Friday, March 26, 2021

Famous vaccine expert warns on covid vaccine.

 Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, a world-renown vaccine expert, made some alarming statements regarding the rush to release COVID-19 vaccines to the public—particularly the mRNA jab. He said it is very dangerous and could cause a catastrophic amount of deaths when new strains of the virus inevitably come about. Bossche’s report can be heard by clicking on this link. Del Bigtree does an excellent job of explaining it to the layman:

Bossche has seen what’s in Pandora’s Box and is warning the world. He can’t be labeled an ‘anti-vaxer’—he believes in vaccines and has spent decades in the field.

Predictably, Bossche has come under attack from the mainstream corporate media. They explain away the variant danger by saying there’s an easy solution: More vaccines.

It’s almost as if the human immune system is no longer functional. Humans are told we must rely on vaccines for anything and everything. Worse, the money-mad profit makers from vaccines want them to be made mandatory. This is vaccine abuse and medical tyranny.

—Ben Garrison

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