Thursday, February 9, 2023

These 4 things are the same....

 Understanding what's been happening and what's coming soon..... 

Here are 4 images. The same people are responsible for all 4. They are a very tiny group of globalists who are trying to form a one world government and bring the entire human race into a slavery system more suffocating and brutal than any before. All 4 images represent them. Image number 1: coronavirus. COVID19 was created in a laboratory and then released onto the world by the globalists. They did it to get the people to take Image number 2. is an experimental drug who's purpose is to hook humanity up to the internet of people. So they can be given a DNA ID on a RFID chip that will give 24/7 body data to the system so the globalists and their AI will know everything we're doing. It will be exactly like the Chinese social credit score with QRcodes. They will also supervise your money and you will have to get permission to buy or sell anything. The Central Bank Digital Coin (CBDC) will be the currency we use and people have already seen it say it's a small chip the size of a grain of rice.  The globalists haven't convinced every leader on Earth yet to betray the human race and the big holdout is Putin and that leads to Image number 3. Ukraine has been the headquarters for the globalists crimes against humanity since 2014. They had 46 secret biolabs there and that's probably where the bioweapon came from although we still need more evidence to prove that. Ukraine is the headquarters for the most evil people on Earth. If you learn how to read their codes you'll notice that the Ukrainian flag looks alot like Image number 4. The Davos Switzerland flag. Where the globalists meet once a year to move their plan to enslave the human race forward. First they depopulate to bring us down to a managable number then they enslave us in a system that will probably look a lot like the Matrix movie. Anybody who is supporting any one of those immages will be declared the enemy of humanity. Politicians need to understand that this isn't just business as usual they poisoned 5 billion people and we know what they did.  Stay away from these 4 images the enemy of mankind is living there.

Notice how they put the trident on the Ukrainian flag. It represents Poseidon who is the Greek stand in for Satan. Just like they built CERN over an old temple of Apollo that was supposed to be the geteway to the Underworld. This is the shit they do then laugh at people who point it out getting their usefull idiots to ridicule. Nobody's dumber than the "science" crowd their ego's about how smart they are make them totally blind. What CERN scientists are really attempting to do with their Large Hadron Collider, many observers could not help but notice that the town in France where CERN is partially situated is called “Saint-Genus-Poilly.” The name Pouilly comes from the Latin “Appolliacum” and it is believed that in Roman times a temple existed in honor of Apollo, and the people who lived there believed that it is a gateway to the underworld. It is interesting to note that CERN is built on the same spot.
Religious leaders – drew a connection to a verse straight out of Revelations (9:1-2, 11), which makes reference to the name ‘Apollyon.’ The verse states: “To him was given the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit… And they had a kind over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.”

"The Spear of Triam" = 174 (Ordinal)
"New World Order" = 174 (Ordinal)
Poseidon is also a god of earthquakes
"A God of Earthquakes" = 174 (Ordinal)
Interesting that Turkey blocked Sweden's move into NATO then they got an Earthquake. Should we search for HAARP antennas too in Ukraine?

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