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List of 74 Athletes Collapsing/Dying as of 11/8/21

 17 year old Pedro Acosta collapses while giving a press statement. Pedro Acosta is a famous Spanish motorcycle racer. He won the 2021 Moto3 World Championship.

List of 74 Athletes Collapsing/Dying as of 11/8/21

4.6.21, Italy, 29 Years Old Italy: The 29-Year-Old Ex-Professional Giuseppe Perrino Collapses in A Charity Game for His Dead Brother and this.
7.6.21, Germany 38 Years Table Tennis Pro Michael Schneider This Suddenly and Unexpectedly.
12.6.21, Denmark, 29 Years Old Footballer Christian Eriksen Collapses Lifress During A European Championship Match - HE Can be revived, Needs a pacemaker for the rest of His Life.
22.6.21, Hungary, 18 Years Old Footballer Viktor Marcell Hegedüs Died While Warming Up for Training in Hungary.
14.07.21, Netherlands, 31 Years Old Olympic Speed ​​Skating Champion Kjelt Nuis Seriously Ill After Vaccination, With Heart Problems in Hospital.
16.07.21, Egypt Footballer Imad Bayumi Died During a Friendly Match in Egypt.
22.07.21, Germany, 36 Years Old On July 22, SV Olympia Schlanstedt and Germania from Kroppenstedt met.during The Game, Schlanstedt's Player Nicky Dalibor Collapsed and Had to be resuscitated on the pitch.
23.07.21, Germany, 27 Years Tim B. FROM SV Hamberge (Schleswig-Holstein) Collapses After Returning from a Football Tournament and this.
24.07.21, Germany A Player of the Tus Hoberge-Uerentrup (Bielefeld) Collapses on the Pitch with Cardiac Arrest.
31.07.21, Netherlands, 19 Years The 19-year-old Handball Player Whitnée Abriskadied of Cardiac Arrest Just Before A Flight.
02.08.21, Belgium, 18 Years Old Rune Coghe (18) of Eendering Hoglede (Belgium) Suffers Heart Attack During Game
02.08.21, Austria, 18 Years Chronicle: 18-year-old Unnamed Player in Burgenland (Austria) Collapses on the Pitch and Can Be Rescued Thanks to Helicopter Use.
06.08.21, Germany Kreisliga Player of Spvgg. Oelde II must be revived by His Opponent.
14.08.21, Belgium, 37 years The Only 37-Year-Old Former French Professional Footballer Franck Berrier Died of Several Heart Attacks While Playing Tennis.
15.08.21 Germany Goalkeeper Coach of SV Niederpöring Suffers Heart Attack After Training.
16.08.21 France 24 Years Bordeaux Professional Samuel Kalu Collapses During A Ligue 1 Match with Cardiac Arrest
18.08.21, Belgium, 25 years Belgian Footballer Jente Van Vaniest (25) Suffers a Cardiac Arrest in The Early Stages of A Cup Match.
21.08.21, Turkey, 31 Years Old Fabrice N'Sakala (31) of Besiktas Istanbul Collapses on the Field Without The Influence of the Opponent and Has to Be Taken to the Hospital
22.08.21, Italy, 29 years Pedro Obiang of Italian First Division Club Sassuolo Calcio in Hospital After Covid Vaccination with myocarditis.
22.08.21, Venezuela, 30 Years Venezuelan Marathon National Champion Alexaida Guedez This of A Heart Attack During A 5,000 meter Run.
24.08.21, Luxembourg, 29 Years Old José Dos Reis, A Red Black Pfaffenthal (Luxembourg) Player, Collapses on the Field and Needs to be revived.
29.08.21, Germany In the C-Liga Dillenburg (Mittelhessen) a player breaks together from Hirzenhain, the game is broken off.
05.09.21, France, 16 years Diego Ferchaud (16 years) from the ASPTT Caenerlet in a U-18 league game in Saint-Lô a cardiac arrest.
06.09.21, Austria Players of ASV Baden (Lower Austria) breaks together on the field and has to be reinimated.
06.09.21, Italy, 16 years 16-year-old inadequate football player in Bergamo suffers cardiac arrest
06.09.21, Belgium, 27 years Belgian hobby footballer Jens de Smet (27) from Maldegem suffered heart attack during the game and dies in the hospital.
06.09.21, Italy, 13 years 13-year-old footballer of the association Janus Nova from Saccolongo (Italy) breaks together on the field with a cardiac arrest
07.09.21, Great Britain, 17 years 17-year-old football player Dylan Rich dies in England during a game of double heart attack.
09.09.21, Germany Players from the Birati Club Münster suffers in a county league game against FC Nordkirchen II Eriksen fate: collapse with cardiac arrest. Game is canceled
10.09.21, Germany, 24 years Lucas Surek (24) from BFC Chemie Leipzig illuminates myocarditis.
11.09.21, France, 49 years Ain / France: Frédéric Lartillot succumbed to a friendly game in the dressing room a heart attack
11.09.21, Italy, 45 Years Old Andrea Astolfi, Sporting Director of Calcio Orsago (Italy) Suffers A Brilliant Heart Attack After Returning From Trainingand This Without A Pre-Existing Condition at the Age of 45
11.09.21, Denmark, 22 Years Old Abou Ali (22) Collapses During A Two League Match in Denmark with Cardiac Arrest
11.09.21, Netherlands, 19 Years Old Ice Hockey Player Sebastiaan Bos Died Suddenly and Unexpectedly.
13.09.21, Germany Anil Usta FROM VFB Schwelm (Ennepetal) Collapses with Heart Problems on the pitch
