Saturday, June 19, 2021

Lauren Southern


It's a war between good and evil. It's no joke they are doing it on purpose. They are confusing people on purpose! They are victimizing the public and then blaming the victim when they take things away on purpose. Just stop and think for a moment about how evil it is to stop dying people from seeing their loved ones one more time before they go. It's cruel and it's very very very evil. These are evil people and "just doing my job" isn't an excuse. If we ever get out of this the people who helped them enforce these evil rules should be shunned from society. This is crimes against humanity level evil and we need Nuremberg trials for the new Nazis. They're doing this to try and get the public to attack the people who won't get the jab. The experimental shot that they're lying about. Is it safe? NO it's not and people who do their research know that. Stand up as much as you can and remember we are going to have to get justice. ESPECIALLY against the workers who enforced this evil. They are as guilty as the elites if not more. They sold out the people! They need to pay for that! One more thing. It's time for men to be men again. Where are the men? They need to stand up and protect the women and children against these evil people. Where are the men? They need to stand up and protect the old people dying in nursing homes by themselves. Where are the men? It's time for them to stand up and act like men. Protect the women, protect the children and protect the old. Stand up men!

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