Saturday, January 9, 2021

Jan6 Arrest of Richard Barnett

 An Arkansas man named Richard Barnett was arrested in Little Rock this morning and is accused of unlawfully entering Pelosi's office and stealing public property as well as violent and disorderly conduct. Kohl said that Barnett had left a note in Pelosi's office.

According to media reports, Barnett had boasted publicly about entering Pelosi's office, putting his feet up on her desk and taking her mail. 

Prosecutors also revealed the name of a man they said had brought multiple weapons to the protest. Kohl said that police searched a truck belonging to an Alabama man named Lonnie Coffman and found one handgun, an M4 carbine assault rifle and 11 Molotov cocktails that included "Styrofoam material that essentially constitute homemade napalm."

A U.S. Capitol Police officer said in an affidavit filed with the D.C. federal court that investigators do not suspect Coffman of planting the pipe bombs that were found nearby at the Democratic and Republican party headquarters.

Kohl said that the Justice Department is still in the early stages of its investigation and is committed to a thorough review to find out who else could be charged for their role in the riot.

"We literally have hundreds of prosecutors and agents working from three command centers on what is really a 24/7 operation," he said. "It is active, it is fluid, it's evolving."

The Justice Department also released the names of 13 of the 15 defendants who have been charged in federal court. About 40 have been charged in D.C. Superior Court.

Most of the federal defendants face charges of unlawful entry or violent and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. An individual named Cleveland Meredith was charged with making interstate threats against Pelosi.

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