Tuesday, January 29, 2019

what’s the significance of 8/11 @Archaic604 #Archie #811

what’s the significance of 8/11??? @Archaic604
Archaic604Last Sunday at 11:46 PM

it can be written 11/8 and "death" and "homicide" are both 118 in jewish gematria.

we have august 11th set as our "third temple" date. this date supposedly a terrorist attack will take place involving jerusalem, to proceed with the 'prophecy' to build the third temple in jerusalem. there could also be a terrorist attack somewhere else in the world (san fran / new york / london) that would cause mass chaos (it would be the next 9/11)
or possibly multiple terror events, and possibly even a natural disaster (earthquake/tsunami) in america
this would cause the market to crash and then thy can proceed with their new world order agenda.
debatably the most important date of the year.

it's also tisha ba'v and eid al adha,

tisha bav is the day to remember the destruction of the two temples in jewish history
eid al adha is an islamic holiday where you sacrifice animals (festival of the sacrifice - english translation)
 both those holidays fall on 8/11
223rd day of the year
"the synagogue of satan" = 223 english ordinal.
the synagogue of satan are the 'false jews' who will rule in the end time... so makes sense that they would choose this day to plunge the world into torment
but we will see !! i don't even know who is going to win the super bowl, so who knows what exactly will happen  !

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