Thursday, September 24, 2020

BLM and police reform What they're really doing

 My personal opinion about the police problems... And yes there are problems! I have been against the police state, that's what I call it, for pretty much my whole life. I have one of those anti-authoritarian personalities. I don't trust the government and that includes the police. So in 2013 when Alex Jones starting ranting about Obama putting in a police state I thought we might get something done about the problem. As you remember Alex Jones was complaining everyday on his show about the "No Hesitation Program" the one that trained police to shoot at pictures of pregnant women holding guns etc. They were actually real pictures of gun owners I've heard. Anyway things were moving along, libertarian types were starting to push legislation to stop the shooting at civilians, the no-knock raids, the militarizing of the police (which Obama was doing to by giving them military tanks) Then ALL OF A SUDDEN OUT OF THE BLUE flew in a flock of activists to Ferguson to push a new group called Black Lives Matter. It's totally wrecked the REAL police reform movement! BECAUSE by making it about black people ONLY they insulted everybody else who wanted something done. The media pushed them into the spotlight and the rest is history. Our best chance to get something done was completely destroyed by George Soros, the media and the BLM founders. As you can guess the minute BLM became the spokesperson the police's popularity shot UP! People who hated the police now liked the police because they hated BLM more. Same thing is happening now. 

Black Lives Matter RUINED the police reform movement and they're done NOTHING to improve the situation! Still making it about black people ONLY has once again raised the police's popularity numbers. And you know why I think BLM is deliberately NOT getting any police reform. I think it's because they're communists and there's never been a communist alive to doesn't want a police state. It's the first thing they do when they take over countries. Look at China, a horrible police state that sells organs from the people they execute. Three million Muslims in China in slave labor camps. But they never say a word about that because they want a Chinese style police state here! 

They just want control of the police! They hijacked a real police reform movement because they didn't want it to be successful! They WANT a police state so they were SAVING the police state until they could take it over. BLM will never get any police reform because THEY DON'T WANT TO! 

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