Saturday, March 20, 2021

Gender dysphoria

 Gender dysphoria .... Just when you thought you knew how evil the left is when it comes to social issues and new PLANNED attack on the youth pops ups! First of all if you're ever having a problems figuring out what the left is doing just think POPULATION REDUCTION PROGRAM! If you look at all their agendas you will see that almost every single one of them REDUCE the population. They stop people for having children.  So since every bodies talking about the "strange" increase of teenage girls experiencing "gender dysphoria" we need to look at what going on and not at the teenage girls who are definitely the victims here but at the teachers, the media, Hollywood the usual suspects. These are the people talking teenage girls into thinking they're in the wrong body. How evil do you have to be to set out to confuse teenagers about their sexuality? This may even be worse than being pedophiles! There's no doubt that the MEDIA is doing this ON PURPOSE to raise the amount of kids going through this problem. Five years ago there were hardly any transgender kids less than 1% if that but NOW there everywhere and the media is writing glowing articles about how heroic they are. This is what's happening kids seeking approval and the teachers are steering them right into this! I really feel sorry for parents who are stuck with the public school system. What a nightmare. Anyway...What all of the transgender pushers have in common is that they ALL think the planet is dying in 12 years because of "climate change". What happens to teenage girls who go through sex re-assignment? They most likely won't be able to have children. Sterilizing teenagers should be a crime and doctors who do it should go to jail! 

What a sick bunch of people! 

Father ARRESTED for Misgendering Child!?

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