Thursday, January 7, 2021

Setup Actors Jake Angeli


Videos of Horn man

Horn man  is 32-year-old Jake Angeli, a familiar face at pro-Trump rallies and a purported QAnon conspiracy theorist sometimes referred to as the “QAnon Shaman,” according to the Arizona Republic’s website.

The other guys name is Steinbart . I was told he's a LARPer that claims that he is Q. He's also been arrested multiple times in 2020 for computer fraud.

The Arizona native has also been photographed multiple times at the Arizona State Capitol — and in one instance, during a pro-Trump rally in February, held a sign that read, “Q Sent Me,” according to the paper.

Prior to allegedly joining the QAnon movement, Angeli was “a small-time actor, voice over artist, and singer,” according to Nick Martin, an editor at the Informant.

The website page claims Angeli is skilled in singing, screenwriting, public speaking and accents, among other attributes.


  1. Hi Joan, I'm still alive, lol. Anyway right away this guy reminded me of the "Goat Guy" who performed at the Gotthard Tunnel opening. I'm not saying he's the same guy but definitely a resemblance. That ceremony was on June 1, 2016 with the tunnel actually opening December 11, 2016. That was one crazy ritual ceremony I'll never forget, lol. Take care.

    1. I wondered where you were but I didn't know where to look for you. How are you? Where you sick?

    2. I'm good, thanks Joan. I've been well. I guess I just didn't have anything to contribute to the cause. This past year has certainly been... I don't even know what to call it. I guess it's time to really roll up our sleeves and get dirty, not get vaxxed. This covid bs and the unlawful lockdowns has to stop. They have definitely turned up the heat, the frog is nearly boiled. It's time to jump out of the pot. Thanks!

    3. I thought the same thing!

  2. Also interesting this character, Jake Angeli, has a wiki page now and will be 33 sometime this year....

  3. His "real" name is apparently Jacob Anthony Chansley. Total agent.