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Antifa's Founder... 666 88 52 Ernst Johannes Fritz Thälmann (or Thaelmann) 124


Ernst Johannes Fritz Thälmann (or Thaelmann) 16 April 1886 – 18 August 1944) was a German communist politician, and leader of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) from 1925 to 1933.

A committed Marxist-Leninist and Stalinist, Thälmann played a major role during the political instability of the Weimar Republic, especially in its final years, when the KPD explicitly sought to overthrow the liberal democracy of the republic. Under his leadership the KPD became intimately associated with the government of the Soviet Union and the policies of Joseph Stalin. The KPD under Thälmann's leadership regarded the Social Democratic Party (SPD) as its main adversary and the party adopted the position that the social democrats were "social fascists".

Thälmann was also leader of the paramilitary Roter Frontkämpferbund. He was arrested by the Gestapo in 1933 and held in solitary confinement for eleven years; for political reasons, Stalin did not seek his release after the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact with Germany, and Thälmann's party rival Walter Ulbricht ignored requests to plead on his behalf. Thälmann was shot on Adolf Hitler's personal orders in Buchenwald in 1944.

After the Reichstag Fire on 27 February 1933, the National Socialist regime targeted members of the KPD and other left-wing opponents of it in a new wave of violence and arrests; although having gone underground yet again, Thälmann was arrested and imprisoned together with his personal secretary Werner Hirsch on 3 March 1933.

He was arrested on 3/3/33 

Imprisonment and execution

On the afternoon of 3 March 1933, eight officers of Police Station 121 arrested Thälmann at his self-appointed safehouse, the home of Hans and Martha Kluczynski in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Although the main police informant was a neighbor of the Kluczynskis, Hermann Hilliges,[14] at least four other people informed the police of the connection between the Kluczynskis and Thälmann in the days before the latter's arrest.[15] Thälmann had used the Kluczynskis' home occasionally for several years, but started fully residing there in January 1933. Although it was not among the six illegal residences that the military-political apparatus of the KPD had prepared for Thälmann, it was not considered known to the police.[16]

He has a statue ....

Statue co-ordinates match his name and birthdate 

50° 59′ 18.9″ N, 11° 19′ 32.96″ E
"5 0 5 9 1 8 9 N 1 1 1 9 3 2 9 6 E" = 88 (Ordinal)
"Thaelmann" = 88 (Ordinal)
"E Thalmann" = 88 (Ordinal)
Hillary's purple revolution to get Trump
"purple" = 88 (Ordinal)
"Trump" = 88 (Ordinal)

Statue co-ordinates match birthdate 
50.988583, 11.325822
"50 988583 11 325822" = 124 (Ordinal)
"4 16 18 86" = 124 (Ordinal)

Statue co-ordinates match birthdate 

The feminist antifa flag is purple

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