Sunday, November 13, 2022

Sam Bankman and his family

 Guess who Sam Bankman's relatives are? 

It goes much deeper than that. Just search Nikolai Mushegian, he's the inventor of decentralized stable coins, which of course pose the largest threat to the cabal-controlled central banking system. I know some people hate stablecoins, but one day stablecoins will be battletested and bulletproof - either way, Nikolai was most certainly the original inventor of stablecoins, along with Dan Larimer. Nikolai discovered the insolvency behind FTX, along with the pedo ring they were operating. He tweeted about it the day before he was found dead (Oct 29) - his last tweet is very clear [delete_shitcoin] << username.  His last tweet explained how he had uncovered a pedo ring that was being run by the CIA and Mossad. Now it's coming out that Sam Bankman-Fried's family was heavily involved with Mossad and were heavily affiliated. Not only that, they were involved with much of this election fraud. My company and many whom I work with are affiliated with Nikolai and have a lot of inside information regarding this SBF issue - it's WAY deeper than anyone knows. People like Dan Friedberg used Sam as a fall guy - the Clintons were heavily involved and there are so many things that have been exposed here. They're doing clean up on isle 6 right now and many articles, tweets and other things are disappearing. SCREENSHOT EVERYTHING YOU FIND.

So many things are going to come out in the next few days. FTX and Nikolai were both in the Caribbean islands - that's where Nikolai was found dead. I hope people keep their eyes open to this - this is the biggest Democrat scandal in DECADES.

Not to mention, the chairman of the SEC - Gary Gensler - check out his relationship with Sam and Caroline's fathers.

Breakdown of the FTX Scandal and it’s connection to the Broward School Board. The Company went bankrupt losing $15 BILLION over the last week screwing over a LOT of people. The CEO is Sam Bankman-Fried. This guy is the Nephew of Broward Democrat Consultant Barbara Miller who ran the campaigns of Board Member Deb Hixon and Board Member Elect Rod Velez. Hixon listed $49,000 income on her 2021 tax return from FTX. Hixon promoted an “FTX Hack-a-thon” to students and there is a question if this was a pay for play deal. This is very serious. Deb Hixon must be investigated and she will be. Same with Rod Velez for possibly lying about his eligibility to hold public office. Very sad this happening in Broward. The corruption MUST be routed out!!!!

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