Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Astrologer predicts WW3 today 6/18 or 6/29th. I big crypto market selloff today... Just making a note

 He might have had an effect. He's pointing to June 29th so I guess we'll see. 

Indian Astrologer Stands By Prediction Of World War 3 Just Days Ahead

Astrologer Kushal Kumar, who claims to predict world events, recently predicted rising tensions between Israel and Hamas, Russia and NATO, North and South Korea, and China and Taiwan.

Edited By : Swechchha|Updated: Jun 18, 2024 21:13 IST

Kushal Kumar, an Indian astrologer known as the “New Nostradamus,” has gained attention for predicting the imminent start of World War III. According to The Daily Star, Kumar, who claims to foresee global events, recently predicted escalating tensions between various nations including Israel and Hamas, Russia and NATO, North and South Korea, and China and Taiwan. He specifically highlighted Tuesday, June 18, as having significant planetary alignments that could potentially trigger World War III, with June 29 also mentioned as a critical date.

In an interview with the media, Kushal Kumar explained that he utilized Vedic astrology, rooted in Hindu culture, to derive his predictions. Referring to the planetary and star alignment chart as a “map of our karma,” Kumar identified a specific date when he believes global conflict will commence. Earlier, he stated that Tuesday, June 18, 2024, marks the strongest planetary alignments capable of triggering WW3, with June 10 and June 29 also holding significance.

Mr. Kumar also emphasized the importance of careful and serious interpretation of planetary impacts in making predictive alerts for better preparedness and strategy. He acknowledged that while unintended human errors or oversights cannot be completely ruled out, the process requires meticulous attention to planetary influences.



  1. Not going to happen. We're in the best possible timeline. What he is viewing are echoes of a passing timeline.

    1. I hope not. I'm learning to trade crypto and WW3 would crash the market.

  2. In reference to Derek and Kodi Corpus Christi ritual NBA/WWE

    Kyrie Irving had been in NBA 4744 days
    Seventy = 474
    Massacre = 474
    Ukraine = 474
    Start of World War III = 474
    Twenty Twenty Four World War Three Start Date = 474

    Kodi was looking for the Massacre today or something relevant
    Russia dropped the Beast Bomb
    Beast Bomb = 474
    FAB 3000 = 70
    FAB (612)
    World War = 612

    Always a story within the story by the numbers