Saturday, June 25, 2022

FEMEN scary beast face

 A lot of people don't know where the "scary beast face" came from , it came from Femen the feminist protesters that attacked people with their tops off screaming about sexual oppression. A men's magazine found out that the "scary beast face" came from their MALE handler. He bragged about coming up with that because he didn't think his femen protesters where fierce enough. It ends up the femen girls were protesters by day and prostitutes by night. The same men's mag matched femen protester's tattoos with call girls on websites. People wondered if "scary beast face" was actually a CIA idea. Evidence that it was strengthened when Femen and their "scary CIA beast face" disappeared shortly after the prostitution article was published. People decided that Femen was actually a intelligence op with CIA run hookers video taping foreign dignitaries in undignified positions. LOL (true story)

Oh I guess they're back. Sorry I had not checked for awhile. But you can see how in this picture how the op works. Get a foreign politician in bed, photo him, then send the same prostitute to do a scary beast face in front of their embassy when they don't do what you want. Somebody else should investigate this. A woman should put an end to the "scary beast face" SCAM! Stupid liberal woman don't even know they're helping the CIA scare people. IDIOTS! 

June 18, 2021 at 08:02 GMT -04:00 · Published Three FEMEN activists mobilised outside the Iranian Embassy in Berlin to demand a boycott of the country's presidential elections, on Friday. The activists had 'Elections boycott' written in black on their chests, and could be heard screaming 'fuck dictator, boycott election'. Police quickly detained the activists, arresting them and bundling them into a police van. The incident happened as the Iranian citizens take to the polls, to vote in the country's 13th presidential elections. Of the presidential candidates, 3 are considered hardliners, with the favourite to win being conservative Shia cleric Ebrahim Raisi. Some reformists have called for a boycott of the elections, arguing that Raisi faced no serious competition, due to the barring of several contenders.

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