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Decoding Satan on Bitchute.... Madonna decode .....


Code fingers are TWO and an X eye patch.. She's saying XX chromesones 
"XX" = 12 (Reduction) 6+6 = 66 = "corona" = 66 (Ordinal)
"XX" = 48 (Ordinal) (X = 24+24 = 6 6 = "corona" = 66 (Ordinal)

In this picture is (Two X's)  XX = woman = "woman" = 66 (Ordinal) "corona" = 66 (Ordinal)
Wearing a batcape, opening it up and giving birth to a bug (virus) 

Madonna concert tour starts on July 15 at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC. Other stops on the itinerary are Detroit, Chicago, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, Cleveland, Denver and more.


Madonna's performance in Israel on 5/18/2019 was without a doubt gloating about the coming virus. She's wearing a CROWN and a vampire BATCAPE. The dancers have MASKS on and she sings it's within you then she blows them down like the wind and ends with "Not everybody's going into the future. She's going on tour we need protesters at her venues accusing her of knowing about the virus ahead of time. #MadonnaKnewProtest  

Her lyrics

""They are so naive They think we are not aware of their crimes We know, but we are just not ready to act The storm isn't in the air, it's inside of us I want to tell you about love and loneliness But it's getting late now Can't you hear outside of your Supreme hoodie The wind that's beginning to howl?""

She releasing the bug and everybody falls dead with masks on. 

I guess the reference to "Supreme Hoodie" meant Trump since she released her album on his birthday. 6/14/2019

"Supreme Hoodie" = 1188 (Reverse Sumerian)
"President Trump" = 1188 (English Sumerian)

If you spell madam x without the e it's 56 and the album was 56 minutes long.
"Madam X" = 56 (English Ordinal)
"coronavirus" = 56 (Full Reduction)
Madonnas album is 56:01 minutes long....
I think we can just forget the 1 second and call it 56
"coronavirus" = 56 (Full Reduction)
And 56 minutes and 1 second is 3361 seconds
"seven hundred seventy seven" = 3361 (Jewish)
"order out of chaos" = 777 (Jewish)

She gave that performance in Israel on 5/18/2019 that was 298 days before 3/11/20 when the pandemic was declared.

"US President Donald J Trump" = 298 (English Ordinal)
"Donald Trump Assassination" = 298 (English Ordinal)
The death threat came from where?
"Eurovision Song Contest" = 298 (English Ordinal)

And we all know that they released the bioweapon to destroy Trump's economy and get mail-in-ballots. She said she was going to "blow up the whitehouse" These numbers and these lyrics PROVE she was in on it! She a mass murderer! Madonna Mengele!

Her Corona typewriter tweet attacks Trump once again..
"Coronamatic" = 185 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Donald John Trump" = 185 (English Ordinal)

"Coronamatic page sage Madame X did not die in Paris" = 2424 (English Sumerian)
"Forty Fifth President Of The United States Donald John Trump" = 2424 (Satanic)
"June fourteenth nineteen forty six" = 2424 (English Sumerian) (Trump's birthday)
"make america great again" = 2424 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"Russian President Vladimir Putin" = 2424 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"Something Wicked This Way Comes" = 2424 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"The Great American Eclipse" = 2424 (Reverse English Sumerian)

Madonna Eurovision performance in Israel video... Notice the beginning scene with the church..Singing like a prayer... She gave this performance on 5/18/19 that was exactly 33 days after the Notre Dame church burnt down! It all in this one performance. Laughing at destroyed Christianity and then the coronavirus is coming to get the pig humans in masks! Pure evil!

It pretty clear what she's communicating here. She's wearing a crown. Corona means crown. She's wearing two X's which means female as XX chromosomes. She's a black bat with wings. She's opening her wings and hatching from her stomach a big bug! She's giving birth to the coronavirus that's exactly what that says.

And she put a death threat towards the President and his family in it of course!
"I rise, I rise I rise up above it, up above it I rise, I rise I rise up above it all" = 322 (Full Reduction)
"Donald Trump Donald Trump Jr Ivanka Trump Tiffany Trump Eric Trump Barron Trump" = 322 (Full Reduction)

I rise is 3:44
"The Reaper" = 344 (Jewish) (has in grim reaper virus)
that's 244 seconds , they never thought she would lose... (revenge for)
"First Female President" = 224 (English Ordinal) (Hillary)

And she somehow knows the date of the first US case of coronavirus ......

"There's nothin' you can do to me that hasn't been done Not bulletproof, shouldn't have to run from a gun River of tears ran dry, let 'em run No game that you can play with me, I ain't one" = 661 (Full Reduction) 121st prime

Madonna is the OPPOSITE of love! She's the Queen of evil. Nothing but hate lives in her body. How dare people go to her concerts you traitors. Crimes against humanity worse than Hitler and the Nazis. Keep talking about the codes they use and keep talking about their crimes. These witches are evil and they're everywhere that's what Madame X is about their secret woman's club of evil. Burn her at the stake!

My work on Madonna..

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