Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Evil witch Jesuit Jenny Durkan is getting recalled!

Court Approves Movement To Recall Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan

Being Seattle's mayor has never been easy | Crosscut

King County Superior Court Judge Mary Roberts has twice allowed the petition to go forward but only on one of the seven charges filed by the petitioners. Roberts dismissed six of the charges and allowed the one to go forward “more narrowly than alleged.”

Durkan asked Judge Roberts to reconsider but Roberts declined.

In challenging the court to reconsider Durkan’s attorney Rebecca Roe based her arguments on thin gruel.  Roe wrote…

“Mayor Durkan has no legal or constitutional duty to prescribe policies and procedures for SPD. Instead, the City Charter places that duty upon the Chief of Police, who exercised her authority in a reasonable manner,” Durkan’s decision “not to overrule or usurp all or part of the Chief’s authority cannot be a basis for recall, particularly in the midst of a dynamic week of protests, public safety issues, and unrest.”

As a last resort, Mayor Durkan has turned to Washington’s Supreme Court asking it to reverse the lower court’s decision.

If the petitioners survive the Supreme Court test they would have to collect 50,000 signatures in order to force a new election.


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