Tuesday, November 23, 2021

White normies are going to have to wake up!

 White normies are going to have to wake up! There are people in this country who want to kill you! There are media in this country who cheer them on! The Waukesha parade attack was a DELIBERATE act of mass murder by a black lives matter supporter who was upset about the Rittenhouse verdict and plowed into the parade as an act of revenge! White normies may not know this but a big chuck of people of color in this country feel that he was JUSTIFIED! He wasn't! Kyle Rittenhouse killed in self defense and anybody who's looked at the videos knows that. They are NOT justified just like they WERE NOT JUSTIFIED in the summer of 2020 when they were trying to burn down the town of Kenosha, just like they WERE NOT JUSTIFIED pulling innocent white people out of their cars and beating them while they were just trying to get home from work after a hard day of trying to make enough money to pay taxes with! A lot of people are BRAINWASHED by the MEDIA and the SCHOOLS who are CONSTANTLY trying to start a race war in this country! To protect ELITES from justice by constantly creating divide and rule schemes to keep the people hating each other. It's not just race they use it's SEX, it's RELIGION and now even VAXXED OR UNVAXXED! Anything they can do to DIVIDE they do! And even though most people know they're doing that is STILL WORKS! So the white normies are going to have to protect themselves. The day of depending on people you vote for to protect the public is over! NO LONGER should events like parades or holiday celebrations rely on protection from local police departments! Form your OWN voluntary groups to provide and extra layer of security for your activities. Not to interfere with police but to make sure when things do happen there are honest observers who can take videos and give reports to alternative news sites. Since the mainstream media is calling for the death of white women and children everyday it's time to cancel your cable, your newspaper, your magazines and anything that produces income that goes to FAKE NEWS! Welcome to 2021 and the invisible war! The war our governments are waging against us, the war the media and big tech are waging against us, the war the medical establishments are waging against us, the war the schools are waging against us! It's all real unfortunately so protect each other during the holidays because you can be sure that black lives matter supporters are planning more attacks and at the very least LOOTING which they're already doing!. Don't let them scare you into staying home just be aware of what's going on this isn't going away anytime soon! NO FEAR needed, get rid of it, just basic common sense security measures will go a long way to having a very Merry Christmas and always remember that white people have a right to exist in the country their ancestors built! Cheers! 

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