Friday, January 8, 2021

OMG is it happening?


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  1. It's happening!! Jan 09, 2021 Utsava
    "Good evening,our Twitter is gone! My sources have told me that Trump went into the marine One and gave the OK for the military to take-over. They are arresting right now the rest of top polititians who have been involved in treason and other crimes, or have otherwise acted against the constitution. This is the military action we have been talking about. The EBS/blackout is coming and already happening.
    These days will go into the history books. The charade serves the purpose to get our country back; as I kept telling you: They got this! (reg. 'voter fraud). The Patriots are in control! Trump has been also suspended from Instagram and Facebook, beside Twitter. The only way for him to communicate will be the EBS (Emergency broadcast system). I hope you all are prepared and have enough food at home for at least a few days, in case we can't go to the grocery store. The military is taking over right now. My sources also told me that there will be a new election.
    Right now we don't have a president. The military took over!" ...Utsava