Wednesday, December 29, 2021

5.55 Georgia Guidestones survivor number if population hit 9 billion

 Washington Monument is 555 feet tall..... 

Georgia Guidestones number is 500 million what does the global population have to be to make that 5.55 % of the total? 

9,009,009,009 is an odd composite number composed of six prime numbers multiplied together.

What does the number 9009009009 look like?
This visualization shows the relationship between its 6 prime factors (large circles) and 96 divisors.

The Date on Cleopatra's needle is 2/22/1881 
"President Kamala Harris" = 222 (English Ordinal)
"Nine billion, nine million, nine thousand and nine." = 1881 (Satanic)

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  1. By looking at these numbers, and the many problems that we already have, it’s easy to see why depopulation is not such a bad idea to preserve humanity. 99% of the world population aren’t smart or wise enough to see the value of their spirituality and true essence. Most are destructive, violent, ignorant, selfish, arrogant and easily controlled.

    This will be a very different world by 2030. For now, just don’t consent and keep studying their symbolism.