Thursday, June 23, 2022

I have a riddle about the number 333!

 Biden text to number was 30330. A lot of people noticed that 2020/666 was 3.0330 and they were right BUT they was another clue... Think of 30330 as a ZIPCODE.. Where is it? It's in Fulton County Georgia.  What's sitting smack in the middle of zipcode 30330?  Well it's Obama's good friend Tyler Perry! Odd that his immigrant wife let him a month after the election almost like something spooked her. He's got a 330 acre film lot there. It has everything you would need to run a nationwide election theft operation even a replica of the Whitehouse!  Operation Steal the Whitehouse run from the replica Whitehouse sitting right in the middle of Joe Biden's text number!? WHOAH how arrogant is that?  And remember the burst pipe that was the signal to shut down counting the vote all over the country? That was at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta Georgia ZIPCODE 30303! Now let's take the zeroes out of the 30330 and make it 333 because zeroes don't count in numerology so 30330 is really 333.  Now let's imagine that the Democrats and the voting machine companies moved the election data out of the country into servers or satellites WHAT would they use to do that with? MAYBE something like the Batman Building ATT station that SOMEBODY blew up on Christmas 2020? What was the ATT's buildings address? Holy Batman it was 333! And not only that but if you take the addresses of the Batman building and the State Farm pipe burst signal center and put them together they add up to 333!! 

The Christmas bombing of the ATT building what's it's address? 
"333 Commerce Street" = 171 (English Ordinal)

What the State Farm arena's address? 
"1 State Farm Drive" = 162 (English Ordinal)

Add the two gematria numbers together 171+162 = 333 

"333 Commerce Street +1 State Farm Drive" = 333 (English Ordinal)
FROM the replica of the WH sitting in the middle of zipcode 30330.... 

Now let's add them together.... 
WHAT IS THAT? 333+333= 666 

2020/666 = 3.0330 
Back to where we started 2020 election divided by the "mark of the beast" equals Joe Biden text number AND Tyler Perry's zipcode.... 

Biden text 30330 = 333
Tyler Perry's zipcode 30330 = 333

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