Sunday, December 15, 2019

#Ukraine #whathappened

I was on twitter when Ukraine happened and fought with Ukrainians everyday for a year.. Here's a recap.... George Soros started paying students from Kiev college 25 dollars a day to protest their government. Victoria Nuland landed in Kiev and started handing out cookies. Jewish bankers and Nazi snipers formed an alliance to overthrow the government in a coup. Soros whips paid protester brats into a frenzy giving snipers cover. Nazi snipers shoot at police and the President flees to Russia. The media pretends like college students brought down the government but pictures of Nazi snipers expose that lie. Victoria Nuland's phone gets hacked and phone call of her installing Yats gets played to the world. Jewish Yats is installed President of Ukraine along with his best friends the Nazis. The Crimeans want to leave ASAP! The reason they give is that they don't want to be ruled over by Jewish central bankers and Nazis. The media censors that and blames Putin and little green men instead! The Crimeans vote to stay with Russia! The vote is a landslide to LEAVE! The media and Hillary blame Putin. Nobody believes them! The Crimeans are happy they even made a video about how happy they are. The media ignores it! The people in Donbass want to leave too. They do the same exact thing the Crimeans did with a referendum. It passes overwhelmingly. The Jewish/Nazi run government of Ukraine say NO you can't leave and starts bombing civilians. They blame Putin! Since the Jewish/Nazi BFF cabal has taken over Ukraine they have stolen everything that wasn't tied down. Millions of Ukrainians have left the country looking for work. Pensions are stolen, museums are looted, IMF loans are stolen, foreign aid money is stolen, natural resources are stolen, companies are stolen, everything is sold off for pennies on the dollar. The country is thoroughly raped. Hillary and the media blame Putin! Ukraine is a war crime scene and Hillary needs to go to jail! Lock her up, seize her assets and give the money to Ukraine, Libya and Syria! She destroyed those 3 countries and she thinks it's funny!

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