Sunday, November 14, 2021



This is a Blockbuster Presentation that EVERYONE needs to see.
We are living in a world right now that is making killing 5 year olds not only LEGAL but MANDATORY.

Here is what “THEY” said at a National Academies Science Meeting in 2015. This mandatory injection was planned in 2015 by the COVID RICO Conspirators. “until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present and at an emergency threshold, it is often largely ignored. To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis, he said, we need to increase public understanding of the need for MCM’s (Medical Counter Measures) such as pan-influenza or a pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the MEDIA and the economies will follow the HYPE. We need to use that HYPE to our advantage to get to the real issues. INVESTORS will respond if they see PROFIT at the end of the process”. These are the words of Peter Daszak.

So this is NOT for Public Health – this is for WEALTH. It is all about the Money, plus, they can kill two birds with one stone as this will implement their Depopulation Plan also and not only will they kill us, they will collect our MONEY will we willingly do it ourselves as they deviously create the illusion of a pandemic with the Propaganda of FEAR Mongering.

Peter Daszak said increase the NEED for Medical Counter Measures. Do people even know what this means? Are people really that flat out DUMB?? It means they will create a FAKE Pandemic and the Vaccines are the End Objective with result of Billions of Dollars in their pockets and the result of sickness and / or Death for us. WAKE UP!

In 2008 the WHO (World Health Organization) said that the Coronavirus was Eradicated.

Why would they say in 2015 we need the World to ACCEPT a Coronavirus Pandemic and it didn’t even exist? HELLO???

Why? Because They are Criminal Conspirators. This is not a conspiracy theory, this is a criminal conspiracy. 100%.

Then they said as mentioned above “A Key Driver is the MEDIA and the Economic will follow the Hype.” What does this mean? It means this FAKE Pandemic will be engineered by the Media in Lockstep – in Unison and once everyone is filled full of FEAR and belief that it is real, we will offer the Solution which will be a Vaccine (which they even had to get the Definition of vaccine changed for this mRNA to be called this) and everyone will buy the hype that they need it to save their lives and we can do a Tax Payers Money Grab. That is what this really is about Dear Ones.

This is flat out ADMISSION of a Felony. A planned Felony that is ongoing right NOW.

What is the Felony? Domestic Terrorism.

On September 18th, 2019, the WHO made a statement that said “by September 2020 we are going to have an ACCIDENTAL or VOLUNTARY Release of a Respiratory Pathogen on and a Global Simulation to get the World to ACCEPT a UNIVERSAL VACCINATION Platform.”

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