Monday, August 12, 2019

About nothing happening on 8/11

We don't know how the cabal is using these events they encode in the media. The most powerful cabalists could be telling politicians that if you don't do what we tell you to do, if we don't get what we want from you by this certain date, then this will happen. And that's why they're encoding the event into the media because their target audience are the politicians they're bossing around and they want them to see it as a threat. Because we don't know what they asked for, we don't know if they got it or not. If they're encoding "what we're going to do to you" into the media as a threat then if the threat works then there's no reason to carry out the event. Also interesting things went on in Israel people are not taking into consideration. Like the fact that Netanyahu couldn't form a government because Lieberman (a secular right winger) blocked him. A secular right winger would be against blowing up the mosques for national security reasons. Also look at all the US Congresscritters that showed up in Jerusalem on 8/10? Were they there to help Lieberman stop the operation? Either way it was planned out and it was stopped by someone. My opinion is that it was stopped by Israeli politicians. I have never been one that believed they're ALL in on it. I believe there are factions that fight for power within the cabal itself. Also I wasn't real big on the SF bridge either although the coding on that was amazing. They're definitely going to take that bridge down someday. It's just a matter of time because the bridge looks like it was built to come down just like the World Trade Towers. What I would like to see now is for decoders to spend more time on re-engineering historical events and decoding institutions like the UN because that place is really encoded and it's so big that it will take hundreds of decoders to do the work. Gematria decoding isn't going away. If anything it's going to get bigger because of 8/11 cause a lot of new people paid attention. The numbers are absolutely there and there's no denying that. Trolls can say what they want but this is real as Hell. I'm very pleased with the work we've done especially in the last 6 months. I'm looking forward to more discoveries in the future! Cheers trolls we are here to stay! Decoding Satan


  1. Good comment Joan! I definitely see August 11 as an important date and marker. There were soooooo many August 11th anniversaries, it was like all the September 11th events in history prior to the big 9/11 event. Thanks.