Saturday, January 28, 2023

33rd parallel

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Parsons and Ron Hubbard conducted alchemical spells at the future site of the Palomar Observatory which sites on the 33rd parallel. 
33° 21′ 23.04″ N, 116° 51′ 54″ W
Parsons met up with L.Ron Hubbard in Los Angeles in the 1940’s. He imparted his knowledge of Crowelian Magick to Hubbard & the two set about conducting alchemical rituals at the future site of the Palomar Observatory, which runs along the 33° parallel. This series of special projects conducted in the California desert in 1945-46 were performed by Parsons & Hubbard for the express purpose of opening an inter-dimensional gateway that had been sealed since antiquity. This allowed other inter-dimensional entities called the ‘Old-Ones’ access to our space/time continuum, resulting in extra-dimensional contact.

The Palomar telescope is not far away from the Rosacrucian headquarters also on the 33rd parallel... 
"Mount Ecclesia" 
33° 12′ 42″ N, 117° 21′ 33″ W
Palomar Observatory
33° 21′ 23.04″ N, 116° 51′ 54″ W

Like the Rodney King beating on the date 3/3 
33° 55′ 39″ N, 118° 16′ 37.99″ W 

And the Watts Riots
Watts sits on the 33rd parallel...
33° 56′ 30″ N, 118° 14′ 30″ W

And Roswell New Mexico
33° 23′ 14″ N, 104° 31′ 41″ W

Just like Maricopa County the ground zero for election stealing fights 
33° 30′ 50″ N, 112° 28′ 33″ W

Just like Atlanta Georgia the headquarters for election fraud in the South 
33° 44′ 56″ N, 84° 23′ 24″ W


  1. The show Twin Peaks was about Jack Parsons and his golem creation. The White Sands Trinity blast was part of it.

  2. The State Farm Stadium lies on the 33rd latitude.
    It's known as "The Big Toaster".
    Big Toaster = 557 Latin
    The movie "knowing" released 5077 days before this Superbowl.
    Rihanna will be performing at the halftime show.
    I'm hoping these Houston Astroworld vibes are just my imagination running wild.