13.09.21, France 33 Years Dimitri Liénard of FC Strasbourg Collapses in A Ligue 1 Game With Heart Problems.
14.09.21, USA 37 Years Ex-NFL Pro Paryys Haralson This Suddenly and Unexpectedly at The Age of 37.
18.09.21, Germany 25 Years Kingsley Coman (25) from FC Bayern Munich Has undergOne Surgery After Cardiac Arrhythmias.
18.09.21, Canada 25 Years Canadian University Football Player Francis Perron Died Shortly After a Match.
19.09.21, France 19 years 19-year old FC Nantes Footballer Suffers Cardiac Arrest in training
19.09.21, Germany Volleyball Coach Dirk SPLISTESER FROM SG Tractor Divitz Collapses Dead on the Edge of the Pitch
21.09.21, Augsburg Assistant Referee of a Kreisliga Augsburg Game in Emersacker, Collapseswith Heart Problems
21.09.21, Germany At The Women's World Cup Qualifying Match Between Germany and Serbia in Chemnitz, English Lineswoman Helen Byrne Has To Barried Off The Pitch with Heart Problems
27.09.21, Germany Match Stopboard Due to Cardiac Arrest of the Reference in A Game of Lauber SV (Kreis Donauwörth)
27.09.21, Italy, 20 years Young Rider Sufers A Heart Attack After The End Of A Tournament.
28.09.21, Germany, 17 Years 17-year-old football player of JSG High Hagen Has to be resuscitated in Hannoversch Münden During The Game
28.09.21, Italy, 53 years 53-year-old football coach Antonello Campus Collapses Dead During Training With His Youth Team in Sicily
28.09.21, USA, 16 Years Double-Vaccinated Teenager Collapses While Playing Football and This A Little Later.
29.09.21, Germany Team Leader Dietmar Gladow from Thalheim (Bitterfeld) Suffers A Fatal Heart Attack Before The Game
29.09.21, United States A High School Football Player Collapsed During Training and Died in the Hospital.
30.09.21, Germany During The Game Of The Kreisliga A 2 Between SV Hotkirch and TSV Sigmarandorf, A Player Collapsed. He Suffered A Cardiac Arrest and Had to Be Resuscitated.
1.10.21, Germany, 15 years Young Goalkeeper Bruno Stein from FC at the Fahner Height in Gräfenna, Thuringia, Has Died at The Age of 15.
3.10.21, Austria, 64 Years Old Former Goalkeeper Coach and Most Recently Talent Scout Ernst Scherr Died Suddenly and Unexpectedly.
4.10.21, Germany, 42 years Alexander Siegfried From Vfb Moschendorf Suddenly and Unexpectedly Collapsedand Died.
7.10.21, Italy, 17 years A 17-year-old athlete from clverde collapses During Training with Cardiac Arrest.
8.10.21, France, 49 Years Old SC Massay Player Suffers a Fatal Heart Attack During The Game.
9.10.21, Mexico The Caddy Alberto Olguin Collapses Dead on the Golf Course After A Heart Attack. It Is Said To Be The Second Death Of This Child Within A Short Time.
9.10.21, England, 29 Years Old Shrewsbury Professional Striker Ryan Bowman Has to Be Treated With Extreme Heart Problems from the Field and with a Defibrillator After Half to Hour of Play.
10.10.21, Italy, 18 Years Football Player Suddenly Faints on the Pitch, is Reanimated by Teemates.
10.10.21, France, 40 years After Warming Up, A Saint-James Playersuffers A Heart Attack.
10.10.21, Italy, 59 years A Long Distance Runner from Biella This of Heart Failure During A Race.
10.10.2021, Germany In The Game Of The Women's Westphalia Wacker Mecklenbeck Against Fortuna Freudenberg, A Player Collapses Shortly Before The End Without Opposing Influence.
12.10.21 Germany, 25 Years Goalkeeper of HC Tura Bergkamen, Lukas Bommer, This Suddenly and Unexpectedly.
13.10.21, Mexico, 16 Years Old Student Hector Manuel Mendoza This of A Heart Attack While Training.
14.10.21, Brazil, 18 Years Old The Young Professional Footballer Fellipe de Jesus Moreira Suffered A Double Heart Attack and Is Fighting for His Life.
14.10.21, Italy, 27 years The Multiple Cycling Champion Gianni Moscon Has to be operated on for Severe Cardiac Arrhythmias.
14.10.21, Italy, 53 years To AH Footballer Suffers A Heart Attack During Training.
15.10.21, USA, 14 Years The 14-Year-Old Footballer Ava Azzopardi Collapsed on the Pitchand is NOW Fighting for her Life in Artificial Coma.
16.10.21, France, 54 years AH Player Christophe Ramassamy Died of Aheart Attack During A Match.
17.10.21, France, 41 years A Football Player Collapsed on the Pitch and Died, Apparently Due to Cardiac Arrest.
27.10.21, Austria, 26 years Ghanaian Raphael Dwamena Collapsed with Severe Heart Problems.He What Already Wearing A Defibrillator Before The Incident.
28.10.21, Germany, 48 years Hertha BSC Assistant Coach Selim Levent This Suddenly and Unexpectedly on Holiday.
28.10.21, USA, 12 years 12-year-old Jayson Kidd Collapsed During Basketball Practice and Later Died.
30.10.21, Spain, 33 Years Old Star Striker Kun Agüero from FC Barcelona Had to Be Replaced in One Game Due To Heart Problems.he is now in The Hospital for Examinations.


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