Sunday, November 15, 2015

Talking point war! ISIS vs ISIL

I'm sure people have noticed how hard the powers that be have tried to change the name ISIS to ISIL.

They've failed cuz the public likes to say ISIS instead but why is it so important that politicos and the media to keep trying to change it to ISIL?

They don't like ISIS "Islamic State In Syria' Because it has the word SYRIA in it! That's exposes too much of what they're really trying to do! Topple ASSAD the President of Syria! Which they've had a hard time demonizing since he's the last secular leader in the Middle East AND he's a dentist! They should thought ahead and made a movie about a dentist serial killer since people just aren't afraid of dentists (except when they're getting a root a canal) Assad is suppose to be an evil dictator whose killing his own people. Being a dentist doesn't fit the narrative. It's been a problem so the more room they can put between ISIS, Syria and Assad the better.

Another reason why they keep pushing ISIL  "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" It diverts attention to Iraq AND it includes Israel as one of the countries in danger. Israel has been a victim for 3 thousand straight years and they want it to keep it that way!

Map of Levant!,33.8008402,6z

Levant also includes Lebanon which Israel is going to attack just as soon as they can figure out a way to merge ISIS and Hezzbolah into the same image! Of course Putin is making that difficult!

Russia: Hezbollah not a terror group, their cooperation in ISIS fight should be encouraged
By REUTERS \  11/15/2015 21:25

Hezzbolah has been fighting ISIS for 3 years but the SOS doesn't care they're going to attack them anyway. Netanyahu wants to move Israel's borders north and truthful statements like this one coming from the Puter isn't helping things.
"Cue.. evil Putin Stalinist dictator and great misogynist enemy of Pussy Riot"

AND the most important reason to change the name ISIS is that it's the same as... Israel Secret Intelligence Service.
God bless the person who figured that out!

I'm sure that the talking point war will continue but they will always be ISIS to me.

PS It is possible that they will start calling them ISOE.. Islamic State On Earth.. Since they're saying today
"ISIS can't be contained" that means the whole planet is in danger and every country on Earth has to allow itself to be defended by the US superman. Coming to the rescue,.. to save the human race from extinction... Kinda like global warming which doesn't exist either!

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