Thursday, April 28, 2022

Tyler Perry

 They ran the whole election fraud from Tyler Perry Studios 

Joe Biden's text to number was 30330. Zeroes don't count in numerology so the number is 333. But just for fun let's look at the zipcode 30330. It's in Fulton County Georgia and right smack in the middle of it is Barack Obama's good friend Tyler Perry. He has a 330 acre film studio with EVERYTHING in it including a White House replica. Wouldn't that be a great place to run a huge election heist out of? Odd that his immigrant wife let him a month after the election almost like something spooked her. Follow the numbers... 
Tyler Perry Studios (opened in 2019) Area code 30330 = 333 
State Farm Arena Fulton County where the pipe burst zipcode is 30303 = 333 
The Christmas bombing of the ATT building what's it's address? 
"333 Commerce Street" = 171 (English Ordinal)
What the State Farm arena's address? 
"1 State Farm Drive" = 162 (English Ordinal)
Add the two gematria numbers together 171+162 = 333 
"333 Commerce Street 1 State Farm Drive" = 333 (English Ordinal)
What are they stealing? "President of United States" = 333 (Reverse Ordinal)

From George Floyd death to Nashville bombing is 214 days 
From State Farm Arena (pipe burst) to ATT building is 214 miles
"Christmas bomb" = 142 (English Ordinal) 14/2
"State Farm Arena" = 142 (English Ordinal)

Why do they keep using Saint Valentine when they're attacking Trump? 
"The Republican Party" = 214 (English Ordinal)
"Saint Valentines Day" = 214 (English Ordinal)
Saint Valentine beheaded on 2/14/269
"II.XIV.CCLXIX" = 148 (English Ordinal) 
"Donald J Trump" = 148 (English Ordinal)

All these event were hooked together... Coronavirus, George Floyd, the election theft, the ATT Christmas bombing. 

From election to 12/25 is 52 days 
"Christmas bomb" = 52 (Full Reduction)
"revolution" = 52 (Full Reduction)

239 is the 52nd prime number

"Batman Building Christmas" = 239 (English Ordinal)
"purple revolution" = 239 (English Ordinal)
"The Clinton Foundation" = 239 (English Ordinal)
"one world government" = 239 (English Ordinal)

State Farm Arena co-ordinates 
"33° 45′ 26″ N, 84° 23′ 47″ W" = 88 (English Ordinal)
"Trump" = 88 (English Ordinal)
"Purple" = 88 (English Ordinal)

And now look at the date Tyler Perry closed the deal... 

The complicated sale, concluded after a year of contentious negotiations, formally closed Friday with the U.S. Army within hours of the vote. Perry, the actor, writer, producer and director, will control 330 of the fort’s 488 acres for a planned movie studio, while the civilian agency will retain 144 acres for future redevelopment.

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