Tuesday, November 2, 2021

FOX News waited until 11/3 to call the Virginia Governors race.

 Covid 3/11 election 2020 11/3 and now election 2021 11/3 again. They sure do like those 311's

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  1. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt1390286/
    South Park Episode called "The Ring" like the corona of light in an eclipse. Released 3.11.2009
    First cases of the 1918 "Pandemic" were on 3.11.1918
    3.11.20 was Purim the traditional holy day of vengence upon the enemies of the Jews.
    Beams of light from the twin towers first lit on 3.11.02
    11.11 at 11am WW2 ends
    33 disks in the human spine leading through 7 chakras the highest of which is the crown chakra or corona.
    You could play with the numbers and the symbols for years and still not have them all. They have some serious supernatural dark help in this me thinks.