Friday, December 11, 2020

Monoliths appearing all over the world

With monoliths appearing all over the world and people interested in the media hype. Oh it's so much fun... Well actually no it's not.... Understanding WHY the mass murdering globalists are putting up monoliths? Here's some clues... The first monolith was found in Utah on 11/18 What is the gematria?
"Utah monolith 38° 20′ 35.2″ N, 109° 39′ 58.5″ W" = 1221 (English Sumerian)
Utah monolith and the co-ordinates of it produce the 12/21 date. What is happening on 12/21 which is 33 days from the Utah monolith discovery... 

Well 12/21 is winter solstice but it's also the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction that everyone has been talking about.... 

Jupiter and Saturn Will Be the Closest They've Been in 800 Years — How to See the 'Christmas Star' This December

Jupiter and Saturn are heading for their great conjunction on Dec. 21.

On Dec. 21, Jupiter and Saturn will align in a position known as the great conjunction, which is the point at which they're closest to each other in the night sky as seen from Earth. This phenomenon is often also referred to as the "Christmas star." While this meeting happens every 20 years or so, in 2020, the planets will be closer together than they have been since 1623. But that year, the alignment was too close to the sun to view from Earth. The last time humans were able to see a great conjunction this close was in 1226, well before telescopes were invented.

And of course the FAR LEFT publication "The Hill" is pushing a NEW AGE! 
And brings up the monoliths of course.... 
Perhaps that is why the artifice of the monoliths arrived in the midst of the fantastic canyons of Utah not coincidentally days before the coming conjunction. We have become so very technocratic that the eccentric, the unexpected is rare. We are so very captivated by the internet’s internal language that we have forgotten how to look further afield and find meaning in realties that go beyond our common understanding.

It's important not to let them deceive the young anymore is because they have nothing but evil plans for the world. They want everybody dead and now their going to keep releasing viruses and demand we take vaccines until they get that done. A new age for them and death for us. Cheers! 

The vaccine is a RNA one that has never been used before. People need to research it because what the tv media is telling us is pretty much worthless. As usual! The Modified RNA vaccine has the potential for IMMORTALITY. This is a big experiment with real human subjects. They don't care what we think and there is nobody with any morals anymore to tell the public the truth. Well there's a few but the minute they open their mouths they are fired. Can't lose any money so everybody is just going to get out of their way and let them attack us with their death needles. 

The world is a stage.... It's all staged events... Including the monoliths which reveal the secret with a simple gematria calculator check... 

"Utah monolith 38° 20′ 35.2″ N, 109° 39′ 58.5″ W" = 1221 (English Sumerian)
12/21 .... 

It looks like they're going to call it the beginning of the "Age of Aquarius" 

More like the beginning of the Age of the Georgia Guidestones! 

Georgia Guidestones erected on 3/22/1980 to 12/21/20 is 504 lunar months. They turn 504 lunar months on 12/21. 
The Great Beast in Jewish Gematria equals: 504

And just in case Q is right..... 
Kennedy in Jewish Gematria equals: 504:
Wwg1wga in English Gematria equals: 504


  1. I am confused by your last then if Q is right, would 504 be good or also bad like the other 504s? I always am intrigued by your posts but you need to be more explicit so we can learn.

    1. Q people have been saying JFK junior is alive. Although Q cleared that up a while ago and said no he wasn't. But the Q team mystery has something to do with the Kennedys. It's hard to tell what but people have thought his plane was taken down on purpose pretty much since it happened. He was going to run against Hillary in a primary for that NY senate seat. She would have never beat him if he had. He was suppose to announce a few days after his death. Hillary and 9/11 the deep state had everyone in place for that event. Bush W in the WH, Jeb Bush gov of FL where the terrorists trained, Mueller at the FBI, Rumsfeld head of defense, Cheney VP... Anyway it looks like all those people were suppose to be in their places. Hillary was the Senator for the Trade Towers if JFK jr would have been in that Senate seat it would have been harder to cover up. Hillary was obviously in on it. Anyway Trump has been gathering information for decades that's why Q. Insiders who put him in. Trump's uncle had Tesla's files before the FBI did. Trump was close to an insider named Cohn he knew a lot of the secrets. Trump was communicating through letters with Nixon. Trump knows a lot about certain things that make him dangerous to the elite. Dark Journalist has done some good shows on that. The X series he's done a few shows on Trump and the Tesla files. The Trump/Tesla connection is probably why Elon Musk is so interested in him. What ever was in those files Trump's uncle got to see them first.