumerian