Sunday, February 12, 2023

WRB's 2023 Superbowl decode WOW!

 Part 1
The two QB’s were born a span of 1,056 days …156th prime is 911

Chiefs (1st seed) v Eagles(1st seed) …11
The Chiefs will win Super Bowl 54 and 57
Sun = 54(EO) Moon = 57(EO) …54+57 = 111

Amazingly, going into the Super Bowl, the aggregate scores of the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles head to head are 218 -219

The twin towers were 1362 and 1368 feet tall respectively.
218th prime is 1361 + 1 = 1362
219th prime is 1367 + 1 = 1368

The 18th tarot card represents the Moon and the 19th tarot card represents the Sun.

The 3 planes that struck on 9/11 were Flights 11 + 175 + 77 = 263
Mohomes first and last names equate to 263 in Jewish gematria.
Patrick = 263(J) Mohomes = 263(J)

September Eleventh = 265(RO)
From 9/11 to SBLVII is exactly 265 lunar months and a total of 265 people died on those 4 flights that morning …213 (passengers) + 33 (crew) + 19 (hijackers).

In tribute to the number of crew and hijackers that died that day, I predict the final score to be 33-19.
That’s a total of 52 points …LVII = 52(EO).
3319 is the 467th prime which in turn is the 91st prime
Pheonix = 91(EO).
Mohomes wiil pick up his 75th win all-time, 91 days before Israel’s 75th birthday.

Israel was born on 14.5.1948
Israel’s birthday is on the 134th day of the year
Tisha Bav = 134(RO) Ninth of Av = 134(RO)
Solar eclipse = 134(EO) Vesica Piscis = 134(EO)
Israel’s birthday 14.5 inverted is 541
The Chiefs will win their 541st game all-time in Super Bowl 57.
The ‘Skull and Bones’ Society is also known as ‘Order 322’ = 541(J)
"ישראל (Israel)" = 541 (Hebrew Gematria).

Tisha Bav’ …the destruction of the II temples …Tisha Bav’ = 911(J).

Israel = 64(EO) 28(FR)
The Kansas City Chiefs will go 6-4 all-time against the Philadelphia Eagles, to win the AFC their 28th Super Bowl title …Kansas City Chiefs = 64(FR).

Part 2
The End of an Era
Tom Brady announces his retirement, Act II.
Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. = II6(FR) …inverted 9II
Tom Brady, the man, the myth, the legend, the man who had 111 consecutive starts before missing a game due to injury, first retired from the NFL exactly 1 year 11 days before SBLVII. Tom Brady retired for a IInd (2nd) time, exactly 11 days before Super Bowl LVII, on the 11th day of the Year of the Black Rabbit, after a career that spanned exactly 1,109 weeks. Brady’s first appearance in an NFL game was of course against the New York Jets, just days after 9/11.

The 2022/23 NFL season that culminates with SBLVII, started with a bang with the death of Queen Elizabeth II. This was exactly 9II days from the coronavirus being declared a pandemic. (The Queen caught Covid on Rihanna’s birthday, who will be performing at Super Bowl 57)
Patrick Lavon Mahomes II will win his IInd (2nd) Super Bowl.
Henry Hudson discovered Manhattan on 11th September 1609
Usama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden = 1609(J)
From 11.9.1609 to SBLVII is a span of exactly 151,000 days
Manhattan = 151(RO) Manhattan Island = 151(EO)
Jesus Christ = 151(EO) Fibonacci sequence = 151(EO)
1.51am is 111 minutes into the day

Queen Elizabeth II died on 8th September 2022 at 15:10 BST.
15.10 is the beginning of the 911th minute of the day.

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Lavon Mohomes II wears number 15
Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Alexander Hurts wears the number 1

The address of the One World Trade Center is 285 Fulton Street, Manhattan. Both the NFL Conference Championship games and Super Bowl LVII will be played during moon Lunation 285.

Osama Bin Laden was killed a span of 11 years 9 months 11 days before SBLVII.

SBLVII will be played in Arizona, home of the Arizona Cardinals.
For 9/11, the Cardinal Cross alignment of astrology was central and will be in play again for Super Bowl LVII.
The 266th pope, Pope Francis began his papacy on 13.3.13, a span of 119 months or 9 years 11 months before SBLVII.
On 9/11 there were 2,606 deaths ‘on the ground’ at the World Trade Centre.
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266(RO)
The Holy Roman Empire = 266(RO)
Coronavirus vaccination = 266(EO)

Number Eleven = 911(Fibonacci)
The 2022 NFL season kicked off on the 8th September 2022, although the majority of the games actually began on September 11.
September 11 is the day leaving 111 days in the year.
Queen Elizabeth’s birthday is the 111th day of the year.
The Twin Towers looked like a big 11 in the skyline of New York, the 11th State.
Arizona will turn 111 years old just II(2) days after SBLVII.
It was 111 months from 9/11 to the Golden Gate at 267 degrees then a further 111 months from the Golden Gate at 267 degrees to the coronavirus pandemic being declared on 11.3.2020.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 111(FR) Moon + Sun = 111(EO)
The Pheonix is Rising = 111(FR) Mark of Beast = 111(EO) vaccination = 111(EO) Mandatory = 111(EO)
Black = 11(FR) Saturn = 11(HR) Moon = 11(HR)
The first plane that hit the North Tower was American Airlines Flight 11.
We are now in the Year of the Black Rabbit, and for the first time,
a black QB will faced another black QB in a Super Bowl.
black = 11(FR) v black = 11(FR)

Happy Days signed WRB 


  1. Hi Joan,
    Many thanks for posting this.
    Close with the final score ...but no cigar! haha!
    I did love the 35-35 with 11 seconds left on the clock.
    35 is 5x7 Super Bowl 57
    35 is also the 5th Pentagonal number ...LOL.
    Winning 38-35 ...where the 38th prime is 163
    Sun + Moon + Earth = 163(E)
    Total 38+35 = 73 ...which is 111 in octal
    Thanks again!

  2. And the Kobe tribute continues ...
    Twin 35's with 11 seconds left on the clock.
    35+35 = 70
    From Israel's significant 70th birthday to SBLVII was exactly 248 weeks
    Kobe wore #24 and #8 and 'Kobe Bryant Day' is now on 24/8 each year.
    Kobe is from Philly and the Philadelphia Eagles paid tribute to Kobe with 24 points in the first half.