Thursday, December 30, 2021

Separate batches for Pfizer employees


  1. Did you see the story from Florida that a tiger was shot and killed at a zoo? Feb 1, 2022 begins the Chinese Year of the Tiger. War is coming, and Florida won’t be as safe from the COVID agenda as many think it will be. It appears to be a trap to get conservatives to move there.

    Feb. 1st is 1 month, 1 day (11) from today and is the day leaving 333 days in 2022. 333 is the war code; all major wars of 20th century have 333 numerology.

    Naples Zoo, Florida=188/80/82
    The eye of Jupiter=188/80
    New Order of The Ages=188/80/82

  2. Forgot to add: the tiger biting the maintenance worker’s arm is also symbolic of the vaxx biting people’s arms, and the fact that to stop it, it will take violence and killing of those doing the biting.

    They used a lot of symbolism for this particular story. 99.9999% of humans won’t ever see it. We are the wise, using our divine inspired intuition and reason to solve the sphinx’s riddles.

    Milk for the babes, but we will eat meat.