Friday, November 20, 2015

Interesting comments about #Brussels on a DNA forum.. #immigration #UN

From Eupedia forum..

I concur. Molenbeek and some other parts of north and west Brussels are ghettoes of fomenting Islamist extremists. You are right that this is partly possible thanks to the overly generous social security. I explained 4 years ago how the Belgian social security helped fund Islamic terrorism.

I am always surprised how lax Belgium can be with immigrants. Brussels Airport is a good example. I have travelled to about 50 countries on all five continents, but nowhere else have I witnessed an international airport where there is no passport check whatsoever on arrival. I have used Brussels Airport for flights from outside Europe dozens of times and not once have I seen a passport control for any passenger from any flight. Anybody can enter the country from anywhere without any control. It's hardly unbelievable, especially after 9/11. In countries like the US and Japan, any foreigner must fill an arrival form (answering questions relating to the purpose of visit, place of stay, etc.) and have their fingerprints and photograph taken.

Indeed the rules have to be changed, they are made by people living in an ivory tower without common sense

some of these rules are European rules
some of the rules to be changed are the Convention of Geneva which were later amended by the UN

it states that refugees should have full citizenship rights in the country were there refugee status is approved and that this is permanent and irreversible
they also benefit of the same social benefit as the countries inhabitants even though they've never contributed nor worked there before
somebody who asks for refugee status has to be responded asap, which forces a hasty decision by the government

to change these UN rules it would take the agreement of 150 member states
so I guess these rules will stay, but in practice they will become more and more meaningless, as the UN itself
and Europe, it has always tried so hard to be the best pupil in the UN class

as mentioned before there is a clear link between the Paris attack and Molenbeek, a Brussels suburb
Molenbeek has the highest number of ISIS fighters in Belgium and it is exemplary
the main responsable is Walloon socialist Phillipe Moureaux who was mayor from 1992 till 2012 in symbiosis with the North African Muslim origin population who make up the majority of Molenbeek, among which there are quite a few criminals
Phillipe Moureaux had some green and socialist politicians as complices
it was Phillipe Moureaux who prevented his own police force to act against the criminals
when federal police moved in or when a North African from Molenbeek was prosecuted there were riots in the gettos in Molenbeek and the green and socialist politicians alerted the press and publicly accused federal police officers and prosecuters of racism
it is this lawlesness for 2 decades that created todays athmosphere in Molenbeek
they don't see themselves as criminals, they believe what has been re-iterated so many times in the press : that they are victims of racism
however that is not true
the prosecutors have proven that in most cases they were right, the criminals concerned were finally convicted before court for the facts they were prosecuted for

The French-speaking Socialist Party in Belgium is a real mafia. In 2006 I started listing all the news reported in English about corruption and other scandals relating to the Socialist Party. I stopped because I got fed up. It's just never ending. I am not surprised to find that Socialist politicians like Moureaux colluded with and protected Islamists. After all the Socialist Party is the ruling party in all the Muslim neighbourhoods of Brussels because they actively coveted their votes by turning a blind eye on their criminal activities.

Brussels has 19 suburbs each with their own government and own police force
the total of the 19 police forces is 5000 which should be largely sufficient if they would cooperate and be independent of the 19 mayors
Molenbeek is the worst affected, but there are also other suburbs with similar problems
Belgium has become a federal state with a Flemish and a Walloon state
but Brussels in the middle got a seperate statute
it is a very expensive playgarden for local mayors and politicians and there is no political majority in Belgium that is able to dissolve it
it is simply disgusting, it is the result of the 'Belgian political compromises' of which many Belgian politicians are even proud of
then they can explain the press that they have put a very complicated and balanced solution in place, but in reality they haven't solved anything, they have created a sick system


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