Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Violence against Asians my take.....

There's two different takes on the Asian violence I have.. First if you believe the the US federal government deep state section pulls false flags on the country to get agendas through or maybe just to terrorize the public and give them shock syndrome.. Or these things are happening naturally... I believe we are a false flag nation.. So my take.. I lived in LA during the Rodney King incident. If you look at the numbers on that.. I'm a gematria decoder so let me show you how the Rodney King beating was a staged event... The elite use two numbers on black people. One is 42 and the other is 59...  42 is the N word  and 59 is slave. So this is why you see these numbers used on black people by the demons in the media all the time.. 
"Rodney King" = 59  "Slave" = 59 He was born on 4/2 ' 42 = "N word" He was attacked by the "police" = 33 "LAPD" = 33 on March 3rd 3/3. Rodney King was 6'3" ""racism" = 63  
That is the false flag part...

When the riots happened there was already a hatred between Asians and black people because of the 5% government loans that they got when only immigrants could get them no Americans (white people either) and black people were already pissed about that having their neighborhoods being invaded by immigrants. That was the Democrats idea of course but I don't think they've ever been held responsible for putting black Americans LAST in the 1990's. Anyway when the riots broke out (with the encouragement of the media) black people attacked the Asian stores especially the Korean ones... That was the natural part..

Today what I think the problem is between blacks and Asians.. I think there still leftover resentment about the 90's and the 5% government loans. I also think that Asians don't tolerate theft so store owners are natural targets. BUT it's gotten worse since last summer because of black lives matter encouraging black people to attack anybody they think is oppressing them. That includes any store owner that doesn't let them steal stuff. There's also black lives matter, and the left who are trying to organize everybody against white people and Asians haven't been helping them enough. The left is also extorting people so maybe Asians aren't paying them insurance or something... 

Either way the cities are shit holes so as far as I'm concerned they can just die. I only hope none of the shithole citizens move into my small peaceful town in Ohio. Even though I understand why people who live in big cities are the way they are since I used to be one, my sympathy stops when I think about how fast they can destroy a place with their media induced bad attitudes. 

The left (which I also used to be once) loves that picture of a school of little fishes forming the shape of a big fish about to eat the another big fish. The left no doubt has started this fight between Asians and blacks to force Asians on to the communist plantation. The left is doing what they always do. Destroy people, destroy families, destroy cities, destroy countries on their way to destroying the whole world.

 More chaos from the cabal and their left wing armies of brown shirts! 

Pick your poison it's all them! It's a ballet and it's highly synchronized! 

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