Saturday, January 2, 2021

Did Anarctica have a big earthquake?


Guys, Im on something here. Not sure what. Earthquake, Antarctica stuff... Working on putting it together. But it seems pretty damn explosive, especially given WHERE it is and what I had already shown about that particular area down there...

This guy is doing good research his youtube channel is here.... 

It start with this video..... 

Was there a 9.0 earthquake in Antarctica on 12/27 


Then followed up on the same day with this..... 

Stable’ Antarctica feels 50,000 quakes in 3 months

Bob Unruh – Scientists at the University of Chile’s Seismological Center say that Antarctica, normally a stable region of the world, has had thousands of earthquakes in just the last three months.

The estimates range from 30,000 to 50,000, with some measuring less than 1 on the Richter scale. Others are up to 6, reported Israel365 News.

“The Antarctic is characteristically seismically stable leading geologists to joke that an earthquake would shake all of the people in the world down to the icy peninsula at the globe’s bottom,” the report noted. “But the past season has belied that statement with an unprecedented 30,000-50,000 tremors shaking the Antarctic in the past three months, all concentrated in one spot.”

The spot is the Bransfield Strait, a 60-mile-wide body of water extending for some 300 miles.

The report explained that before the quakes, the strait was expanding by about one-third of an inch per year. Now it’s moving at six inches annually.

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