Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Vox Populi - Legislator Be Advised #1

 Vox Populi - Legislator Be Advised #1 

I was someone who thought China released the bio-weapon ON PURPOSE on 10/18/2019 at the military games at Wuhan China UNTIL now. Since we found out that Ukraine had THIRTEEN bio-labs I have changed my mind I now believe China when they say they were set up and that the US released the virus! My opinion about who's idea it was hasn't changed though. I STILL think it was HILLARY CLINTON'S IDEA! With her partners in crime Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates! It was still for a GLOBAL ID, a ONE WORLD GLOBAL DIGITAL CURRENCY connected to a RFID chip and wifi transhumans living in the matrix as the movie predicted. Washington DC is still the bad guy in my mind even worse than the Nazis and Hitler THAT'S YOU! So EVIL that you make Hitler look like an angel! YOU used Ukraine to cook your poisonous stew then release it so you could STEAL AN ELECTION! You lost the Whitehouse, the Senate AND the HOUSE! You are a 100% ILEGITIMATE government! You answer to a shadow government! You SLIME all you care about is money while pretending you are fighting capitalists and greed! YOU are the GREEDIEST people who ever lived and YOU SOLD YOUR SOUL to the Devil for thirty pieces of silver and you POISONED THE WORLD! You MURDERED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WITH YOUR FAKE VIRUS and you MURDERED MILLONS MORE WITH YOUR KILLER PROTOCOL BY OUTLAWING HCQ AND IVERMECTIN! You MURDERED MILLIONS OF SENIORS ON MEDICARE WITH REMDESIVIR! You gave them kidney failure and then put them on VENTS so they would DROWN IN THEIR OWN BODY FLUID! WHAT AN EVIL THING TO DO! Sarah Palin was right you created DEATH PANELS! You made hospitals MURDER CENTERS, MURDER FACTORIES! Now you're KILLING CHILDREN WITH THE DEATH VAX! EVERYBODY KNOW HOW EVIL YOU ARE! You will NEVER get away with what you've done! You think you will but you WILL NOT! The people know that they have to stand up. You are killing people in cold blood and now it looks like you're know to release another bio-weapon and blame it on Putin. If your voters try to help you with SCAMDEMIC PART TWO their neighbors will drag them out of their houses and beat them in the streets and you will have ZERO support from the people. You have almost zero now. Just the media controlled zombies and even THEY are waking up to the fact that YOU POISONED THEM WITH YOUR DEATH JAB! IT'S HARD TO STAY UNDER MIND CONTROL WHEN YOUR ZOMBIES ARE GETTING SICK FROM THE VAX YOU TOLD THEM TO GET! We know KNOW coronavirus came from Ukraine went to the Wuhan military games on 10/18/19 carried by a courier and released. My guess would be by a NATO courier. YOU DID IT and we're going to call you out! I used to be a democrat I even voted for Bill Clinton TWICE but Hillary Clinton is the number one suspect for the BIGGEST CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY ever committed! The world will charge her if it's the last thing they do! LOCK HER UP! Just think how many people would still be alive if Trump would have LOCKED THAT EVIL BITCH UP! You're ALL going to jail for the biggest crime against humanity EVER! YOU HELPED HER AND YOU ARE PROTECTING HER! You've committed one crime too many and the evidence is pilling up! YOU ARE HATED AND DEPISED BY THE PEOPLE and that's why you have 700 national guard to protect you from the truckers YOU ARE SUCH FRAUDS! Supporting the NAZIS violently protesting in Ukraine but jailing peaceful protesters here! FRAUDS you're NAZIS! THE WHOLE WORLD HATES YOU AND THEY WANT YOU CHARGED TOO! Along with your NAZIS in Ukraine the fucking con artists THEY WILL PAY CRISIS ACTOR BITCHES! You'll all going to pay for what you've done! Obama too relaxing the gain-of-function laws with an EO the day before Fauci gave a speech at Jesuit Georgetown on 1/10/2017 ten days before Trump took office! Releasing Fauci to pay the Wuhan lab to beef up the virus while working on one in Kyiv to release in 2019 to blame on the China to STEAL THE WHITEHOUSE and the Chinese KNOW that's what you did. They're demanding the world inspect YOUR 360 labs around the world! YAY CHINA! I'm on China's side, I'm on Russia's side because I'M WIDE AWAKE and I can see who's attacking the human race IT'S YOU! Everybody sees you the emperor has no clothes. Your EVIL is in plain site YOU are fooling no-one! 

Your time is close SOON you will be getting the JUSTICE that you deserve. You and your scumbag supporters! Your FAKE ASTROTURF protesters can't save you from anything, your masters in the media can't save you either because THEY ARE GOING TO HANG RIGHT ALONG SIDE OF YOU! 

Happy nightmares tic toc tic toc tic toc...... 

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  1. yes it seems hunter biden may have been THE courier of the bioweapons...