Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Larry Crowne 311

They did plan this out 10 years ahead of time. The whole coronavirus script is in the movie Larry Crowne. Written, directed, and produced by Tom pedo Hanks. Larry Crowne get his name changed to Lance Corona. He goes to college and has fake debates about Chinese food and fresh fresh fresh Chinese food. He rides a bike with Julia Roberts while she's wearing a helmet with an Italian flag on it. There's a student wearing a bat costume in class. Lance Corona gets his hair cut with a roll of toilet paper sitting next to him. The number 311 shows up in the movie 3 different times. People need to understand that "predictive programming" is NOT a conspiracy theory it's 100% real. Be brave and get ridiculed for the sake of the country. Larry Crowne was released on 7/1/2011. 3/11/20 the day the WHO declared a pandemic was the 71st day of the year. Tedros Adhanom Director general of the World Health Organization was seated on 7/1/2017. YES they do plan these things out WAY ahead of time and they encode their plans in the media and in names and birthdates. Gematria is your friend look at it. We have a bout 4 years to fight this after that they probably win and we all die.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich  

REVEALED: How Globalists Planned the Covid-19 Pandemic for 10 Years

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  1. Why 4 years? The essenes who predicted Jesus birth and death also predicted the age he began with his coming would end in 2025 all about 100 years before Christ. There is a star sign on Pentacost that year some groups have said would be the rapture in a time of seeming peace under a false light. Does that fit with something you know of? I'd known they'd use a pandemic as the trojan horse of a noble lie since I seen a thorough breakdown of lockstep in 2011. With the Madonna song in May 2019 showing 20 and 19 dancers, masks, "not everyone is coming to the future" etc. I began to hear some serious discussion if that wasn't soon coming. The economist 2019 edition's 4 horsemen with a mask on the 7th ray figure also was predictive. Then again, so very many things were. When the first "cases" were found on December 26, 2019 the same day as the 19 year lunar cycle chaos eclipse I was concerned. Then they named it corona virus on the day of transition of the gate into the new pagan year, liminal magic to add its power. They want the great awakening or the 7th ray purple reign of the beast system and they need the masses to wake up their crown chakras to add to the ritual. The new age is about balance in order to bring light to its strength out of darkness. It's the star wars rebellion against the dark order. Also a great example of mass programming through media... Love to hear why you think 4 years is on the clock, I have been looking at 2025 for a number of reasons as a transition point of some meaningful kind. Gen alfa cuts off that year, the state of emergency was set for through 2025, some believe it is the next shemitah not this year. It lines up with many possibilities I just can't put my finger on why I keep coming back to it this past year.