Sunday, May 28, 2017

Portland stabbing hoax rant

White male CHRISTIAN, attacks TEENAGE MUSLIM GIRLS, GOOD SAMARITAN heroes, the VETERAN and father, the young man with a BRIGHT FUTURE who's mother is named Asha DELIVERANCE LOL and the POET who won a poetry contest for a poem about ISLAMOPHOBIA attacked at a train station named HOLLYWOOD! Luckily we know the CHRISTIAN was a NAZI because a fast thinking mainstream reporter named Doug BROWN got pictures of him giving a NAZI salute at a FREE SPEECH rally! And those stupid conspiracy theorists who always check the IMDB database when they think stories are HOAXES, could only find one actor named Jeremy Christian in his ONLY movie named CUCK in which he played the starring role as the CUCK! If this attack story sounds completely FAKE that's because it is! There's going to be a counter reaction like knocking on Freemason lodge doors and telling them to knock it the fuck off! It's not going to be hard to get solid evidence that this is a Hollywood movie SCRIPT wrote by a COMEDY WRITER who wants to work for SNL someday, and unfortunately for the hoaxers this one is going to be their undoing! CHEERS!

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