Friday, November 20, 2015

Brussels: Eurabia

Arthur van Amerongen
  • Dutch
  • 174 pages
  • Atlas
  • February 2008 
  • Resume
    Brussels: a wonderful amalgam of peep shows, cribs, frying, kebab stores, liquor stores, taverns with drunken whore runners, Islamic bookstores and illegal mosques. Islam proliferates and thrives here, like a rose on a mestvaalt.Sinds years been the capital of Europe, a stronghold of Muslim extremists.Arthur van Amerongen popped up a year under this dreaded environment: he went to live in the Marolles and enrolled at the Al Khairaacademie in Brussels. There he studied Islamic theology, along with bearded Moroccan boys and girls who want to be veiled religious teacher. Every day he practiced the salat, the prayer and wudu, the ritual cleansing that precedes it. He ate halal was a teetotaler and was on track to be a devout Muslim.Everything went well until he painfully with his repressed Calvinist faith trauma faced. 

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