Thursday, February 17, 2022

The CDC FAKED covid! The PCR test was picking up the flu and colds! New FDA report.


  1. This was viral with their 2020 release of the same paper. Nothing notable changed in the 2021 release. There is no isolate, therefore there can be no test, therefore there is no virus. From about the second week I was looking for another cause of the advanced symptoms. Theories include build up of flu shots in peoples systems over the past 10 years since they changed formula (flu doesn't exist either, same hype pattern created required flu shots in several fields). Geoengineering, metals being filtered into our air, food and water build up in the lungs and the bodies natural need to detox the viruses (ie poisons within the self) create harder symptoms in some with weaker systems and comorbities. Both of the above with effects from 5g on the metals within more sensitive systems. Bio weapon, maybe, but not necessarily. Some say its release was stopped but the remaining plan was allowed to go forward to expose it. 96% of so called cases have been ruled mild or asymptomatic. That leaves a very minimal part of a micro percent of the population experiencing worse symptoms and I originally found news stories back to 2013 discussing severe symptoms in some. They basically seem to have hyped a build up of metals symptoms in a very few, hyped tests ordered in 2017 and 18 which went viral in June 2020 and September 2020, used deadly protocols to raise death counts also being covered in June 2020 and misattributed deaths based on the 'with covid' narrative. Seeing through this game was easy from the onset. Lockstep I beleive you covered at one point has that eventually the "pandemic" faded but the human engineering in behaviors remained. It was a long planned societal re-engineering. Also a great way for the Kazarian Fed to buy it all. Pittance economic stimulus in exchange for trillions in debt and your home/business. Deal for fools 🤦🏼‍♀️ Most never learn though and too few dig even a little beneath the surface. I appreciate your work, you've taught me a few things in the last couple of years with your research beneath the surface and documentation 😉

    1. Oh thank you so much. I'm very honored! I've very interested in the patterns,