Saturday, May 1, 2021

KJV May 2nd 1611

 After seven years of hard work by 47 scholars, Robert Parker sent the King James Bible to print on May 2, 1611. In commissioning the first complete English translation of Christianity’s most sacred book, the king hoped to end protests by the Puritan faction of the Church of England. The result, beyond simply an authoritative text on which to continue building the national religion, would have far-reaching influence on the language itself.

From and including: Thursday, May 2, 1611 (Julian calendar in United States. Change Country)
To, but not including Sunday, May 2, 2021 (Gregorian calendar)

 410 years 

"Nightmare" = 410 (English Extended)
"Christ" = 410 (English Extended)
"Ritual" = 410 (Jewish)
"Deep State" = 410 (Satanic)

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