Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Lucis Trust changed it's name to Lifebridge Foundation

 Lifebridge Sanctuary
In 2005 the focus of the Foundation shifted to the establishment and operation of the Lifebridge Sanctuary and we took a break from grant making. However, the "family" of grantees remains strong and we are continually inspired and nourished by the quality, dedication and perseverance of the groups and individuals we have supported. Additionally and happily, we have noticed a growing number of foundations and wealthy individuals actively supporting this vigorous holistic movement which recognizes our single human family inhabiting the precious jewel called Earth.

We will continue to meet the future with renewed optimism and a deepened sense of purpose knowing there is an expanding and vibrant network of serving groups building a cohesive and lighted force for change and goodwill on the planet.

When I was a little girl, my father used to carry me around on his shoulders as we romped and played outside day or night, summer or winter. We both had great fun, much to the consternation of my mother who felt there was too much "rough housing". As I think of those moments now, far away in time, I feel our "family" of grantees elevating our world and inspiring us to be courageous in facing the challenges before us. We thank them for their dedicated work.

Barbara L. Valocore co-founded The Lifebridge Foundation with her father, Paul M. Hancock, in 1992. She has been President of the Board of Directors since that time.


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