Friday, February 23, 2018

Heads up: Planned mass casualty drill planned for Dallas March 18th, Parkland Hospital involved #CrisisActors Reports: The City of Dallas is hosting a Mass Casualty Full Scale Exercise March 18th, 2018 at 0800. We are in need of a large number of controllers and evaluators for this exercise, if you are able to attend and would like to be a controller or evaluator please email Tiffany Reid at if you have any questions or require more detail feel free to call (972-358-5914) or email. 
                           The MCI will take place at the Majestic Theater, where there has been a partial building collapse. Victims will be transported to one of five area hospitals where they will be “triaged, admitted then released.” Upon completion participants will take part in a hotwash and have the opportunity to fill out a participant evaluation form. Lunch, coffee and snacks will be provided.
                                   Funny how in this document about a planned mass casualty drill in Dallas, it states first of all it is fun! It looks like the plan is to involve a large performance where a stage collapses, so this hints that some kind of possible bomb would be the scenario...But with the push for gun control right now keep an eye out for this Dallas mass casualty drill.
​                              Why does this document also say do not report to hospitals on your own, that seems like a major red flag. One of the participating hospitals in this drill is Parkland...Funny how that gets stated in this document after the Parkland false flag as well. Participants will also have to sign something called a harmless waiver...Did the next false flag event just get busted?

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