Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Why I am now supporting a one thousand dollar a month check from the federal government for all American CITIZENS over the age of 18!


Why I am now supporting a one thousand dollar a month check from the federal government for all American CITIZENS over the age of 18!

1. To put in place a defunding mechanism that pulls money out of the Federal Government so they can't do evil stuff with it. Tax cuts don't work because they always have the option to raise taxes. If the public is getting 1000 a month it will be too hard for them to take it away making it almost impossible for them to struct around the world engaging in evil activities. It's will also hurt the black budgets too reigning in the deep state! I know they will probably come up with other ways to raise money to do evil but this is a first step and we can plug holes as they come up later.

2. Because of FIVE decades of globalization that destroyed the finances of the American people. The US federal government worked against it's own people ON PURPOSE sabotaging their ability to feed their families while getting rewarded to do so by the globalists. Not everybody was guilty of this but the people who weren't actively sabotaging American citizens didn't do anything about the people who were. 

3. Globalization and free trade agreements. The American people have been sabotaged ON PURPOSE by free trade agreements starting in the 90's and continuing to this day. NAFTA, China most favored Trade status, and the WTO were disasters for the Americans people. The politicians built the highways for 90 million jobs to leave the country and they did. This completely destroyed the middle class and it has not recovered. It was impossible for any people living in a democracy to compete with slave labor in a communist country like China! The politicians all know this but they refuse to do anything about it. The only President we've had that tried to stop it was Donald Trump and he was demonized by liars in the globalist owned press every single day of his Presidency because of it. 

4. The open border with Mexico, H1B visas and the refugee program. As if outsourcing all our jobs to China wasn't enough betrayal our demonic leaders decided that they would bring slave labor into the physical USA too. Screw us with outsourcing and screw us with insourcing making it impossible for any American without a college degree to make enough money to live on. Cheap labor is always coming first. The same politicians who have been up in Congress for between 50 to 70 years are now going to make that problem even worse by legalizing 22 million illegal aliens and letting in 20 million more and that's not even counting the "refugee" program which is a joke at this point with people all over the world just LYING to the authorities. They have nothing the matter with their lives in their countries except WANTING MORE and they jump ahead of the legitimate immigrants who wait forever because of the thieves who cut in line and just lie or jump the border. The 1000 a month checks will stop the elite from taking new citizens in because they'll have to come up with more money for checks. That would fix it! The immigration problem in America stands as a testament to how much the elite hate their own people. No first world country, except us, is committing genocide against it's own citizens by making them a minority in their own land with UNJUST mass immigration policies. They truly hate us! 

5. It will upend the education system. The ONLY good thing about coronavirus is that it closed schools. Schools being nothing but indoctrination factories cranking out stupid kids who are told they're smarter than everybody else making them even dumber. The public school system as everybody knows is a complete and total failure. They are so bad at this point the only thing left to do with them is to send in the demolition teams. The 1000 dollar a month check for a married family would let them homeschool and we could look forward to seeing a generation who was smart and didn't have a bad attitude someday in the future. Right now it's not possible and yes it is the teachers union. Lazy and stupid... Not all of them but a lot maybe even a majority. Get rid of the schools with the monthly check. 

6. It will curb global warming SCAMS! There is no global warming that's why it's NOT getting warmer, that's why they changed the name to climate CHANGE instead of warming. This may be the greatest lie ever told and it's all to use a FAKE crisis to push through more GLOBALIZATION that will create more POVERTY in the US. The grifters in Congress like AOC say we need to spend 90 trillion dollars to save the planet. 90 TRILLION...Or we're all dying in 12 years. Everybody saw little grifter Greta Thunberg at the UN telling all the "adults" what to do. "I want you to PANIC! How dare you ruin my future" I'd like to ruin that little grifter actress's future by throwing her lying ass in jail for the rest of her life! This is how it's going to be NOBODY is challenging this lie. The Republicans aren't going to like the 1000 dollar a month idea but they're not trying to stop any of this outrageous stuff either. They sit there and do fucking nothing about anything. So again the idea to stop this stuff is to defund the government not with tax cuts but with sending the money back out to the people. I know this is the idea behind tax cuts but not enough people make money anymore so bad we've been gutted. We're getting screwed again by the fake global warming elite who are raising our energy costs while funding their green projects which are just more scams to steal money with. Same old thing over and over. If they don't have the money then they can't do it. Let them try to convince people to give some of their 1000 dollar check money back to "save the Earth" see how far they get with their bull shit lies then. 

7. It will stabilize the culture. The media and the social engineers have had the culture in a constantly changing uproar since the 60's.  Which is just another attack on the American people. Money coming in monthly that people can depend on will allow families to try to heal. We've all been put through Hell and it will be nice to have a decade to calm down. A lot of the pressure comes from the constant need for money in a smaller and smaller work place. Other things could be done. Small farms could be started. Small businesses could be supported with extra cash. Crime would go down and families would stay intact with parents home instead of at work all the time or in jail. Divorce rates would fall when the money pressures lessen. Drinking and drug addiction would be curbed under less monetary pressure. It would help all around. 

Summary: The 1000 a month program would not be necessary if the ruling elite in the US had not waged war on it's own people for FIVE decades but they did and they have NO intention of stopping. The Democats are opening the border, bringing back trade agreements and shipping jobs out of the country again, while raising energy and drug costs. They already eliminated 60,000 pipeline jobs and they just got started. After the destruction of the economy by coronavirus and Democrat governors lock down policies it's cruel and inhuman for them to do this right now. But as I said they don't care about us all they care about is getting their blood money from the globalists. 

Nothing is going to get better so we might as well do something radical. Stimulus checks forever! 


  1. Jesus is litterally the only way out. All we are watching now is preparation for the antichrist. Once you finish fighting the truth and accept Him- all else is as it is supposed to be. God is longsuffering because he does not want any to perrish. Thank God for that- he waited until last year for me!